Devotion: My Commitment to Myself and to the World

DEVOTION: My commitment to myself — and the world — for 2015.

My name is Joy.

Starting today, I am devoting myself to the following projects:

–Being completely debt free.

–Being generous.

–Reaching out and being vulnerable.

I am devoting myself to these projects because I care about other people and feel that we are not meant to live life alone.

These projects deserve my full focus, attention, discipline and love.

Starting today, I am releasing the following from my life:

–Scarcity thinking.

–Pretending that I don’t have enough.

–Poor time management.

I am releasing these things because I need to create time & energy for giving to others.

These things no longer have a place in my life.

I believe that the world needs more kindness and generosity and that’s what I am here to create.

I may not be able to give millions to every charity, but I can do my part to help.

The very next step is to pay for people behind me.

And then after that, to actively seek out people to help.

When things feel overwhelming, I will remind myself that my job is simply to: spread love and kindness.

I have the power to leave the world, and the people around me, in better condition than I found them.

I don’t have to “reach” for that power. I have it, right now.

Anybody can serve.

I am devoted.

I am focused.

I am ready.

I know what I am here to do.

I am officially signing this agreement — with myself — on Feb 25th, 2014

Joy Boardman

Every word is true.

Euphoria Friday: September Playlist

Time to perk up your ears and settle into September with this new playlist:


Euphoria Friday: April 4, 2014

It’s 4-4-14….20140326-101512.jpg

Why Tom Hanks is awesome. (Just a few reasons of MANY) The gif at the end!!

Here’s everything that makes us happy in one infographic.

How to stop feeling like an imposter at work. (This is great for those of us who own our own businesses.)

Have you heard of neem? Here’s 14 uses for the oil.
Make adorable little bows, using a fork!

Create a year-round salad garden. Don’t forget separate containers for tomatoes! (Tomatoes are vital for yummy salads….)

Speaking of yummy: how DELICIOUS do these Spring samosas look? I can’t wait to try them!! Samosas are magical….

Also: hash brown waffles. (yet another use for my Cinderella waffle maker!)

Mint-infused honey….so lovely!!

Spring is here….20140326-101402.jpg

Euphoria Friday: March 28th, 2014


🌸Amy Poehler is such a wise and lovely woman!

🌸Did you know?! Taking too many pictures affects our ability to form detailed memories! So, maybe it’s a good thing that I didn’t take any pictures at my 2-year anniversary spaghetti dinner party….

🌸A painting tells us how to be less selfish. The website has other topics that art can help with as well.

🌸Ever wanted to disappear? Here are step-by-step instructions for deleting yourself from the entire INTERNET.20140322-121629.jpg


🌺Ellen + funny tweets = 💕

🌺Cats are liquid and these pictures are proof.

🌺I love old quirky/strange inventions….

🌷People painted as flags eating the food of their country. Bizarre and beautiful.

🌷A birds-eye view of different countries. Stunning.

🌷The world’s poorest coolest president. “It’s not the man who has too little, but the man who craves more, who is poor.”
•Learn how to screen print! (Click)

•Create a springtime atmosphere in your home!

•Turn a bottle into a tumbler glass! (Click)20140322-121654.jpg


Euphoria Friday: March 7, 2014

This week:20140306-202245.jpgI’m dog-sitting the cutest dog in the universe.20140306-202151.jpgMy friend Anne came over to help me give him a bath!20140306-202204.jpg

Random fun:20140306-202254.jpg20140306-202305.jpgI don’t totally agree with this list of favorite Whedon characters: no Angel?! No Giles?

My favorites list would be:

21) Adelle (badass)
20) Kaylee (adorable)
19) Victor (so much fun to watch)
18) Oz (terse and deep)
17) Echo (and all of her roles in Dollhouse) (I loved watching her change--really made me respect Eliza Dushku)
16) Fred (because she's Fred!)
15) Lilah (badass)
14) Harmony (clueless)
13) Alpha (insane)
12) Druscilla (insane)
11) Buffy (adorable)
10) Willow (funny and sweet)
9) Topher (geeky and lovable)
8) Glory (insane)
7) Xander (sweet and goofy)
6) Giles (awesome & British)
5) Cordelia (speaking her mind--and winning my heart)
4) Angel (sexiness)
3) Wesley (for becoming a badass)
2) Anya (always speaking her mind)
1) Spike (cheekbones, sexiness, EVERYTHING)

**that was my geek-out moment of the day**

•I’m so in love with Random Acts of Kindness (like these ones). Maybe when I pay off my loans that’s what I’ll do the next month: just leave money around for people to find and pay for the person behind me :)
•Along those same lines here are 100 ways to tell your child (or anyone, really) how much you love them. Because love is important!
How to know you’re in a really good (even sacred) relationship. 20140306-202224.jpg20140306-202233.jpg
•Have you ever taken the Meyers Briggs personality test? I’ve actually recently become more of an ESFP but for a long time I was an ENTP so I love this article on the care and feeding of your ENTP. (some of it still really resonates with me)

•Also I still can relate to this one about ENTPs and their awkwardness when it comes to love. 20140306-220933.jpg

Make it!
•I love this super cute gift tag DIY.

•I’m kind of obsessed with easy-to-make food that looks totally complicated like braided Nutella bread and eggs with heart-shaped yolks.
20140306-220847.jpg20140306-220903.jpg•If someone makes me these lasagna cups I will know they love me!!

Pure Happiness:

Massage time!20140306-202033.jpg20140306-202212.jpg

Debt-free by July 2014: progress report

I’m less than $1000 away from the halfway point!

At this point I’m starting to wonder what I’ll do to celebrate and how much it will change my life to be debt free.

My ultimate goal is to be debt free by my birthday in July. But I know that it’s more realistic to expect to make it happen by November.

If you’d like to help there are two ways to do so and there will be more ways coming soon!

1) If you live in Staunton, schedule a massage!

My current specials are: 20140305-122121.jpgcontact me at to schedule.

It’s not too late to sign up for this either:20140305-122326.jpg

Or maybe a gift certificate?20140305-122347.jpg

2) The second thing you can do (especially if you aren’t local) is shop in my etsy shop!

I’ll be posting my March bath crystals soon! (Aromatherapy Epsom salts which are awesome for sore muscles and detoxifying your body!) I have new ones every month and specially crafted for every zodiac sign.

Euphoria Friday, February 28th

20140227-170701.jpgI hope your week was lovely!

Things to make:
make your own sugar cubes

Instagram photo strips DIY

make your own photo magnets

DIY golden honey bears20140227-173048.jpghello, super cute owl dress

make your yoga mat sticky again

Things that make you think:
Have you heard of tiny houses? I want to build one for myself. I’m very excited about this plan:tiny houses for the homeless.

Learn how to defend yourself against emotional muggers. Stop letting anybody steal your joy, make you feel defeated, or deflated.

Steal these creative rituals. I especially love what Ze Frank has to say. (I love that man.)

Have you seen this?! aerie: American Eagles’s lingerie brand uses UNPHOTOSHOPPED MODELS. They have ALL my respect. Hopefully this will be a bigger and bigger trend. (I know Dove has been doing this as well for a long time) 20140227-172935.jpg



Awesome animals:
Compassionate living: because animals are awesome.20140227-173133.jpg
Speaking of animals: Holy Cuteness: puppy cannot catch the ball (click for video) ….the music makes this video EPIC.

meet the mantis shrimp (“it’s pretty much my favorite animal”) I freaked out when I saw one at the Monterey Bay Aquarium last summer.

ALSO:Harlem Shake: dog edition (click for video) That dance trend died too soon, I feel. The music makes me happy and the videos make me laugh. This one is the BEST.

Get a massage:20140227-172749.jpgEmail for more details:

Don't forget! This Sunday is the books and media swap: 3-5pm at 16 West20140227-171651.jpg20140227-171711.jpg

Euphoria Friday, Feb 21st

Happy things from my week: 20140220-235156.jpgHappy birthday to my mom (yesterday!) 20140220-235321.jpgMade me laugh.

Be Healthy

•Do you know what NFT stands for? Here's all you need to know: the NFT digest.20140220-235030.jpg






Upcoming Staunton Event:20140220-235137.jpg

20140220-235127.jpgAnd last minute reminder: Naked Lady Party is THIS WEEKEND.
Sunday, 3-5pm, 16West on Beverly Street

Massage Can Even Help Your Depression! The Health Benefits of Massage

20140121-210417.jpgFirst a link: 10 Ways to Cheer Yourself Up on a Blue Monday. (click)

Did you know? Massage is a healthy, drug-free system for controlling the symptoms of SAD. (What is SAD you ask? Click to find out more about Seasonal Depression.)

•energy levels
•general sense of wellbeing
Massage helps both the body and mind leave the “fight or flight” part of your nervous system.

Massage releases and increases endorphins (the body’s natural anti-depressant), which creates a euphoric feeling and fights depression.

You naturally move into your parasympathetic nervous system: your natural relaxation response.
20140121-211730.jpgMassage also helps balance your endocrine system, which is responsible for the release of hormones.

Massage is an ideal method for increasing serotonin levels.

Serotonin plays a role in mood, behavior, body temperature, physical coordination, appetite and sleep. (Serotonin is connected with melatonin and the pineal gland.)

The positive effects of massage treatments can be felt immediately, but for long-term effects it is advised to receive between two and four treatments a month during fall and winter seasons.

By receiving regular massages, (at least two a month), you will experience less intense SAD symptoms.

Finding a supportive massage therapist who makes you feel comfortable can also help your mood.
20140121-211536.jpgDo you live in Staunton, Virginia?

I have a massage special for anyone battling SAD:

**Schedule as many 30-min massages as you can in February and March for only $140.**

All you have to do is set up the appointments and show up!

If you are crushed by this winter weather, sign up for depression-control and positive vibes.
20140121-211627.jpgIf you're in a bad mood and have no motivation, massage will make you feel so much better.

((Trust me: I am a SAD sufferer, myself, and massage’s serotonin boost is miraculous.))

The faster you sign up, the more massages you can schedule!
Space is limited!
Contact me via email

Joy Boardman

Massage Therapist and Collage Art Therapist

Planet Joy: Otherworldly Massages for Women, Planet-Friendly Collages for Everyone

Find me here:

[PlanetJoy’s Blog]

[PlanetJoy’s Etsy Shop]

[PlanetJoy on Facebook]

[PlanetJoy on Pinterest]

Collage Parties


Collage Parties are a chance for women (Moms! College students!) to get together, drink wine, eat yummy snacks, and make fun& easy artwork.

On the surface? It’s about cutting out pictures and using a glue stick to make pretty art.

But really? It’s about finding out what speaks to you, getting inspired, having fun, feeling accomplished.

It’s designed for women who have always wanted to find a visual way to express themselves but were afraid they “have no artistic talent” — women who struggle to put what’s in their head on to paper.

By the end of the party, you will understand how to …

:select images that speak to you
:make a collage!!
:stop feeling pressured to “make it perfect”

And best of all, you’ll have the experience of having a fun, relaxed, silly time with your friends.

Grab a friend and get ready to make some art!

Our theme for January will be An Inspired New Year: Setting Intentions for 2015. The power of putting your goals on paper and making them visual is not to be underestimated.

Price is $20/person:
Only $15 if you bring a friend
OR $10 if you bring a magazine to donate AND a friend :)

Check out the PlanetJoy Facebook page for event listings
or contact to set up a private party of your very own!

Black Friday, small business Saturday, cyber Monday….PlanetJoy Gifts


I’m fairly anti-consumerism. Which is super odd when you consider the fact that I am an entrepreneur &I make my living selling things to people. But I am not into spending money myself nor am i into making people spend money. Especially on the holidays.

Birthdays, maybe. I love birthdays! (Mine is July 1st, btw….)

However, sometimes it’s FUN to spend money. It’s fun to find the perfect gift. Something that will make you or your friend laugh–especially at an inside joke.

Sometimes it’s not about spending money, it’s about an experience. Like melting into a massage, feeling your body become butter, feeling stress melt away….

So, in the case that you actually ENJOY spending money, you’re looking for a great gift (even for yourself), and you’re interested in purchasing something from ME, I present to you:

PlanetJoy’s handy dandy guide to all the gifties I’ve created this year. (Title is a work in progress, haha)

Massage gifties:
A whole year of massage (12 or 24) starting at $40 each
A set of 2, 4, or 6 (the more you buy, the less you spend)
Contact me directly at

Simple aromatherapy fizzies (7 scents)

Collage gifties:
Journals $10
Mini-books $18
Mini-posters $5
Medium posters $39
Original collages $10
Cards $5-$20
Calendars $32
Find these at: RR Smith Center, Rule 42, Made;,, and

I’ll also be doing a craft fair on December 4th at the government center in Verona.

And just a note: 10% of all sales through December 1st will be going to Amnesty International to help fight violence against women.

My two favorite gift ideas are the Year of Massage (YoM) and the bath fizzies.

YoM is a reward for women willing to make a commitment to their health. The reward is being able to count on an hour or 90-min of stress-free escape every single month. YoM is my most affordable deal (starts at $40/month for one 60-min session every single month of the year) and it’s my clients’ favorite deal. Right now I have 12 YoM clients!
Sign up before Jan 1st, 2014 and save $5 every month.

Bath fizzies are simple aromatherapy shots. Easy to use (just toss ’em into the tub or even the shower) and good for you! Great for relief from stress, depression, headaches, congestion….Full of essential oils (only need one or two per bath/shower)
Free shipping till Jan 1st, 2014 and 10% of all sales go to Amnesty International.

Dance Party Time! 5,000 Views!!


You are all amazing. My space kitten brain is totally broken. So much love!!

Birthday Week: looking at the past year


Lessons learned the past year:
It’s better to really give than to “discount” and then feel resentment.

Always get terms in writing ahead of time for big projects

It’s good to really get to know guys before thinking about dating them

Firm mattresses are better than soft ones

It’s important to care for my body when I am caring for so many other bodies

People will still love you even with weird hair

A great way to really get to know someone is to interview them

It’s important to repeatedly inform your heart & mind that you will NOT be getting back together with someone

Dreams that came true:
Dyed hair pink and then blue and then purple

Successfully hosted my first party

I know myself more because:
I helped Becca transform her shop

I joined Hour Economy

I was transformed by:
Graduating from Brcc

Helping Becca

Joining Hour Economy

Modeling for Jeffrey’s class
I let go of:
Tj and Chase

I am happy because I:
Felt included

Expanded my business

Made great new, supportive friends

What I discovered about myself:
I am good at marketing

I do like camping

I feel lonely easily

2012 led me to:
Present my products more effectively

Explore new venues

Learn more about my ideal customers and clients

Experiment with new ideas: hello, awkward bunnies!!

I’m proud of myself for:
Having my first yardsale

Teaching my first workshop

Being part of my first craft fair

Being included in my first art show

Dying my hair radical colors

Making more in half a year than I made all of last year

Making new friends and learning how to reach out


But Really: Another Writing Assignment

with thanks again to Alexandra Franzen

By day, I’m a massage therapist & an artist. But really? I’m a sunshine-absorber, manic-pixie girl who just wants to be lazy-comfy and dance around a lot.

People think of me as a quirky girl who is uninhibited. But really? I love to be introspective and have deep conversations. If you tell me your secrets, I will tell you mine.

I’m irritated at myself for running away from emotional situations I find intimidating. But really? I’ve been hurt a lot and I am very vulnerable and I have to respect that and allow myself to be shy. The right man will stick around and take the time to know me, flaws and all.

I promised myself I’d start buying grown up things like my own place and a car. But really? I want to save to travel and live overseas. It sucks to see money sucked away by bills.

Brain dead. This is the only time I feel interesting.

Two things:
One) I forget sometimes that snakes exist. Like star-nosed moles or angler fish. But I saw a big black snake this afternoon and remembered that they are real. He had round eyes so I knew he was safe.
Two) ….I forgot. No, wait. I remember: my brain hates me right now. I am so tired that my brain cells refuse to work any more.