Self-Care: 56 Ways to Nurture Yourself

  1. Drink tea
  2. Wear comfy clothes 
  3. Take a bubble bath
  4. Get a massage 
  5. Wrap up in a blanket 
  6. Color 
  7. Blow bubbles 
  8. Light candles 
  9. Read a children’s book 
  10. Make a snack 
  11. Nap 
  12. Listen to music 
  13. Sit in the sun 
  14. Watch a funny video 
  15. Watch a good movie with popcorn 
  16. Read a joke book
  17. Watch clouds 
  18. Play with your pet 
  19. Buy something you’ve always wanted 
  20. Make a healthy smoothie 
  21. People watch in the park 
  22. Take yourself out to dinner
  23. Buy art 
  24. Eat dark chocolate 
  25. Make an epic salad 
  26. Print photos 
  27. Make ahead food for the week 
  28. Aromatherapy 
  29. For every negative thought, write a positive 
  30. Buy yourself flowers 
  31. Make your favorite meal 
  32. Write yourself a love letter 
  33. Watch the sky 
  34. Eat your favorite dessert 
  35. Eat at your favorite restaurant 
  36. Sunday brunch 
  37. Film at the cinema 
  38. Smoothie bowl 
  39. Go to the park with sandwiches and a blanket and a book 
  40. Peel an orange 
  41. Practice good posture 
  42. Give yourself a pep talk 
  43. Mismatch your socks 
  44. Moisturize 
  45. Eat favorite childhood snack 
  46. Eat favorite candy 
  47. Make hot chocolate with extra marshmallows 
  48. Floss 
  49. Whiten your teeth 
  50. Make a happiness list 
  51. Watch Netflix 
  52. Visit pet store 
  53. Have a fancy lunch 
  54. Watch cartoons 
  55. Watch children’s movie 
  56. Roast marshmallows 

Let me know what you think! Leave a comment :D

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