Self-Care: 41 Ways to Care for Your Brain 

  1. Self exploration
  2. Crossword puzzle 
  3. Research a topic 
  4. Play a word game 
  5. Organize 
  6. Listen to a podcast 
  7. Write a story 
  8. Learn something new 
  9. Visit a bookstore 
  10. Go to the library 
  11. Plan something 
  12. Read
  13. Journal
  14. Name 10 things you want to do before you die 
  15. List 10 places you want to go
  16. List 10 books you want to read 
  17. List 10 songs you want to hear 
  18. Fix all the things that are wrong around you 
  19. Be thankful for what you love 
  20. Realize you don’t need what holds you back 
  21. List why it’s good to be alive 
  22. Practice forgiveness 
  23. Do a puzzle 
  24. Write a letter to yourself 
  25. Update your todo list 
  26. Go to an event 
  27. Write a how-to
  28. Take pictures 
  29. Plan a vacation 
  30. Positive affirmations 
  31. YouTube video 
  32. Review restaurants on Yelp
  33. Listen to good music (entire albums!)
  34. Watch documentaries 
  35. Take free course in your field 
  36. Memory games 
  37. Think of 50 questions and research the answers 
  38. Read blogs
  39. Fake a smile to boost your attitude 
  40. Smell spices 
  41. Go on tumblr 

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