Figuring things out

Making: odd life choices. I’m trying to intentionally become less busy but I am not sure what that looks like, yet.


Cooking: well BROILING leftover pizza….and adding herb de provence to make it, um, fancy.

Drinking: not enough, apparently. I need more lemon water in my life and I’m going to make it happen

Reading: Timothy Feris’ 4-Hour Workweek because I havent read it in years and want to see what was so life-changing about it.


Wanting: my face to stop freaking out. Also, I want to have more energy and for my mom to cheer up….

Looking: at my mess of a room. And getting upset about it. What is HAPPENING?!


Playing: Kokology is a fabulous way to get to know someone really well. I recommend it. 

Wasting: too much time being tired. Not spending enough time cleaning and exercising. If those are the only two things I ever want to do, why are they always the LAST things I actually get around to doing?


Sewing: eyemasks. I need to be sewing eyemasks. Because they sell fast and people love them….okay so exercise, clean, and sew eyemasks. Three things.


Wishing: I didn’t like pizza so much….it always makes my stomach hurt but I LOOOOOOVE it.


Enjoying: memories of yesterday. Making the Soctober film was unexpected and delightful.

Waiting: for it to be 3:45 so I can get ready for my massage appointment. Whenever I have things scheduled it makes the day feel like it takes 800years longer.

Liking: the idea I have in my head of a perfectly clean house where I can REST knowing I have finally gotten to the point where I can STOP worrying about how messy everything is.


Wondering: how clutter binds together so fast. It’s horror-movie creepy. One minute everything has its place and the next everything is EVERYWHERE.

Loving: the concept of free-time.

Needing: someone to come help keep me company so I don’t have a meltdown about everything in my life feeling so overwhelming.


Smelling: an oddly stale smell….I just want to dump baking soda all over my LIFE.

Wearing: too many clothes.

Noticing: that I haven’t written in my journal in a few days and THAT is probably why I am feeling overwhelmed.

Knowing: if I put one foot in front of the other and focus only on the things I HAVE to do….life will be pretty okay.

Thinking: it’s time for me to mentally prepare for cold weather….


Feeling: yucky. But, if I get up and start cleaning I will feel much better right away!


Giggling: at the remembrance of our awkward impromptu dance party on Sears Hill, yesterday…. :)



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