Productivity hack: permission to recover & being accountable to yourself 

The human body can endure so much more than we think that it can. I modeled for an art workshop this weekend for 12 hours. I thought I was going to die. It was hyperbole but I totally thought it was going to wreck my body. At the end of the first 6 hour day I came home and slept 12 hours. Day 2 I did not sleep, I just vegetated in front of my iPad and did NOTHING productive. 

Confession, I am driven but I am not self-motivated.  Productivity is a big thing for me. So big that my therapist and I are actively working on it. The first step is to stop using the word PRODUCTIVE. Instead I want to measure my days on whether I felt SATISFIED and CONTENT and HEALTHY at the end of the day. 

Because after modeling for 12 hours I still wanted to be productive. I felt like sleep was “productive” and iPad-zoning was not. I didn’t think, “I need to recover. What are some healthy ways I could recover?” 

What are some ways you recover? Please share them! Self care is so important but it doesn’t always feel productive. Nor is self care always easy to do–it’s easier to zone out in bed like a sweet potato. 

I’m learning how to talk to myself like a friend. A friend who I’d ask, “what’s something easy and healthy you could do right now to feel satisfied with this morning/afternoon/evening?”

I’m learning how to be accountable to myself. My therapist had me write out everything I like to do during the day (in order) as a checklist ((because I LOVE ROUTINE and my life always feels like it’s falling apart when I lose my routine)) and I’ve gone back to pomodoro tracking. 

Pomodoro tracking is working for a set amount of time and then taking a scheduled break and switching tasks. I’m able to get so much more done. I just listened to a podcast last night and it talked about how important it is to give your brain a break so that you can be fully present. Without the pomodoro method and my checklist, I usually focus on something all day long and then feel like I got nothing done.

I went back to the pomodoro method because that is how I survived modeling for 12 hours. The teacher made sure to schedule breaks for me. I used every break to stretch, drink water, and go to the bathroom. Breaks are important. For your mind, and body, and soul. 

How do you get things done? How do you recover? Are you taking breaks? Are you a recovering productivity addict? 

Do what you love….

I love waking up in the in-between time when its a bit chilly and the light is blue. I like napping in sunlight. I like when dogs press their noses on your leg and inhale deeply and how they have to circle around a bunch if times before they plop down. I love the simplicity of tomato sandwiches, especially in the summer when the tomatoes are fresh and ripe and warm from the sun. I love laughing with a friend at a play and seeing their eyes crinkled with delight. I love being enraptured by musicians or actors who can completely transform the atmosphere of a moment simply by arranging their bodies and mouths in a certain way. I love climbing up high and sensing a shift in my perspective. I love reading something which puts into words exactly how I’ve felt when I didn’t know how I was feeling. I love drinking tea, especially with a friend when they show you their collection and let you smell the different kinds and pick whichever suits your personality that moment. I love cuddling on a couch with a glass of wine and a movie and freshly popped cinnamon popcorn. I love magical, mystical things like crystals and astrology and knowing that God has placed His power into these things for a reason and has allowed us to delve deeper if we do choose. I love napping in parks when I travel. I love tourists who ask me the best places to eat in my town. I love well-made food. I love doing dishes. I love dancing in the kitchen. I love buying houseplants. I love walking and talking under the stars. I love burying my hands in the soft fur of sleeping cats. I love quick wit. I love ideas and curiosity and brainstorming. I love playing games with friends after dinner. I love Christmas lights. I love clean kitchens. I love soft blankets. I love sitting in a warm glow and having deep discussions and realizations. I love hiking. I love accomplishing things and having new adventures. I love random drives. I love when someone grabs my hand and holds onto it for awhile. I love tenderness. I love aesthetically pleasing and poetic and sensual things. I love sculpture. I love anatomy. I love the arches of feet and the curves of spines. I love the warmth and heaviness of heads. I love the vulnerability of bare arms and naked feet. I love the adorable sleepy faces of clients when they turn over on my table and sigh, contentedly. I love bird sounds. I love nature documentaries. I love beautiful handwriting. I love reconnecting. I love hearing Gods voice in the stillness. I love stretching my body in yoga. I love eating cereal. I love eating. Hardboiled eggs, warm chicken, tender steak, creamy salmon, soothing soups…. I love making people feel safe and knowing they trust me. I love encouraging and being encouraged. I love handwritten letters. I love untangling people’s muscles and making their bodies symmetrical. I love swaying to music in a calm and peaceful room. I love the orderliness and thoroughness of a long massage. I love stillness. 

What do you love? Are you doing it? Are you making room for it? 

A Mission Statement: You are a hot, seductive challenge living in a beautiful reality. 

Find what wakes up your soul 

Spend time in the forest 

Character is determined by commitment, not defined by time 

Be perfectly imperfect 

You’re growing. 

Make enduring memories 

Eat more pho…. 

Spend time outside: make it beautiful 


Go to Hawaii 

Go global: it’s an incredible world, intensely beautiful 

You can find your best match for life 

Happy life, happy brain 

It’s raining new ideas, find fresh perspective 

Your journey is beginning 

You aren’t going to crack under pressure 

Go harder, faster, sooner, higher! 

Turn heads; make it happen 

Save today: make the world better 

Be awe inspiring 

Have many adventures: beginnings and endings 

Relax and restore 

Binge read 

Live in the moment: it’s delicious 


Trust quality and purity 

Be fiery and sweet, not bland: deliciously vibrant and vivid 

Food is a healing tool 

Do beautiful work: it’s highly addictive. Work for you; it’s hard to go wrong 

Fuel your body with exhilarating power, naturally. 

There’s No Place Like Home: 

Stylish, elegant, luxuriousness that’s personal and reflects your personality 

Financial planning: possibilities 

Create a better environment: make a statement 

Love: a powerful pair 

Have more sex; experience a love that lasts 

Reimagine pure love 

New hope and trust 

Enduring, exhilarating possibility. enriching, sensational. Enduring made easy. Exceptional possibility beyond probability. 

A delicious future. 

You are a hot, seductive challenge living in a beautiful reality. 

Base your approach on your life and your passions. 

This will endure for decades because it’s been tested: stronger and more beautiful. 

Time to reunite….perfectly seasoned and trusted. Finally coming home. 

“I can have some another time.” 

I am content. I love what I do. Simple pleasures. On the road to my happy place. Ready for something new. 

Plan sweet weekends with your kind of people. Connect. Imagine a new “us”. Trusted friends. Build and protect. Invest in your social network. Live a little. Belong and connect. People who love you, shield you, and set your soul free. Keep things motivating and fun. 

Get ready for winter. Travel with sun. Find the extraordinary in every day. Get outside. Go on a road trip. Bespontaneous. GO. 

Be kind. Make beauty last. Let life in. Go places. 

Make good BETTER

The world is wide open. 

Have a girls weekend. Ask for what you want: your needs are not complicated. Put in everything. Keep it simple and delicious. Entertain. Never let them leave hungry. 

Be completely happy: you’re accomplishing something!! 

Strong is beautiful. You can never be “too much you”….so, have peace of mind

Turn your dreams into reality: healthy lifestyle, strong 

Motivation is the key component of change 

Your mission for today: go further, live lighter 

Do not be afraid of being you. 

Have a breakthrough: become fresh and new 

You are bold confidence in motion 

You’re doing it. Make it count

You’re ageless 

Fight inflammation and curb your cravings. Aloha healthy. 

Have vitality, be alive, burst with ripeness. 

Sip (unexpected) joy, fully. 💕

PlanetJoy Massage Client Feedback 

Allison Sprouse, 45

I trust Joy because she does great work and truly cares about her clients’ health.

PlanetJoy is a total body relaxation experience. It’s quiet and soothing. Pressure is always perfect and if there are trouble areas, Joy focuses on them. 
Bonus: My migraines are gone!

A monthly massage gives me something to look forward to and it helps me stay on top of health concerns before they happen. 

Joy can tell when something is wrong with my body that I wasn’t aware of! True story. She discovered I needed adjusting when I never knew anything was wrong. I went to my chiro and she was spot-on!

Jacob Graham, 35

Highlights of a PlanetJoy massage: the attention she pays to my issues, the care she takes, the tenderness and responsiveness to my body. She reads it well.

I’ve had relatively extensive massage experience, but this is my favorite. Joy is not in any way overbearing. She is considerate, quiet, and I get the sense that it’s a deep practice for her.

What has pleasantly surprised me? Just how relaxed I feel when I leave.

Deb Kirtland, 52

Joy relieved some tension/knots/pain that my chiropractor could not – and the relief was quick and fairly permanent.  I say “fairly permanent” because it’s my life style that makes me have flare-ups. 

What concerns or worries have been taken care of?  Neck pain, shoulder and upper back tension is less overall.  Also, being able to sign up for packages and pay in installments creates less stress about affordablility.

What has pleasantly surprised me?  How relaxed I am on the table.  I thought I would be uncomfortable with having someone massage me, but I don’t because of PlanetJoy’s environment and JOY!

Bevin Yowell, proudly almost 40!

Did you have any objections or skepticism about signing up for massage package? At first, yes. I was concerned about $ & Time. 

What are some highlights of the experience? Pricing options are awesome and Joy’s massage skills are the best that I’ve experienced. 

What concerns or worries have been taken care of? $ and time actually worked out well! 

What has pleasantly surprised me? I find it easy to make the time. 

What is most satisfying about the experience? I feel amazing and I’m more in tune with my body and how my body holds stress. 


Asechiah, age 42

Joy was recommended to me by several people. The experience has been great, and I absolutely trust her skills and knowledge.

It’s a very soothing experience. Joy is very easy to communicate with, taking in account the unique set of health issues I’ve had.

Joy has helped me make serious strides in the past year, I’m very thankful. Pain has been much more manageable. See the light at the end of the tunnel.

What has pleasantly surprised me? Sense of energy has been returning, overall body balance is much improved 
What is most satisfying about the experience? It’s good to have someone you can see eye to eye with regarding your health and the necessary steps it takes to get there. Joy is very encouraging.

PlanetJoy: Feedback

Here’s a round up of testimonials I’ve received over the years: 

PlanetJoy Massages: 




-Linda Tabor, healthy hippie badass 

-Suzanne Leahy, hospice care counselor


-Alison Jones Sprouse, teacher 

-Bevin Yowell, therapist

-Alyssa Grabinski, art therapy student 

-LeeAnn Monroe, elementary school principal

PlanetJoy Pregnancy Massage:

Savanna’s Experience

PlanetJoy Catalyst Collage Parties:

Savanna’s Testimonial: Pregnancy Massage on PlanetJoy

Savanna has been coming to me for a couple of years now and she’s due July 31st. Before she got crazy busy with her new baby, I wanted to ask her some questions about her experience with pregnancy massage.

As soon as Savanna told me she’d found out that she was pregnant, back in February, I decided to take a prenatal and postpartum massage course. The class was a wonderful experience (I got to work on a woman the day before she was induced!)

Together, Savanna and I have had a lot of fun practicing and perfecting the most amazing pregnancy massage experience.

Name: Savanna

Age: 27

Did you have any objections or skepticism about pregnancy massage?

I actually was a little bit skeptical.

While I am a big fan of massage, I was skeptical about whether or not I could still enjoy it if I couldn’t lay on my back or stomach.

I wasn’t sure exactly how it would work or if I would just have to lay on my side the whole time.

Mainly I think I just didn’t know exactly what to expect so I was skeptical about whether or not it would be as comfortable or relaxing as a regular massage.

What were some of your concerns or worries?

I was mainly worried or concerned at the beginning about whether or not it was completely safe for the baby.

I had read some mixed reviews online about the safety especially for the first trimester.

I had also read that sometimes massage made morning sickness worse.

(*Special note: the reason massage can have a bad rep for first trimester is that the first trimester is a very sensitive time and many women do not end up carrying to term. When something happens and the pregnancy is terminated, the massage is not a direct cause, but all the pain from losing the baby can often lead women to search for a cause. Because of this it’s important to work lightly and check in a LOT with the woman to make sure she feels comfortable, healthy, and safe.

Also, in the case of losing a baby, massage is excellent for mental health and emotional healing.)

What were you hoping would happen?

I was hoping that my skepticism and/or worries would be for no reason and that I would enjoy pregnancy massage as much if not more than regular massage.

Why did you choose to come to me (instead of someone else)? What made you trust me?

I had already had good experiences with your massages so that helped.

Also I know that you are always reading and researching so I knew that you would be well versed in what was safe and unsafe for both me and the baby.

Plus knowing that you went to the effort to take the pre-natal class was reassuring as well.

But even without the prenatal class I was confident that you would do your homework and look into what was and wasn’t safe for pregnancy so that was reassuring.

What can other people expect? Juicy details, please! What were some highlights of the experience?

Pregnancy massage is obviously somewhat different than a regular massage, but it is also the same in many ways.

With the physical changes that pregnancy brings come a lot of aches and pains, and you need a relaxing massage more than ever.

Despite what I originally had thought, the massages can be just as relaxing as a regular massage, they are just a little different.

The “cloud” was also very nice. (*A special combination concoction of pillows to prop you up so you can have your head, neck, arms, and feet worked on. Feels like floating on a cloud….) 

Because I was propped up on pillows I rarely felt nauseous or lightheaded.

When I did I always was able to be adjusted in a way that alleviated that feeling.

It was also helpful that you were very open minded and always willing to make little adjustments as we went to make sure that I was always comfortable.

What concerns or worries were taken care of?

I was reassured after talking to one of our midwives who actually said not only is it safe but that they recommend massage and/or chiropractic care.

I was also reassured that you took the prenatal massage class so I was very confident that you would know what was and was not recommended during pregnancy.

I also appreciated that you were open to trying different things and I always felt comfortable letting you know if we needed to adjust my position, if I needed another pillow, etc.

What was different about this experience compared to regular massages?

The most obvious is that you can’t lay on your stomach or your back.  Other than that the experience as surprisingly similar.

The added stretches and the tummy massage is an extra perk.

What pleasantly surprised you?

I was surprised that despite having a different position for the massage it was really just as relaxing as a regular massage.

What was most satisfying about the experience?

Massages were great in helping relieve the aches and pains of pregnancy, as well as relieving the tension from stress and anxiety that comes with pregnancy.

It was nice to take an hour a month (or sometimes a couple of hours a month) to relax.

(*Savanna, it’s been an honor working on you throughout your pregnancy. Because I’ve worked on you every month it’s been so cool to watch your baby grow.
Thank you for being patient while I figured everything out. I know you said it felt good even the first few times when I was a little unsteady with all the techniques.
I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you better. AND it was SO COOL to be one of the very FIRST people to hear about your pregnancy!! (Even before your parents, wow.)
I can’t wait to meet your little baby and get to know her :) 

Wonder Woman Wednesday: LeeAnn Monroe


Let me introduce you to my VERY favorite Wonder Woman: LeeAnn.

It always takes a lot of courage for me to say someone is my best friend because it means I have to make myself vulnerable….but I would happily be honored to call LeeAnn my best friend.

LeeAnn is the funniest story-teller, she’s so completely AMAZING and I miss her every day since she moved to Vermont.

Name: Lee Ann Monroe

Birthday: Halloween!

Describe yourself as you are or as you want to be remembered
Hmm…I’d like to be remembered as fun, honest, smart, and tolerant. Mostly though as someone who always helped other people remember why they are special and that they can do anything.

Favorite book? (Or blog or podcast)
Favorite book…this is hard. I only finish books I fall in love with. They are all my favorite at the time. I guess if I have to pick, Hope for the Flowers. It’s one of those books with a message I want to spread around.

That or The Other Boleyn Girl. Its full of scandal, adventure, and intrigue!

Favorite quote

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear”

What motivates you?
Other people motivate me.

How do you best take care of yourself? What is your favorite way to be healthy?
MASSAGE is my favorite way to be healthy – you can imagine how I’m faring now…

What is your greatest strength? 
I’m pretty good at communicating. Talking so people will want to listen.

Who inspires you? What have they taught you? 
My dad inspires me. He’s taught me that most things are not worth fighting about.

My kids inspire me. They teach me everyday that EVERYTHING has the potential to be wicked fun.

My husband inspires me. He’s taught me that his love really is unconditional.


What’s the best advice or wisdom you’ve ever received? 
There’s a difference between NEED and REALLY REALLY WANT.

What cheers you up or encourages you when you’re down? 
Fresh air cheers me up. I always feel better after being outside. And wine (but I kind of think that’s cheating.) Being creative and making something new from something old encourages me.

What are you proudest of? 
I am proudest of my friends. I have some really great ones. They’re so diverse and talented and continually push me to be a totally different me.

What is your biggest goal for 2015? 
My biggest goal is to be more giving of myself. I get caught up in books/social media/tv and spend too little time focusing on the people in my life. Close by and far away

{Please share a photo or two of yourself at your happiest! And tell a little bit about the photo(s)}
I love this first one because it’s at the top of Mt. Snow, right after we moved here.

In looking for pictures of being happy, I realized that when I’m happy, I take pictures of what’s making me happy.

So the first picture Brian took, of me, taking a picture of Amelia and Arie, who were making me happy.
The middle picture is at Bonnaroo – what more could you ask for, a free donut, an iced coffee in 100 degree weather, a vacation with just my husband, and waiting to see Vance Joy.
The last picture is an obvious one – legit JOY is both captured on my face and sitting next to me. Despite it being a little blurry, it’s a rare picture.


Ahhhhhhhh! I’m so honored to be one of LeeAnn’s happy moments!!!! :)

Thank you so much, LeeAnn, for taking the time to answer my questions. You ARE a Wonderful Wonder Woman. I miss you.


Wonder Woman Wednesday: Lynne Boardman


Todays Wonder Woman is my mom, Lynne Boardman. Her birthday is on Friday, so I thought it would be perfect to feature her on this month’s Wonder Woman Wednesday.
**************************************** Name: Lynne Boardman

Birthday: 2-20-59

Describe yourself as you are or as you want to be remembered
Welcoming + Encouraging= how I want to be remembered

Favorite book?: 
The Hiding Place
The Velveteen Rabbit

Favorite quote

“He will guide you with His love.”

-Zeph 3:17


“He who refreshes will himself be refreshed.”
-Proverbs 11:25

What motivates you?
*Opportunities to bless others
*Keeping vows to stay in touch
*Keeping short accounts

How do you best take care of yourself?
Taking supplements and diffusing essential oils

What is your favorite way to be healthy?
Swimming a mile and then using the steam room

What is your greatest strength?
My memory for the word of God.

Who inspires you? What have they taught you?
My pastor, Todd Brown, inspires me.
He has taught me how to be refreshing.

What’s the best advice or wisdom you’ve ever received? 

“The wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy, and good fruits, without uncertainty or insincerity.”

What are you proudest of? 
My daughter

What is your biggest goal for 2015? 
I want to be serene.

{Please send a photo or two of yourself at your happiest! And tell me a little bit about the photo(s)}


First trimester pregnant, visiting Beverly in Richmond. It is one of my happiest family memories.
A happy reunion.
In Hilton Head with my dad at Christmas.

Thank you momma! You are a Wonderful Wonder Woman :)



So, what’s so great about Collage Parties?


I found it was easy to construct a collage. It was almost effortless and something meaningful happened!
-Anne Buzzeli

Great reasons to check out collage parties: 

⊙You are curious about the process

⊙You want to be creative in a social setting

Theres no pressure to be “artistic”– you just need to be able to use scissors and a glue stick!

⊙You love to create but have just needed to find some time to put your ideas together

⊙You want to focus. Collage is a perfect way to do inner work– it’s a form of art therapy.

⊙You are looking for a great way to explore your goals more deeply.

Collage is a way of slipping past the censor and accessing the unconscious.


What do people love most about the experience?

⊙peaceful creativity

⊙the adventure of being with other women and enjoying the experience together

I enjoyed the camaraderie of fellow seekers, and the stories we all told even though we were relative strangers. By being her lovely self, Joy created safety and a sense of fun, play, and exploration which was super helpful for me; I was able to relax and get the most out of the collage process.

And of course, I enjoyed seeing the collage take shape, finishing it, and then working through the reflection process. It was a surprising result.
-Lisa O’Shea


I liked being creative and socializing. Plus, I enjoyed seeing how well planned out it was.
-Rachel Golden


What is the best thing you get out of coming to a collage party?

⊙A chance to really hone in on your goals.

⊙The excitement of seeing seemingly random pictures lay out a theme

“There’s a change comin’. 


It involves Brussels sprouts.”

-Susanne Leahy, analyzing her collage


The collage itself!

I’ve hung it up in my work room next to where I do a lot of writing, and it inspires me and intrigues me every day.
-Lisa O’Shea


A finished product that reminds me that I “can do” and that my hopes have not yet been snuffed out!
-Lynne Boardman


It will surprise you how easy the collage making process is!

I was surprised how many decisions I made so effortlessly. I usually belabor and second guess small and large decisions!
-Lynne Boardman


When it came time to glue the clippings into a collage, my hands flew around, and I made decisions that I wasn’t expecting. When it was done, I stood back and marveled. The picture I’d created spoke to me in the poetry of images and contrasts I hadn’t anticipated.
-Lisa O’Shea

I hold collage parties often (almost every month) The goal setting parties I hold quarterly so you can come and boost your goals, meet new people, and feel accountable to yourself.

Collage is great because you can do them all the time and each one will be totally different. You’re thinking of something different, looking at different magazines, and putting your images together in different ways.

A regular habit of creating fulfills a need to express what’s beautiful and “right.”
-Lynne Boardman

I post the events on my facebook page so make sure to follow me if you’re interested in coming to one.

You can also email me at and let me know you’re interested in attending one.
I even hold one-on-one parties which are like mini (and fun) therapy sessions so email me if you would like to schedule one! 

I loved meeting new people and laughing so much. It helped me focus on the positive aspects of my life, and I really like that my goals are literally in my face (on my fridge) every day as a reminder.
-Allison Sprouse

My Collages from the January Goal-Setting Collage Parties

Collages are awesome because you let your subconscious work and don’t analyze till everything is on the page.

This allows you to see connections that you didn’t even know you had floating around in your brain and makes them visual to you!

Here are 4 collages I made in January when I hosted 3 parties with the theme of “setting intentions for the year”


Collage #1- from first party
Things that stand out to me:

Fresh thinking
Leading by example
Not hiding, rebelling
“Is it gravity or attraction that keeps me here?”
Being more myself, being original
Taking time to rest
More saving, more doing
Playful, healthy body image

Things I don’t understand, yet:

All the birds!
“Let the sea set you free”
“Land of the stupid, home of the brave.”
“Darker my love”


Collage #2- also from first party
What stands out to me:

Made of something better
Don’t discount the small things
More reliable
Renovating your dream (building a house)
“A party without cake is just a meeting.” Traveling-“Don’t worry about others expectations or opinions” (I’m very worried about my need to travel and all of my monthly clients)

What I don’t understand, yet:

Shirtless guy that says “pretty rich”
Girl with red hair about to be rammed into by a bull
Pink polar bear
Girl exiting right


Collage #3 (my favorite)- from second party

Things that stand out to me:

“Fortune: it will be harder than you expect, but it will be worth it.”
(Your fortune awaits)
Discover what’s next–taste it all.
A voyage should take you further than your destination
Content all over the world
See the world differently
Buckle up for some fun
A daily transformation
Don’t be afraid to speak up– Reject apathy (interesting that that is over the picture of the couple)
The key to an extraordinary life
Discover a new way
The spirit of travel
Making room for personal growth
Overindulgence vs. Good start (debt- free living)
Live every day part of something bigger “by all means feed the people-watchers”

What I don’t understand, yet:

That terrifying/fascinating black bird that says “drilling for hope”
All the safari animals: giraffes, hippo, jaguar


Collage #4- from third party

What stands out to me:
Hugging snowman
Infusing life with color
“Life is a special occasion”
“The best story of the year is yours”
Every day talk with friends
Get up and go
Wonder Woman
All joy and fun
Dream out loud
“We cannot please everyone, but we try.”
A new beginning.
“Away is a place where it’s not about the money you spend, it’s about the moments you share.”
“From good starts come great things”
Cook with passion (over a photo of delicious spaghetti)

What I don’t understand, yet:
Another bird! With paint brushes.
Oh, and also a dove holding a ring in its beak
“When clean-up is easy, even a spill can be beautiful.”


Holistic Help for Acne Scars


Oh, acne scars….the zits weren’t bad enough? You wanted to leave me something to remember you by? So sweeeeet.

Acne scars are caused by collagen going crazy trying to protect your body from an open wound.

Which is kind of adorable.


But, it’s like you getting a paper cut and then your mom deciding that maybe 8 bandaids will protect you better than just one.

Except on your face. And then you have to keep the bandaids on for like 6-12 months. And sometimes you get more paper cuts in the mean time…..


Okay. So how do we get the bandaids off?

First, let me tell you my personal skin story:


I have finally cleared up my breakouts that I’ve been having continuously since September.

How? I finally stopped eating processed foods & sugar. I am eating less bread and cheese and more whole foods: fruits and veggies and nuts and grains.

And I started drinking at least 64 oz of water every day (starting the day with warm water with lemon to detox my body)

I’m also taking b-complex, magnesium, vitamin d, and ashwaganda.

I’m also eating a high-protein breakfast within 30-min of waking up.

Before bed, I swipe apple cider vinegar on my face, rinse with water, and apply coconut oil.

All of these things combined have helped balance my hormones and make my skin happy.

Will they work for your skin? I don’t know. But, I’m not breaking out for the first time in 4 months….actually I don’t remember a time in the last 8 years that I didn’t have at least one zit. It’s been a never-ending battle.
Now, I’m able to focus on getting rid of the scars!

Okay, so how do we do that?

Well, media says we could use snail slime, laser treatments, fillers, and other weird things which are gross and/or temporary fixes.

OR we can use some things which are totally healthy and easy to incorporate into our lifestyle.


Every single day:


ACV (apple cider vinegar) +water on your whole face at night.
Mix it with water, the more sensitive your skin the more water you need. (I have sensitive skin so I actually rinsed my face right afterwards the first couple nights. I didn’t seem to have any problems so now I’m mixing the ACV with water and letting it dry on my skin and then just applying my coconut oil*)
*Some people say that coconut oil makes them break out. I use it because in Ayurveda it’s actually the best for acne prone skin. I don’t use it to wash my face though (that’s on the internet a lot….I think that would probably seal in the dirt and then make you break out….wash face and then use coconut oil as moisturizer)
ACV is great because it is antiseptic, it lightens skin, dissolves dead skin cells, balances pH, and minimizes pores, ((along with like 5-bajillion other wonderful things that it does.))

Only at night and only on red scars:
Lemon juice + rose water (1:1)

Two times a day: 
Aloe Vera gel (pure) apply for 30-min and then rinse off




*Drink hot water with lemon every morning to detox your system

*Eat a whole food diet with NO chemicals

*More fiber

*Almonds, tomatoes and cucumbers


*Beta carotene found in yellow fruits and veggies

*Vitamin c- heals collagen and connective tissues

*Silica from fruits and veggies

*Zinc from the dark meat of organic chicken or turkey, beans, eggs, dairy, pumpkin seeds, potatoes

*Fenugreek either as a supplement or as a tea (can place tea bag on your face)

*Green tea (drink or use tea bag on face)

**Vitamin E

*Vitamin A

*Evening primrose oil or fish oil

Essential oils (use as spot treatments only. Use ONLY on scars–place on q-tip to apply.):

******Lavender oil– HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and great for sensitive skin. This is the only one you can apply directly to your skin without a carrier oil. Lavender regenerates damaged skin tissue, reduces inflammation, and fights redness.

All of the following oils you will need to apply along with either grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, or borage seed oil. Or you can apply myrrh oil first.

****Frankincense oil- natural toner (also good for wrinkles!)

**Neroli oil- safe for sensitive skin, clears scars by helping for new cells.

**Helichrysum– *Make SURE to dilute this one. It’s is said to be the MOST effective. And also I’ve heard it’s kind of expensive. But, it does the job.

**Geranium oil

**Calendula– famous for wound-healing capabilities

**Rose hip oil– contains retinol which helps get rid of dead skin

*Rosemary– cleansing

*Carrot seed oil

Sage oil– even old scars respond to this treatment. It’s also anti-stress so it accelerates healing. *Do not consume!!


Masks (1-2 times a week):


Exfoliate GENTLY with baking soda.
(1:2 baking soda to water) Pretend you’re rubbing a baby kitten on your face. Be gentle. If you SCRUB then you might cause your face to break out….that is NOT the point of this exercise.


Probably a little too much honey….

Manuka honey +aloe Vera + lemon juice (lemon juice will fade any pigmentation)


Honey + nutmeg

Bonus fact for people who suffer from acne:

Benzoyl peroxide contains free-redicals, ages skin, and depletes your body of antioxidants….so don’t put it on your skin!

Maybe using some ACV will change your life the way it’s changed mine.


If you have anything helpful to add, leave a comment! Thank you.

2014: Best of the blog [my absolute favorite posts]

My favorite business moments of the year:
*Collage parties turned into art therapy

“I know I said it a bunch of times, but I still want to say ‘thank you’ once again for the collage party and for your insightful prompts on the making of the collages. As I said, I’ve not done anything that was free-flowingingly (I make up words sometimes) creative in many years. It was a great experience for me on so many levels.”

*My clients fell in love with 90-min massages

“I would DEFINITELY recommend trying a 90 minute massage – it allows extra time to be spent on areas that need extra attention, plus it’s 30 extra minutes of JOY!”

*I designed PlanetJoy t-shirts

*I started doing 2-hour massages

*2014 YOM client testimonials
image image

My favorite health articles of the year:
*Yoga and nutrition for SAD

*What is the pineal gland and why is it making me SAD?

*Holistic help for KP (keratosis pilaris)

*Mucus in your colon?! Gross!!

*I learned how to spell eczema image image image image

My favorite artist of the year:
Ashley Percival

My favorite personal moments of year:
*Learning to tell it like it is

*My financial freedom plan

*I wrote my bio

*What if I were a novel character

*My year: 2014 in review
image image image
Favorite bonus helpful articles:
*My favorite free apps

*My 12 favorite blogs


2014: My Year in Review

2014 was quietly wonderful. I stepped away from a lot of the things I was involved in during 2013 so life had a completely different texture.

Resolutions for 2014, part 1

Life-changing highlights: finding a counselor and paying off $11,000 of debt!!

Resolutions for 2014, part 2

Favorite memories:
Massage anniversary dinner party for clients
Marie Antoinette birthday party

Best shows/movies I watched:
American Horror Story
Guardians of the Galaxy
X-Men: Days of Future Past
Mr. Nobody
The Theory of Everything

Favorite quotes:

“Last year you were a super nova, this year you are capable of sustaining life.”

“You look like you’ve robbed the rainbow.”
-Leo Charre

Here are some more of the adventures I had!


I started doing collage parties and discovered that they can be a form of art therapy!



First soufflé!

Had a Valentine’s/Cold-Weather-Sucks Indian food party with my lovely friends
Moved across the street back into my old house for the month while petsitting Ollie, a crazy adorable dog (therefore fulfilling my goal of owning a dog for a month)


Trained said dog

Met Jena and Colin a cute couple from NYC and introduced them to Staunton

Hosted a fabulous dinner party with 11 guests (and took ZERO pictures….ugh!!)
Had brunch in Harrisonburg with Ros and Melissa at The Little Grill


Moved back home

Modeled for a Degas class

Was a tree for earth day. Got to hug everybody (“hug a tree”)

Held a successful cash mob for The Store


Went to Richmond to visit Vanessa for her son, Max’s first birthday!


Traveled to Colorado to see my whole family for my cousin, Will’s graduation

Took over HourEconomy Swaps and turned them into Staunton Swaps

Read all of the Harry Potter books

Watched all of the Harry Potter movies with Molly

Designed t-shirts for my business


Inspired work week for Hour Economy to promote exchanges. This prompted The Little Libraries to be built right in Jena and Colin’s backyard!!


Marie Antoinette dessert and tea birthday party. With so many of my favorite ladies.


July got a little harder after that because my moms health started REALLY going down….

Mom went to the hospital in Salem for a few days.

My bestie, LeeAnn moved away….

I met a cute guy named Keenan.

I dyed my hair red. For a second.

Went to the safari park with my mom.

Movie nights at By&By became a regular event with Savanna and Brigitte.

The Dixie closed and we all went to see a double: ET & Jaws


Got involved in fighting the pipeline

Went on a daaaaaate.

Got a raise @ Alls Well. Became Laura’s new partner in crime.

Dreaded my friend Yolo’s hair. New skill!
Started having breakfasts with Dawn every other Thursday

Started selling my shirts at Made;

Started meeting with my counselor, Suzanne.

Made my own hula hoop and learned how to use it :)

Full moon parties with Brittney



Brigitte and I got our portraits done!

Staunton Jams and my cutie pie CAITLIN CAME HOME FROM HONDURAS!!


More pipeline stuff: Free Not Fracked

Chair massages at Cranberry’s

Apple picking

DC Art trip– got to meet up with my best friends from when I was little. All grown up now!!

Gave a talk at the YMCA about the Hour Economy

Church Downtown turned 1 and I got to speak about it’s affect on me

I met TJs friend, Sayward



Apple picking

House sitting for Suzanne

Finally got my office all clean



Anne Buzzelli turned 40 and all of Staunton celebrated!

I was part of Art for Gifts for the 3rd year– packaging way improved this year :)

Sparkles and Sweets happened

Watched Cyrano at Blackfriars with Ros
Started accepting credit cards with my nifty Square!


We were in the Christmas parade

Christmas Carol at Blackfriars

12 Dates at Blackfriars

Stone Soup closed it’s doors :(

Surprise birthday party for Monika

Ugly sweater party

Helped Caitlin move

Church Downtown got to have Christmas Eve at Blackfriars and TJ came with me!

Went on vacation for 2 weeks.


Became a mermaid.

So, it was actually a pretty full year…. I’m ready to start fresh, though!

This will be The Year I Got Out Of Debt, Got Fit, and Started REALLY Living


Word for 2015: Moxie!!

PlanetJoy: Year of Massage {client feedback}



What do you personally get out of the Year of Massage?

I have something to look forward to each month. It’s a time set aside just for me. 

Why do you recommend YOM?

Awesome stress relief and relaxation. If you book in advance, you’re giving an amazing gift to yourself each month.

What would make YOM even better?

I’m thrilled with it as it is. The price is affordable and I love the friendship I’ve developed with you!

Absolute favorite part of YOM:

Flexible scheduling and willing to work around zany events in my life without batting an eye.



I like committing to a year& the payment plan.

I love coming for my monthly massage because I know I’m gonna get healing in many ways.

I would pay full price but grateful I don’t have to.

I love reading your articles& learning from you.

I love your pink hair!!



What do you personally get out of the Year of Massage? ((What is/are the main impact(s) it has on your life?))

Scheduling regular massages gives me a time each month devoted exclusively to making me feel AWESOME.

It reminds me that it’s important every once in a while to do things that aren’t goal-oriented, but are really just me-oriented.

I find that if I just schedule massages when I feel like I need one, I don’t have as many as I should, and it’s too easy to talk myself out of them.

Signing up for a whole year of massage bakes this important self-focused activity into my routine. 

Why do you recommend YOM? 

It’s important to have ME-time, and to intentionally show yourself some self-love. It’s a terrific self-present :). 

Absolute favorite part:

I love the heated table, the scented oils on the headrest, and the great company! 


I benefit from massage in the following ways: 

A. I am generally touch- deprived, so this gives me a chance to experience touch. 

B.  My muscles smile when I have massage– and for several days afterward.

C. It’s a time of complete disconnection from the frenzy of life.

D. I love Joy– her spirit lifts me up!!

I’d recommend it to anyone (and I have!) who likes to relax.



What do you personally get out of the Year of Massage? ((What is/are the main impact(s) it has on your life?))

My body is so much more relaxed and I’m more aware of my body tensing up throughout my days, especially during stressful moments.  It very well knows when it’s time to visit Planet Joy each month to rediscover, and once again release, my inner fluidity. 

The chronic pain I deal with from arthritis, fibro, etc. is lessened now, also. 

More purposeful relaxation and less pain.  Along with some of the best discussions ever. 


WHY do you recommend YOM?

I’ve not tried a wide variety of massage therapists, but from the few I have visited, Joy’s has been the most gentle, yet wholly effective for my body’s specific needs. 

There’s also a kindred spirit connection that makes it feel like I’ve known her forever, and peeps like that are definitely amongst of the cream of the crop, in my opinion.  :o)

What’s your favorite part of YOM?

You go above and beyond to accommodate, you are understanding when appts. need changed or cancelled, you send reminders, and then often remind us to check the reminders (lol), you nurture our bodies and spirits, you keep us laughing and creative, you provide such a warm and inviting space within your home that is so incredibly comfortable, AND you remind us to drink plenty of water.  :o) 

You take such good care of your space kittens and we appreciate you, big time!!!!

Thanks for all you do to help us maintain wellness and blissipline in our lives.  We love life on Planet Joy!!!



It is so nice to just take an hour a month for myself. I also just feel a lot better. I tend to have less upper back/neck/shoulder pain and fewer headaches.

I would definitely recommend this to friends. It is very affordable, much more so than many of our local spas, etc. While it is a bit of a financial investment I have found that it is so worth it.


Want to sign up to be a Year of Massage client, too? Find me on Facebook at and send me a message for more details!

My Favorite Free Apps

Here’s a list of my very favorite apps. I use these every day and they make my life way better.


Songza–music app which has SO MANY free playlists to choose from based on how you are feeling or what you are doing. I use this app when I’m doing massages because there are no ads and it’s fun to always be exposed to new music.

Shazam–identity songs you hear on the radio, in movies, on tv, at the bank…. I love this app so much. And they keep making it faster.


Pomodoro Challenge–basically you set timer for how long you want to work and how long of a break you would like to take and this app will let you know when to stop working, GET UP, and take a break. I get SO MUCH MORE accomplished when I use this.

App Detox— set a schedule for when you’d like apps turned off….

Self-Control–same thing only even more strict.

Phases of the Moon— I’m pretty hippie dippy at heart so this app is not only beautiful but it’s also awesome because it tells you what sign the moon is in….also good for showing when full and new moons are. ((Full moon: wrapping things up; New moon: starting new things.))

Hootsuite–I pop everything I want to post on Facebook and Twitter into this app and it schedules it for me. Less thinking, yay!


Pic Collage–great way to stitch photos together. There used to be another app I used called MIXEL but, I guess they got rid of it….this one is different and comes with super cute stickers to “paste” all over your photos.

Phonto–my biggest business helper. I use this for all of my ads….I’m telling you instead of hoarding it all to myself.

Instagram–obviously. If you haven’t heard of this yet, I wanna visit your planet some day. In the meantime, I’m just gonna keep enjoying editing my photos….they have seriously stepped up their game, lately. Follow me @planetjoyeaux

Flipagram–turn photos into cute videos….yes. I’m gonna start using this for advertising. I already made my #socktober video with this app.

**Afterlight— (not free but totally worth the money! I was SO HAPPY when they finally brought it to android.) I use this for the awesome filters and also for the crop frame tool which makes it so that I can fit my photos on instagram ((priorities, yo.))

A W E S O M E   T I M E   W A S T E R S   F I L L E R S

YouTube— Because cat videos. (Parole de chat)….
Also excellent knowledge (Ze Frank, ASAP Science), funny girls (Grace Helbig, Jenna Marbles, The Ellen Show, French and Parfait) and free exercise (Melissa West, Jessica Smith, Fitness Blender)….

Podcast Addict— I like this one. There was another (called Swell) that disappeared into the ether….((sadface)) I follow RadioLab, Freakanomics, DinnerParty Download, Elevation Church, This American Life, and Stuff to Blow Your Mind. I love listening to podcasts while crafting.

Pinterest— I adore pinterest. It’s fabulous for finding lots of great ideas and SMASHING them together to make my own thing. I am endlessly inspired.


Feedly–I use this to keep track of all the blogs I read. Instead of having to go to a million different websites, I just hop on this app and they are all in one place.

WordPress–Obviously this is how I write in my blog since I don’t have a computer. Easy to use :)


Kindle–I’ve read almost all the OZ books because of the wonderful kindle app. It took me so long to give in….but, it’s really just a great way to always be carrying a book with you.

Goodreads— I love being able to see what my friends are reading, review books I’ve finished, and keep track of how much I’ve read.

Do you use any apps that you think are AMAZING? Please share :)