Holistic Help for Acne Scars


Oh, acne scars….the zits weren’t bad enough? You wanted to leave me something to remember you by? So sweeeeet.

Acne scars are caused by collagen going crazy trying to protect your body from an open wound.

Which is kind of adorable.


But, it’s like you getting a paper cut and then your mom deciding that maybe 8 bandaids will protect you better than just one.

Except on your face. And then you have to keep the bandaids on for like 6-12 months. And sometimes you get more paper cuts in the mean time…..


Okay. So how do we get the bandaids off?

First, let me tell you my personal skin story:


I have finally cleared up my breakouts that I’ve been having continuously since September.

How? I finally stopped eating processed foods & sugar. I am eating less bread and cheese and more whole foods: fruits and veggies and nuts and grains.

And I started drinking at least 64 oz of water every day (starting the day with warm water with lemon to detox my body)

I’m also taking b-complex, magnesium, vitamin d, and ashwaganda.

I’m also eating a high-protein breakfast within 30-min of waking up.

Before bed, I swipe apple cider vinegar on my face, rinse with water, and apply coconut oil.

All of these things combined have helped balance my hormones and make my skin happy.

Will they work for your skin? I don’t know. But, I’m not breaking out for the first time in 4 months….actually I don’t remember a time in the last 8 years that I didn’t have at least one zit. It’s been a never-ending battle.
Now, I’m able to focus on getting rid of the scars!

Okay, so how do we do that?

Well, media says we could use snail slime, laser treatments, fillers, and other weird things which are gross and/or temporary fixes.

OR we can use some things which are totally healthy and easy to incorporate into our lifestyle.


Every single day:


ACV (apple cider vinegar) +water on your whole face at night.
Mix it with water, the more sensitive your skin the more water you need. (I have sensitive skin so I actually rinsed my face right afterwards the first couple nights. I didn’t seem to have any problems so now I’m mixing the ACV with water and letting it dry on my skin and then just applying my coconut oil*)
*Some people say that coconut oil makes them break out. I use it because in Ayurveda it’s actually the best for acne prone skin. I don’t use it to wash my face though (that’s on the internet a lot….I think that would probably seal in the dirt and then make you break out….wash face and then use coconut oil as moisturizer)
ACV is great because it is antiseptic, it lightens skin, dissolves dead skin cells, balances pH, and minimizes pores, ((along with like 5-bajillion other wonderful things that it does.))

Only at night and only on red scars:
Lemon juice + rose water (1:1)

Two times a day: 
Aloe Vera gel (pure) apply for 30-min and then rinse off




*Drink hot water with lemon every morning to detox your system

*Eat a whole food diet with NO chemicals

*More fiber

*Almonds, tomatoes and cucumbers


*Beta carotene found in yellow fruits and veggies

*Vitamin c- heals collagen and connective tissues

*Silica from fruits and veggies

*Zinc from the dark meat of organic chicken or turkey, beans, eggs, dairy, pumpkin seeds, potatoes

*Fenugreek either as a supplement or as a tea (can place tea bag on your face)

*Green tea (drink or use tea bag on face)

**Vitamin E

*Vitamin A

*Evening primrose oil or fish oil

Essential oils (use as spot treatments only. Use ONLY on scars–place on q-tip to apply.):

******Lavender oil– HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and great for sensitive skin. This is the only one you can apply directly to your skin without a carrier oil. Lavender regenerates damaged skin tissue, reduces inflammation, and fights redness.

All of the following oils you will need to apply along with either grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, or borage seed oil. Or you can apply myrrh oil first.

****Frankincense oil- natural toner (also good for wrinkles!)

**Neroli oil- safe for sensitive skin, clears scars by helping for new cells.

**Helichrysum– *Make SURE to dilute this one. It’s is said to be the MOST effective. And also I’ve heard it’s kind of expensive. But, it does the job.

**Geranium oil

**Calendula– famous for wound-healing capabilities

**Rose hip oil– contains retinol which helps get rid of dead skin

*Rosemary– cleansing

*Carrot seed oil

Sage oil– even old scars respond to this treatment. It’s also anti-stress so it accelerates healing. *Do not consume!!


Masks (1-2 times a week):


Exfoliate GENTLY with baking soda.
(1:2 baking soda to water) Pretend you’re rubbing a baby kitten on your face. Be gentle. If you SCRUB then you might cause your face to break out….that is NOT the point of this exercise.


Probably a little too much honey….

Manuka honey +aloe Vera + lemon juice (lemon juice will fade any pigmentation)


Honey + nutmeg

Bonus fact for people who suffer from acne:

Benzoyl peroxide contains free-redicals, ages skin, and depletes your body of antioxidants….so don’t put it on your skin!

Maybe using some ACV will change your life the way it’s changed mine.


If you have anything helpful to add, leave a comment! Thank you.

Let me know what you think! Leave a comment :D

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