Set Out with Intention

Goals are so last year. 2018 is about INTENTIONS. How about setting a vision and indulging in ambitions? Moving in alignment with your vision and pressing in the direction of your desires? Desires don’t have a set date. They aren’t pushy. They don’t leave you feeling like you’re proving something. They are meaningful

Do you want to feel fully alive? Empowered, energized and invigorated when you make a plan to actually DO what you’re longing to do? You need a vision: small and consistent habits or MEGA and bold dreams! 

Having a dream inspires you and having a plan creates action. Even if you don’t achieve everything you set out to do, having a vision can set you in the right direction for transforming your life path. 

“Without vision we perish.”

It’s not about changing who you are, it’s about feeling more like your true self. Having a vision is never just about the vision, it’s about how you grow along the way when you are willing to reach for what you really want deep down. Eliminating irrelevance and misplaced determination. Energizing. Persisting. Learning. Being present and recognizing possibility. Consciously participating in creating your reality. Soul-affirming not soul-sucking. 

What you focus on magnifies. If you’re unfocused you are just treading water. Setting intentions and having a vision is an act of self-love. 

“A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at.”

Bruce Lee
Do what you say you’re going to do. Decide to rise. Expand and explore your place in the universe. Drink in the endorphins. Nourish your soul.

Self-Care: My Personal Journey


Self-care has been something I’ve struggled with a lot. They say you teach what you most want to learn and as a massage therapist I’m ALWAYS teaching other people how to take care of their bodies and their minds.

I’d tell people to drink more water because I could tell their muscles were craving it….and I was barely drinking any at all.


Finally I began my self-care journey by setting up massage trades with a good friend of mine, Laura Harrington. We began to make a point of trading once a month.

Then I went to a chiropractor, Rachel Heneberry. With only a few gentle adjustments, she provides so much relief.

Then, just last year I started going to an acupuncturist every month, Emily Hanger. She is the SWEETEST human being on the planet. (In a very grounding way) She nurtures me and makes me feel so loved.

Then I added in a myofascialist, Lisa Shelton. She takes care of my fascia and helps me release holding patterns from stress. She also is really great to talk to and provides a wonderfully different perspective on life.

At first I would schedule everyone in the same week….and then I decided I needed something intentionally every week of the month.

Now, I’ve added a therapist, Bevin Yowell. Hello stigma. Why is our society so afraid of admitting they need to talk to someone about their life and their past?? I love how my therapist gives me constructive feedback and she gives me homework (simple stuff like saying HI! To my housemate when she gets home instead of pretending I don’t exist….)


Having all these wonderful women caring for my body, caring for my mind, wanting to know what is happening in my life: the process has been LIFE changing. Sometimes it still doesn’t feel like enough because each one of those women brings me another piece of my puzzle and I only see each them one time a month. A LOT can happen in 30 days….

Also, I meet with a friend of mine, Dawn Nay, from church for breakfast at least once a month. When we meet we might just talk about random things but I know I have permission to spill my guts if I need to.

In my private life I also love to do yoga and take baths and take naps….I have a list of things I can do when I feel awful. If I’m feeling lonely, I intentionally go through and ask my most inspiring lady friends out for lunch or over for tea or wine….it’s so important to be intentional.

Another thing I do is I use an asyra machine which reads your entire body and tells you EXACTLY what is happening in your body at that point in your life. It tells you what foods you need to back off on and what things you need to add in. I love it because it is so comprehensive!!


There’s also a website I’ve found:
Interactive Self-Care Guide
Which is great for people like me who can feel so lost all of a sudden and need someone to suggest things that will make me feel better when I’m not eating or cleaning or doing anything.

And finally, something that has changed my whole life and given me permission to feel all my feelings has been my hormone horoscope app and the website:
Gabrielle does SUCH an amazing job explaining these things that happen in our minds and bodies EVERY. MONTH.
If you’re a woman, go check it out right now. I promise you will learn so much!!

I encourage you to find people in your life who will listen to you and encourage you and give you constructive feedback. It is also important that those people give you permission to be who you are and feel how you are feeling RIGHT NOW. Step away from those who want you to stuff your feelings or pretend you’re fine.

In order to practice self-care, you need to feel it all. And if you can find some people who will stand beside you and allow you to do that, hold on!!!! Your life will change in a beautiful way.

If you need a massage therapist who will love you right where you are, feel free to contact me for an appointment.

Staunton Virginia PlanetJoy Massage Clients! Vote for your favorite Staunton businesses

I’ve created a poll for my PlanetJoy massage
clients to figure out where they will most like to spend a $10 gift certificate in downtown Staunton.

I just designed a Frequent Space Travel loyalty program to reward my clients for coming to me.

Every 6th visit they will receive a $10 gift certificate to use on a future massage or at a Staunton location of their choice.

This way I can reward my clients and support downtown Staunton all at the same time!


Use the poll to tell me what your favorite Staunton businesses are!

[Polldaddy poll=”8940760″]

vote HERE for your favorite Staunton places!


2014: Best of the blog [my absolute favorite posts]

My favorite business moments of the year:
*Collage parties turned into art therapy

“I know I said it a bunch of times, but I still want to say ‘thank you’ once again for the collage party and for your insightful prompts on the making of the collages. As I said, I’ve not done anything that was free-flowingingly (I make up words sometimes) creative in many years. It was a great experience for me on so many levels.”

*My clients fell in love with 90-min massages

“I would DEFINITELY recommend trying a 90 minute massage – it allows extra time to be spent on areas that need extra attention, plus it’s 30 extra minutes of JOY!”

*I designed PlanetJoy t-shirts

*I started doing 2-hour massages

*2014 YOM client testimonials
image image

My favorite health articles of the year:
*Yoga and nutrition for SAD

*What is the pineal gland and why is it making me SAD?

*Holistic help for KP (keratosis pilaris)

*Mucus in your colon?! Gross!!

*I learned how to spell eczema image image image image

My favorite artist of the year:
Ashley Percival

My favorite personal moments of year:
*Learning to tell it like it is

*My financial freedom plan

*I wrote my bio

*What if I were a novel character

*My year: 2014 in review
image image image
Favorite bonus helpful articles:
*My favorite free apps

*My 12 favorite blogs


My 12 favorite blogs (& why I love reading them)

I’ve mentioned how I use my feedly app to view all my favorite blogs all together instead of having to type in multiple website addresses. Because it’s super easy, I have a pretty big collection of blogs that I follow.

These ones are my favorite:

Living Vivaciously Vicariously:
Uncustomary Art: this girl sparkles and writes about all the cool random acts of FUN that she does with her life.

[Check out: 70 Ways to Celebrate Fall]

Veronica Varlow: this girl does burlesque and inspires me to be more daring

[Check out: Being legendary]

Gala Darling: this girl inspired me to start my own business….she’s all about the self-love revolution

[Check out: Gala’s list of 30 things to do in the fall]

Building a Better Business:
Leonie Dawson: this woman is my HERO. She has radically changed my life with her beautiful way of conducting her business, balancing her life, and helping others realize we all have something to offer

[Check out: The most real story I’ve ever read from a blogger: the birth of Leonie’s daughter.]

Unicorns for Socialism: Alexandra’s scripts have been life savers she prompts me to write EXACTLY what I want to say

[Check out: On being YOU as a professional.]

The Middle Finger Project: this wild child says it like it is, makes me laugh, and makes me take my business seriously all at the same time.

[Check out: Anxiety, from the TMF viewpoint.]

Leading a Lovely Life:
Rejuvination Lounge: full of great ways to unwind and connect with yourself

[Check out: Why you should protect back of your neck.]

Eat Well. Party Hard.: Claire changed my life with her easy to follow formulas for healthy eating

[Check out: 10 bites is quite enough.]

Free People: oh, so bohemian….herbs, flowers, wild child beauty, yoga….I just want to live inside this blog.

[Check out: Natural ways to stop being stressed right now.]

Hey Monica B: taught me everything I know about ayurveda….got me interested in it and kept my attention with her grounded approach

[Check out: Your dosha is not an excuse.]

Staying Smart:
Brain Pickings: quotes, book recommendations, life-changing insights

[Check out: Breaking down gender norms: illustrated.]

Marc & Angel Hack Life: nothing stale about their wise advice. You may have heard these things before but they flesh out everything in such a poetic way and present wisdom with great depth.

[Check out: Stress to stop tolerating.]

Do you have any favorite blogs? Share them in the comments!

My Favorite Free Apps

Here’s a list of my very favorite apps. I use these every day and they make my life way better.


Songza–music app which has SO MANY free playlists to choose from based on how you are feeling or what you are doing. I use this app when I’m doing massages because there are no ads and it’s fun to always be exposed to new music.

Shazam–identity songs you hear on the radio, in movies, on tv, at the bank…. I love this app so much. And they keep making it faster.


Pomodoro Challenge–basically you set timer for how long you want to work and how long of a break you would like to take and this app will let you know when to stop working, GET UP, and take a break. I get SO MUCH MORE accomplished when I use this.

App Detox— set a schedule for when you’d like apps turned off….

Self-Control–same thing only even more strict.

Phases of the Moon— I’m pretty hippie dippy at heart so this app is not only beautiful but it’s also awesome because it tells you what sign the moon is in….also good for showing when full and new moons are. ((Full moon: wrapping things up; New moon: starting new things.))

Hootsuite–I pop everything I want to post on Facebook and Twitter into this app and it schedules it for me. Less thinking, yay!


Pic Collage–great way to stitch photos together. There used to be another app I used called MIXEL but, I guess they got rid of it….this one is different and comes with super cute stickers to “paste” all over your photos.

Phonto–my biggest business helper. I use this for all of my ads….I’m telling you instead of hoarding it all to myself.

Instagram–obviously. If you haven’t heard of this yet, I wanna visit your planet some day. In the meantime, I’m just gonna keep enjoying editing my photos….they have seriously stepped up their game, lately. Follow me @planetjoyeaux

Flipagram–turn photos into cute videos….yes. I’m gonna start using this for advertising. I already made my #socktober video with this app.

**Afterlight— (not free but totally worth the money! I was SO HAPPY when they finally brought it to android.) I use this for the awesome filters and also for the crop frame tool which makes it so that I can fit my photos on instagram ((priorities, yo.))

A W E S O M E   T I M E   W A S T E R S   F I L L E R S

YouTube— Because cat videos. (Parole de chat)….
Also excellent knowledge (Ze Frank, ASAP Science), funny girls (Grace Helbig, Jenna Marbles, The Ellen Show, French and Parfait) and free exercise (Melissa West, Jessica Smith, Fitness Blender)….

Podcast Addict— I like this one. There was another (called Swell) that disappeared into the ether….((sadface)) I follow RadioLab, Freakanomics, DinnerParty Download, Elevation Church, This American Life, and Stuff to Blow Your Mind. I love listening to podcasts while crafting.

Pinterest— I adore pinterest. It’s fabulous for finding lots of great ideas and SMASHING them together to make my own thing. I am endlessly inspired.


Feedly–I use this to keep track of all the blogs I read. Instead of having to go to a million different websites, I just hop on this app and they are all in one place.

WordPress–Obviously this is how I write in my blog since I don’t have a computer. Easy to use :)


Kindle–I’ve read almost all the OZ books because of the wonderful kindle app. It took me so long to give in….but, it’s really just a great way to always be carrying a book with you.

Goodreads— I love being able to see what my friends are reading, review books I’ve finished, and keep track of how much I’ve read.

Do you use any apps that you think are AMAZING? Please share :)

Pinterest Love: [PlanetJoy’s 2 Favorite Pinners to Follow]


Katie Bush.


Crazy eclectic, loves collage, endlessly inspirational, cat-lover….perfection.


Chakra Pedia.


So much cool info on the body, health, chakras, essential oils, personality types….

The DO List


We all need to stop being so busy!!
Maybe it’s just me but I feel like I’m on a treadmill facing the wrong direction….scary, dangerous, and I’m not getting anywhere.

So, what can we DO when we feel overwhelmed? How can we take a moment to catch our breaths and appreciate where we are and how far we’ve come?


This is MY DO List, yours will look different, I’m sure. I would LOVE to hear what you DO.

* Take deep breaths

* Open a window

* Eat some fruit

* Put some essential oils on

* Take a shower

* Write in my journal

* Think of 5 things I’m grateful for

* Clear out some clutter

* Listen to a podcast (I love The Dinner Party Download and Freakonomics)

* Put on some music and dance (this is a good one)

* Text the word “hug” to all of my friends

* Ask people on facebook to text me a fun fact

* Get a mini-massage

* Take a walk

* Make a collage

* Eat some cereal

* Read

* Write a poem

* Give myself a foot massage

* Put on lotion

* Paint my toenails

* Hula hoop

* Watch a YouTube video (I love Jenna Marbles and Grace Helbig)

* Go lie in the grass or at least stand barefoot in the yard

* Nap



…..those are the ones I thought of off the top of my head. What are yours?

Euphoria Friday: September Playlist

Time to perk up your ears and settle into September with this new playlist:


A quick pick-me-up playlist for August

I listen to a lot of music while I’m doing massages and (thanks to my Songza app) I’m always getting exposed to new stuff.

So, I thought I would start sharing the love!

Here’s my August playlist:


Euphoria Friday: April 4, 2014

It’s 4-4-14….20140326-101512.jpg

Why Tom Hanks is awesome. (Just a few reasons of MANY) The gif at the end!!

Here’s everything that makes us happy in one infographic.

How to stop feeling like an imposter at work. (This is great for those of us who own our own businesses.)

Have you heard of neem? Here’s 14 uses for the oil.
Make adorable little bows, using a fork!

Create a year-round salad garden. Don’t forget separate containers for tomatoes! (Tomatoes are vital for yummy salads….)

Speaking of yummy: how DELICIOUS do these Spring samosas look? I can’t wait to try them!! Samosas are magical….

Also: hash brown waffles. (yet another use for my Cinderella waffle maker!)

Mint-infused honey….so lovely!!

Spring is here….20140326-101402.jpg

Euphoria Friday: March 28th, 2014


🌸Amy Poehler is such a wise and lovely woman!

🌸Did you know?! Taking too many pictures affects our ability to form detailed memories! So, maybe it’s a good thing that I didn’t take any pictures at my 2-year anniversary spaghetti dinner party….

🌸A painting tells us how to be less selfish. The website has other topics that art can help with as well.

🌸Ever wanted to disappear? Here are step-by-step instructions for deleting yourself from the entire INTERNET.20140322-121629.jpg


🌺Ellen + funny tweets = 💕

🌺Cats are liquid and these pictures are proof.

🌺I love old quirky/strange inventions….

🌷People painted as flags eating the food of their country. Bizarre and beautiful.

🌷A birds-eye view of different countries. Stunning.

🌷The world’s poorest coolest president. “It’s not the man who has too little, but the man who craves more, who is poor.”
•Learn how to screen print! (Click)

•Create a springtime atmosphere in your home!

•Turn a bottle into a tumbler glass! (Click)20140322-121654.jpg


Euphoria Friday: March 7, 2014

This week:20140306-202245.jpgI’m dog-sitting the cutest dog in the universe.20140306-202151.jpgMy friend Anne came over to help me give him a bath!20140306-202204.jpg

Random fun:20140306-202254.jpg20140306-202305.jpgI don’t totally agree with this list of favorite Whedon characters: no Angel?! No Giles?

My favorites list would be:

21) Adelle (badass)
20) Kaylee (adorable)
19) Victor (so much fun to watch)
18) Oz (terse and deep)
17) Echo (and all of her roles in Dollhouse) (I loved watching her change--really made me respect Eliza Dushku)
16) Fred (because she's Fred!)
15) Lilah (badass)
14) Harmony (clueless)
13) Alpha (insane)
12) Druscilla (insane)
11) Buffy (adorable)
10) Willow (funny and sweet)
9) Topher (geeky and lovable)
8) Glory (insane)
7) Xander (sweet and goofy)
6) Giles (awesome & British)
5) Cordelia (speaking her mind--and winning my heart)
4) Angel (sexiness)
3) Wesley (for becoming a badass)
2) Anya (always speaking her mind)
1) Spike (cheekbones, sexiness, EVERYTHING)

**that was my geek-out moment of the day**

•I’m so in love with Random Acts of Kindness (like these ones). Maybe when I pay off my loans that’s what I’ll do the next month: just leave money around for people to find and pay for the person behind me :)
•Along those same lines here are 100 ways to tell your child (or anyone, really) how much you love them. Because love is important!
How to know you’re in a really good (even sacred) relationship. 20140306-202224.jpg20140306-202233.jpg
•Have you ever taken the Meyers Briggs personality test? I’ve actually recently become more of an ESFP but for a long time I was an ENTP so I love this article on the care and feeding of your ENTP. (some of it still really resonates with me)

•Also I still can relate to this one about ENTPs and their awkwardness when it comes to love. 20140306-220933.jpg

Make it!
•I love this super cute gift tag DIY.

•I’m kind of obsessed with easy-to-make food that looks totally complicated like braided Nutella bread and eggs with heart-shaped yolks.
20140306-220847.jpg20140306-220903.jpg•If someone makes me these lasagna cups I will know they love me!!

Pure Happiness:

Massage time!20140306-202033.jpg20140306-202212.jpg

Euphoria Friday, February 28th

20140227-170701.jpgI hope your week was lovely!

Things to make:
make your own sugar cubes

Instagram photo strips DIY

make your own photo magnets

DIY golden honey bears20140227-173048.jpghello, super cute owl dress

make your yoga mat sticky again

Things that make you think:
Have you heard of tiny houses? I want to build one for myself. I’m very excited about this plan:tiny houses for the homeless.

Learn how to defend yourself against emotional muggers. Stop letting anybody steal your joy, make you feel defeated, or deflated.

Steal these creative rituals. I especially love what Ze Frank has to say. (I love that man.)

Have you seen this?! aerie: American Eagles’s lingerie brand uses UNPHOTOSHOPPED MODELS. They have ALL my respect. Hopefully this will be a bigger and bigger trend. (I know Dove has been doing this as well for a long time) 20140227-172935.jpg



Awesome animals:
Compassionate living: because animals are awesome.20140227-173133.jpg
Speaking of animals: Holy Cuteness: puppy cannot catch the ball (click for video) ….the music makes this video EPIC.

meet the mantis shrimp (“it’s pretty much my favorite animal”) I freaked out when I saw one at the Monterey Bay Aquarium last summer.

ALSO:Harlem Shake: dog edition (click for video) That dance trend died too soon, I feel. The music makes me happy and the videos make me laugh. This one is the BEST.

Get a massage:20140227-172749.jpgEmail for more details:

Don't forget! This Sunday is the books and media swap: 3-5pm at 16 West20140227-171651.jpg20140227-171711.jpg

Euphoria Friday, Feb 21st

Happy things from my week: 20140220-235156.jpgHappy birthday to my mom (yesterday!) 20140220-235321.jpgMade me laugh.

Be Healthy

•Do you know what NFT stands for? Here's all you need to know: the NFT digest.20140220-235030.jpg






Upcoming Staunton Event:20140220-235137.jpg

20140220-235127.jpgAnd last minute reminder: Naked Lady Party is THIS WEEKEND.
Sunday, 3-5pm, 16West on Beverly Street