Massage for Chronic Pain


Do you have chronic headaches or neck or low-back pain that just never seems to go away and stay away? It can feel defeating. I want to encourage you to feel empowered when it comes to your body.

Massage is a fabulous way to improve your long-term quality of life and wellness. If you commit to regular self-care, you will be able to reduce the severity & length of flare-ups.

You will also develop an increased awareness about your body. Instead of not knowing exactly where the pain is coming from or the cause, you will learn which muscles are stuck and how you can help them release. When you know where the pain is coming from, you’re much closer to helping it leave.


Massage may not make your chronic pain go away forever but I’ve seen massive knots have melted and come back smaller and smaller each time.

I’ve also seen my clients learn how to take care of their bodies in between sessions so that they experience less pain in everyday life.

Take responsibility for your own health. You are more in control of your pain than it wants you to think. You have options. Bodywork is an excellent option.

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