Wonder Woman Wednesday: Brigitte Via


This month’s Wonder Woman is my friend “‘Brigitte”‘. She is my favorite person to stay up late with playing games like Cards Against Humanity and Quelf. She makes me laugh and Im so happy that she always comes to get a massage every couple months even though she now lives in Florida!!
Name: ‘”Brigitte'”

Birthday: 11/16/89

Describe yourself as you are or as you want to be remembered:
Hmm… Is it weird to say that I just want to live the kind of life that makes people miss me when I’m gone?
I’d like to be remembered as someone who brighten’s people’s days and a protector/defender of those who need it.

Favorite book?: I don’t have a favorite book, but my favorite author is Jodi Picoult

Favorite quote:

“She dreamed she could, so she did”


What motivates you?
Me. I’m always competing with myself! I want to do the best I can at whatever I’m given. Also: popcorn

How do you best take care of yourself? What is your favorite way to be healthy?
TRICK QUESTION! A relaxing massage from Joy! The Joy who is expanding her business into Tampa this year (oh, you didn’t know that?) Hahaha

What is your greatest strength?
My popcorn making skills are pretty top-notch, but I don’t want to brag

Who inspires you? What have they taught you?
Oma! She’s taught me to be independent and feisty (when needed).

What’s the best advice or wisdom you’ve ever received?
I heard recently that “good work is rewarded with more work”, and I like that. I also like, “Don’t give up what you really want for what you want right now”.

What cheers you up or encourages you when you’re down? Popcorn. Oh, wait. Massages.

What are you proudest of?
Nearly everything I’ve accomplished. I bought my first house at 19, started a career out of high school, am a landlord at 25, and just checked off my biggest goal (moving to Tampa)… And I’m going to graduate next year!

What is your biggest goal for 2015?
It was move to Tampa, but I guess now I have to think of another one…


Thank you, “‘Brigitte'”, for answering my questions! You’re such a Wonder Woman!!

Let me know what you think! Leave a comment :D

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