My 10 Favorite Items On My Amazon Wish List

My Top 3 Movies:


Amelie (DVD)

The very best love story for introvert francophiles.


As You Like It (DVD)

My favorite Shakespeare love story– full of feisty, intelligent women.


Peanuts: I Want A Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown (DVD)

My favorite Charlie Brown Christmas story. Way better than the more popular one.

The #1 Book on My List:


Walking in This World by Julia Cameron

The Artist’s Way is a life-changing book and this is Julia Cameron’s older and wiser sequel.

3 Foooooood Related Items:


Frontier Herbs de Provence (1 lb. bag)

My very favorite spice blend. In a one-pound bag that could last me 10 years.


Alessi Balsamic Reduction (set of 2)

The best addition to anything….slightly tangy, sweet and savory….perfect thickness. Yummy. (And a pack of 2 so they would last me at least 8 years.)


LuguLake Electric Teapot

An electric tea kettle for my clients and for me when I don’t wanna wait for the water to boil on the stove. Look how pretty it is, too!

3 Essential oils:


Harmony Young Living Essential Oil


Transformation Young Living Essential Oil


Awaken Young Living Essential Oil

My most common purchase on Amazon is essential oils.

These ones are still on my list because they are the ones I really REALLY want from Young Living but YLEOs are so dang expensive so I’m just waiting….someday I will use these in my massages and diffuse them during collage parties.

So, there you have it! My favorite items on my Amazon wish list :)

Thank you for reading!

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