PlanetJoy’s Manifesto for 2016


I love….quirky ladies who have a sense of humor and who are happiest being themselves, I love helping people find their way to their best lives, I love indulging in the cycles of the moon and finding ways to connect on a deeper level.
I believe….that you can reach your goals once you’ve made them visual, I believe that taking care of yourself is not selfish, I believe cats make everything better, I believe it’s important to be yourself because everyone else is taken, I believe everyone is creative & that some people just need a safe space in which to explore their creativity.
I am committed to….helping the women in my life realize their potential, feel encouraged, and feel taken care of. I am also committed to sharing what I learn and making people smile.

Come play with me at a collage party held around the new moon every month. Or come jump on my table to experience complete relaxation.

Find me on my PlanetJoy Facebook page and see when I have events and also find out how you can be on my massage schedule.


Let me know what you think! Leave a comment :D

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