Self-Care: 35 Ways to Get Moving and Actively Care for Yourself 

  1. Go for a walk 
  2. Wash dishes 
  3. Stretch 
  4. Dance 
  5. Water your plants and talk to them 
  6. Go to the park 
  7. Cook
  8. Dust/sweep 
  9. Buy yourself flowers 
  10. Go on an adventure 
  11. Hula hoop 
  12. Work out 
  13. Rearrange 
  14. Swim 
  15. Wash your sheets 
  16. Take a self-defense class 
  17. Weed your garden 
  18. Go bowling 
  19. Make a cake 
  20. KonMari 
  21. Build a fort 
  22. Dance class 
  23. Farmers market 
  24. Make breakfast (any time of day)
  25. Explore antique stores 
  26. Jump on your bed
  27. Do a quick clean up 
  28. Skip around 
  29. Organize your pantry 
  30. Do some last-minute traveling (groupon deals)
  31. Make your bed 
  32. Hike 
  33. Swing at the playground 
  34. Slide around in your socks 
  35. Play frisbee

Let me know what you think! Leave a comment :D

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