Wonder Woman Wednesday: Linda Tabor


Welcome to this month’s Wonder Woman Wednesday!

This month’s guest is my favorite massage client in tie-die, Linda Tabor. Linda is always such a generous lady. She’s always showing up bearing gifts! When the farmers market is going she brings me fresh veggies….she’s fabulous.

Name: Linda Tabor

Birthday: 06-06-1967

Describe yourself as you are or as you want to be remembered:
I feel I am an old soul, often misunderstood, with an incredible capacity for connecting many dots.

Favorite book? (Or blog or podcast): “Food Rules” by Michael Pollan – It helped me realize the extent of the damages being done to my body by the food-like substances that the alphabet agencies claim are ‘safe for consumption’.

Favorite quote:
Wow.  There’s sooooo many that I dearly love, it’s incredibly hard to narrow it down to one. 

“Breathe, breathe in the air.  Don’t be afraid to care.”  Pink Floyd 

– captures one of my greatest life lessons, I suppose.

What motivates you? 
Love, sunshine, having a sense of purpose, and feeling like my presence is appreciated.

How do you best take care of yourself? What is your favorite way to be healthy?  
I’m still working on finding what works best together. 

Nutritional nurturing, massage therapy, hot salt baths, neuroptimal neurofeedback, acupuncture, and nature have proven, thus far, to be the most healing and empowering.  

What is your greatest strength? Intuition and heightened sensitivities – a double-edged sword.

Who inspires you? What have they taught you?  
Everyone I meet.  They continually teach me to get out of my head and go back inside to view the world from my heart. 

What’s the best advice or wisdom you’ve ever received?
Stop seeking salvation outside of yourself.  Everything you need is already inside of you. 

What cheers you up or encourages you when you’re down?  
If it’s just a mild downness, music, sunshine, time spent in nature watching my feathered friends or other wild life, and sharing space with some of my favorite people works like a charm. 

If it’s a severe depressive cycle, time, a lot of self-reflection, and sleep tend to be the only helpful things.

What are you proudest of?
I’m proud of the courage I find in the moments I’m able to speak up about things that matter.

What is your biggest goal for 2015?
To find at least one consistent way that I can give back to the community by paying forward all of the care and love I’ve received from the amazing healers and huge hearts I’ve crossed paths with.

{Please send a photo or two of yourself at your happiest! And tell me a little bit about the photo(s)}


  I really dig this photo since it has the whole family in it, doing one of the things I love the most, soaking up a whole lotta love while enjoying some damn good live music.  :o)


September 2013 at Lock’n music festival.  Basking in the sun in my favorite tie-dye, discovering Barefoot brand kombucha on tap for the first time, surrounded by 20,000 of my favorite people, immersed in meaningful melodic joy, dancing, and letting our freak flags fly.  I had to rest often, but I sure was happy.  :o)

Thank you so much, Linda!! You’re such a wonderful woman :)



Let me know what you think! Leave a comment :D

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