Self-Care: 56 Social Ways to Take Care of Yourself

  1. Call a friend 
  2. Make a gift 
  3. Write a thank you card 
  4. Meet for lunch 
  5. Write a letter 
  6. Visit someone stuck at home 
  7. Counsel someone 
  8. Give money away 
  9. Have a game night 
  10. Go shopping 
  11. Bake for someone (your neighbor!)
  12. Send encouragement 
  13. Text something meaningful 
  14. Teach something 
  15. Blog 
  16. Reach out to your family 
  17. Meet with a mentor 
  18. Organize a picnic 
  19. Ask about your friends’ kids 
  20. Play hide and seek
  21. Shop at the dollar store to make care packages 
  22. Go to a MeetUp
  23. Costco samples with a friend 
  24. Network 
  25. Email your grandma (or send a real letter)
  26. Go to a concert 
  27. Drive around 
  28. Camp 
  29. Send out compliments 
  30. Organize a cocktail party 
  31. Skype 
  32. Volunteer 
  33. Have a girls night 
  34. Go to trader joes 
  35. Text solely in emoji 
  36. Have a swap 
  37. Ask your friends to send you a joke 
  38. Take family photos 
  39. Get into a photo booth 
  40. Ask for song or book recommendations 
  41. Make out 
  42. Visit friends at their office 
  43. Go to happy hour 
  44. Try on gowns 
  45. Social media clean up 
  46. Square dancing 
  47. Take a friend out for lunch
  48. Have a photoshoot 
  49. Talk to your neighbors 
  50. Send your mom flowers 
  51. Give as many hugs as you can 
  52. Leave a BIG tip 
  53. visit your family 
  54. Make a treat for the person you live with 
  55. Have a sleep over 
  56. Pay for the person behind you in line 

Let me know what you think! Leave a comment :D

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