Wordy Wednesday: Thank you for 6 years of massage 

Hello! So much can happen in the course of a week, and even more in a month, and too much in a year. Day by day it feels like not much is changing but then you look back and you are amazed by how much you’ve been through and how much you’ve accomplished. 
This is my 6th year of doing massage. It’s so crazy to think that I’ve had my own business and run it successfully for this long. One day at a time, one amazing and encouraging client at a time. 
I want to say thank you for being part of my adventure. 

I literally would NOT still be doing this without you. Even if you think you’ve only played a small part in my venture, that small part has meant SO MUCH. Every little bit of feedback has made me better at what I do. Every time you got on my table and were willing to be vulnerable with me has helped me grow as a person. 
So, I just wanted to say thank you. 

I never knew I would be in this field and I never knew how much it would feel so naturally a part of my identity. I love helping people feel valued. I love helping you feel like your body is a temple and that your self-care is the most wise investment you could ever make. 
You’re amazing. 

Thank you for making PlanetJoy an actual thing. A happy thing. A place where we can thrive together. And thank you for all the people you’ve shared my information with. Thank you for recommending me again and again. Even when those people haven’t actually scheduled, it has meant so much to hear that you’ve passed my name along to them. What a beautiful feeling to know that you love my work so much and you’ve felt so wonderful on my table that you wanted to share that experience with another person. 
Sending you so much love 💕


A Mission Statement: You are a hot, seductive challenge living in a beautiful reality. 

Find what wakes up your soul 

Spend time in the forest 

Character is determined by commitment, not defined by time 

Be perfectly imperfect 

You’re growing. 

Make enduring memories 

Eat more pho…. 

Spend time outside: make it beautiful 


Go to Hawaii 

Go global: it’s an incredible world, intensely beautiful 

You can find your best match for life 

Happy life, happy brain 

It’s raining new ideas, find fresh perspective 

Your journey is beginning 

You aren’t going to crack under pressure 

Go harder, faster, sooner, higher! 

Turn heads; make it happen 

Save today: make the world better 

Be awe inspiring 

Have many adventures: beginnings and endings 

Relax and restore 

Binge read 

Live in the moment: it’s delicious 


Trust quality and purity 

Be fiery and sweet, not bland: deliciously vibrant and vivid 

Food is a healing tool 

Do beautiful work: it’s highly addictive. Work for you; it’s hard to go wrong 

Fuel your body with exhilarating power, naturally. 

There’s No Place Like Home: 

Stylish, elegant, luxuriousness that’s personal and reflects your personality 

Financial planning: possibilities 

Create a better environment: make a statement 

Love: a powerful pair 

Have more sex; experience a love that lasts 

Reimagine pure love 

New hope and trust 

Enduring, exhilarating possibility. enriching, sensational. Enduring made easy. Exceptional possibility beyond probability. 

A delicious future. 

You are a hot, seductive challenge living in a beautiful reality. 

Base your approach on your life and your passions. 

This will endure for decades because it’s been tested: stronger and more beautiful. 

Time to reunite….perfectly seasoned and trusted. Finally coming home. 

“I can have some another time.” 

I am content. I love what I do. Simple pleasures. On the road to my happy place. Ready for something new. 

Plan sweet weekends with your kind of people. Connect. Imagine a new “us”. Trusted friends. Build and protect. Invest in your social network. Live a little. Belong and connect. People who love you, shield you, and set your soul free. Keep things motivating and fun. 

Get ready for winter. Travel with sun. Find the extraordinary in every day. Get outside. Go on a road trip. Bespontaneous. GO. 

Be kind. Make beauty last. Let life in. Go places. 

Make good BETTER

The world is wide open. 

Have a girls weekend. Ask for what you want: your needs are not complicated. Put in everything. Keep it simple and delicious. Entertain. Never let them leave hungry. 

Be completely happy: you’re accomplishing something!! 

Strong is beautiful. You can never be “too much you”….so, have peace of mind

Turn your dreams into reality: healthy lifestyle, strong 

Motivation is the key component of change 

Your mission for today: go further, live lighter 

Do not be afraid of being you. 

Have a breakthrough: become fresh and new 

You are bold confidence in motion 

You’re doing it. Make it count

You’re ageless 

Fight inflammation and curb your cravings. Aloha healthy. 

Have vitality, be alive, burst with ripeness. 

Sip (unexpected) joy, fully. 💕

Thankful Thursday: May is Mental Health Awareness Month


May is Mental Illness Awareness month.

Even as the 29 year old daughter of a mentally ill mother, I am STILL learning.

Just today I had to come to terms with what REAL depression looks like. It’s NOT actually someone choosing to wallow or to just wanting attention.



Depression is not a choice. Just because something would snap me out of a bad mood, doesn’t mean it will make someone like my mom feel better.

Having a chemical imbalance is very different from being in a bad mood.


We have to continue to encourage and support even when it feels like nothing we say or do makes any difference. It can be EXTREMELY frustrating and very sad but we must continue to love instead of completely walking away.


I’m so excited that people are beginning to talk more about their struggles with being depressed and bipolar. It not only means an increase in awareness and a removal of stigma, it also means that the families and children of people struggling with mental illness can find understanding and there will be more information available for us so we can learn how to better cope.


Growing up, bipolar was so deeply stigmatized leaving me (an only child of a single parent) feeling lost. No one ever taught me how to deal with what every day life would look like for me and my mom.




My deep hope is that the future will bring SO MUCH understanding and SO MANY tools.

This is my current struggle and realization. I am sure other children of mentally ill parents will understand what it’s like to still be learning how to see mental health as something different from a quick fix even after years of dealing with it…. I still try to just “fix” it and instead I now know I need to learn how to just sit with it and be more understanding and encouraging.

Some great links about Mental Health:

John Oliver

Huffington Post 

17 Celebrities who opened up about mental illness

Self compassion

Demi Lovato

More from Demi

The basics of mental health

8 Apps for Mental Health

Year in Review: 2015


New Years Findells at Baja with Alyssa and Anne
Started breakfasts with Dawn
Saturn Return began

Allison started coming to my church
We ate bugs in Anne’s class

I completely organized my closet
Collage goal setting parties


Project Warm Heart #pwh with Anne and TJ
One of the first people to be told about Savanna’s pregnancy

Took pregnancy massage class so I could work on Savanna her whole pregnancy

Craig Snodgrass made Valentine’s for Laura and I
Figured out my signature style & wardrobe into-mind.com
Cooked salmon for the first time

Spent a snowy day at Molly’s with Caitlin

Played Quelf with Brigitte, Henry, Savanna, & Chad
TJ’s niece, Elise was born 03.04.15
Sent Brigitte off to Florida
Got my first pedicure with Caitlin
Found out I was allergic to MSG
Went to BANFF with Caitlin in Charlottesville

Made a birthday key lime pie for Laura on pie day 3.14.15


Had brunch at the Boars Head with mom and grandma
Started writing with Aubrey

Started using the Bible app



PWH Easter egg hunt with Anne Buzzelli


Lymphatic drainage class
LeeAnn came to visit
Spent a lot of time with Molly binge-watching Downton Abbey



Mowed the lawn for the first time
Pablo stuff



Glenn’s graduation
Molly moved to South Dakota


Had a memorial day picnic



Celebrated the life and work of my friend, Mary Echols


Got my hair cut


Met Erika
Went to Jack’s funeral
Molly came to visit


Started going for walks just for fun
Became gluten intolerant

My 29th birthday!


Dinner with Molly and church girls


Spent time with my Melissa



Waffle breakfast with friends at The Store
Did elimination diet
Read The Art of Asking


Brigitte came home from Florida for a massage & we all went out to dinner and played Cards Against Humanity at Byers Street

Went to a beautiful Hour Economy outdoor dinner
Met Kelly


Savanna’s baby shower
TJ&I took a break
Started getting acupuncture





Savanna’s baby, Scarlett was born 07.30.15


Watched Marx Brothers movies outside at By&By
Confirmed gluten intolerance



Caitlin moved to Alaska



Hiked humpback 2x


Started going to farmers market with Kat and Kirsten
Dinner and yoga at Erika’s
Shopped at Aldi
Collage party



Gave Scarlett a massage (full circle!)
Saw The Importance of Being Earnest@ the Blackfriars
Forgave Pablo


Dyed hair RED
Started going to Lisa Shelton

Addicted to sugar




Road trip to VT (survived near fatal incident)
Became good friends with Kat
Scary movies with Kat and Kirsten (Babadook!!)



Scary movies and pumpkin carving with TJ
Clothing swap
SVAC art opening with art from Beverly Street, talked to Buddy
Became community group leader
Planted bulbs
Cheese allergy
Bev depressed
Went to vineyard with Erika
Started spending money, again (after 2.5 years of not shopping)
Mary’s 90th birthday
Ros got engaged
Said goodbye to Kelley

Memorized psalm 19:7-11 and recited in front of church
Helped mom konmari her clothes
Mom cleaned downstairs
Kat and I watched “”Feces of An Angel”” (actually called Faces of an Angel….but it was soooo terrible) and bonded
Konmaried all my papers
Started studying hormones
Started getting a different kind of bodywork almost every week
TJ went on a cruise
Mom let me borrow her car and I went on a shopping spree
James Bond at Visulite with Kat and co.


Terri came to visit
Read Wuthering Heights
Kat and mom and I went to see The Suffragette in Harrisonburg
Sparkles and Sweets
Compiled all my electronic gear and konmaried all my photos on my laptop

Gift shopping


Beth came to visit from England!
Sad news with Molly
Got everyone to take MBTI.
Spaghetti night with Kat
Raindrop session
Mom raised my rent
TJ and I had cocoa and movie night at my house
“Crafternoon” Cocktail party
Frank died



Designed my new logo
Breakfast with Suzanne (she decided to start a breakfast club)



Mom and I had a little Christmas by ourselves



Had Christmas with TJ and his family and his little niece, Elise.


Chose my word for the year: EXPAND


Spent a very introverted New Years walking around downtown

The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer (a review)


So, I REALLY wanted to review this book The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer and the goodreads app is being bratty and I can’t figure out how to do it on their website….I was, however, able to rate it 5 stars.

But, I would have rated it 20 if I could.

I have never been an Amanda Palmer fan. There’s so much music out in the world and I just haven’t ever listened to hers.

All I knew about Amanda was from a few articles online that I’d glanced over about how she was an awful person for making a bunch of money and not paying her musicians…..or something like that. Okay, noted, I won’t listen to her. Moving on with my life.

Also, it bothered me that Neil Gaiman left his wife for her. (As though I’m personally invested in his life and have a right to any opinions on the matter….it turns out that Amanda and Neil have a completely gorgeous relationship which I totally adore now.)

Then I heard AFP on Tim Ferriss’ podcast. She seemed really cool. Funny. Smart. And knowing the caliber of people Tim Ferriss is drawn to, I appreciated her instantly.

I wrote the title of her book down to read later.

At the library I stumbled upon it in the new book section and thought HOORAY! Fate has led me to this very moment.

But, I had no idea.

This whole year my lesson has been VULNERABILITY. Becoming broken so I can blossom. Learning to trust that other people will be a safe haven when I’ve fallen and can’t get up.

It took about a page for me to fall in love with Amanda Palmer. Her openness is so beautiful. So often we live so closed off….afraid to expose ourselves to each other.

Amanda Palmer lives the life I’ve always wanted. Not because her life is easy (one point of the book is that her life isn’t) but because she lives in such a way that she brings others in around her to support her when she’s falling. And she lives to support those who support her. She loves to really SEE people in a world where no one ever feels seen anymore.

I realized I hadn’t watched Amanda Palmer’s TED talk, yet, so I immediately pulled it up. It made me cry. It was such a gorgeous presentation.

Then I listened to her music. The first song I ever heard was I Want You But I Don’t Need You. I was HOOKED. My goodness this is my kind of music. Song after song the presentation and the “Sylvia Plath-esque” lyrics made me so completely happy.

The whole book I felt like I was sitting in Amanda’s living room, being told a story while we sat on the floor together in kimonos and we munched on hummus and pita bread.

I was amazed, yet again, at how important it is to really listen to where another person is coming from. We just can NOT judge people based on other people’s opinions of them. We must go to the source with open hearts.

Her book reinforced the idea that it’s only when you let your guard down that other people trust you enough to let theirs down, too.

It opened up wonderful nighttime conversations with my best friend.

“I think it’s just because she’s SO open.&that’s what the book is all about.How we CRAVE that feeling of REALLY connecting….it’s an addictive feeling when someone trusts you enough to tell you everything.”

“People can only try to understand what you give them. If you don’t give anything, they don’t even get to try….”

“Sometimes you have to get uncomfortable to reach out &touch somebody on a deeper level….to let someone really know you.”

Now the theme is continuing. I went to an acupuncturist in town, Emily Hedberg, and I felt like she really saw me. It made me feel so loved. She could see how I am so protective of my heart&what a hard time I have trusting people. I remembered so wanting to just be held and listened to when I was little….it’s amazing what our bodies remember.

When she talked to me about vulnerability, I told her about the book.

The cycle continues.

The gift must always move.

When you love people enough, they will give you everything.

PlanetJoy: Year of Massage {client feedback}



What do you personally get out of the Year of Massage?

I have something to look forward to each month. It’s a time set aside just for me. 

Why do you recommend YOM?

Awesome stress relief and relaxation. If you book in advance, you’re giving an amazing gift to yourself each month.

What would make YOM even better?

I’m thrilled with it as it is. The price is affordable and I love the friendship I’ve developed with you!

Absolute favorite part of YOM:

Flexible scheduling and willing to work around zany events in my life without batting an eye.



I like committing to a year& the payment plan.

I love coming for my monthly massage because I know I’m gonna get healing in many ways.

I would pay full price but grateful I don’t have to.

I love reading your articles& learning from you.

I love your pink hair!!



What do you personally get out of the Year of Massage? ((What is/are the main impact(s) it has on your life?))

Scheduling regular massages gives me a time each month devoted exclusively to making me feel AWESOME.

It reminds me that it’s important every once in a while to do things that aren’t goal-oriented, but are really just me-oriented.

I find that if I just schedule massages when I feel like I need one, I don’t have as many as I should, and it’s too easy to talk myself out of them.

Signing up for a whole year of massage bakes this important self-focused activity into my routine. 

Why do you recommend YOM? 

It’s important to have ME-time, and to intentionally show yourself some self-love. It’s a terrific self-present :). 

Absolute favorite part:

I love the heated table, the scented oils on the headrest, and the great company! 


I benefit from massage in the following ways: 

A. I am generally touch- deprived, so this gives me a chance to experience touch. 

B.  My muscles smile when I have massage– and for several days afterward.

C. It’s a time of complete disconnection from the frenzy of life.

D. I love Joy– her spirit lifts me up!!

I’d recommend it to anyone (and I have!) who likes to relax.



What do you personally get out of the Year of Massage? ((What is/are the main impact(s) it has on your life?))

My body is so much more relaxed and I’m more aware of my body tensing up throughout my days, especially during stressful moments.  It very well knows when it’s time to visit Planet Joy each month to rediscover, and once again release, my inner fluidity. 

The chronic pain I deal with from arthritis, fibro, etc. is lessened now, also. 

More purposeful relaxation and less pain.  Along with some of the best discussions ever. 


WHY do you recommend YOM?

I’ve not tried a wide variety of massage therapists, but from the few I have visited, Joy’s has been the most gentle, yet wholly effective for my body’s specific needs. 

There’s also a kindred spirit connection that makes it feel like I’ve known her forever, and peeps like that are definitely amongst of the cream of the crop, in my opinion.  :o)

What’s your favorite part of YOM?

You go above and beyond to accommodate, you are understanding when appts. need changed or cancelled, you send reminders, and then often remind us to check the reminders (lol), you nurture our bodies and spirits, you keep us laughing and creative, you provide such a warm and inviting space within your home that is so incredibly comfortable, AND you remind us to drink plenty of water.  :o) 

You take such good care of your space kittens and we appreciate you, big time!!!!

Thanks for all you do to help us maintain wellness and blissipline in our lives.  We love life on Planet Joy!!!



It is so nice to just take an hour a month for myself. I also just feel a lot better. I tend to have less upper back/neck/shoulder pain and fewer headaches.

I would definitely recommend this to friends. It is very affordable, much more so than many of our local spas, etc. While it is a bit of a financial investment I have found that it is so worth it.


Want to sign up to be a Year of Massage client, too? Find me on Facebook at facebook.com/planetjoyeaux and send me a message for more details!

Thankful Thursday: Happy 2-Year Anniversary!!


I’m so excited that it’s our anniversary! I want to buy you all high-quality, free-trade, organic chocolate and make you bouquets of dandelions and sunflowers.

Thank you for following me and reading what I write. You rock my socks :) 

So That Happened: Review of May 2013

May 2013

Cleaned up the path my mom walks every morning.
Modeled for Josh Kamikaze (and was once again impressed by his wonderful eye: he made me feel pretty and comfortable and interesting….isn’t that what every girl wants!
Modeled for Jeffrey and gave him an eraser :) he gave me a drawing!
Designed Thank You cards for SCCF (I can put that in my portfolio!)

Was asked several times if I was in high school….
Had blue hair!

Made pizza with Trader Joes dough
Hung out with Melissa and got crafty
Made crayons!

Watched 10 Things I Hate About You and The Little Mermaid
Took cute photos of mom and grandma

Met Sarah Gurtler and we practiced our Spanish

Talked to Chris at SCCF about my business

Mom and I went shopping for Vanessa (people always buy baby stuff so we bought new-mom stuff)
Made mom a beautiful aromatherapy neck pillow for Mother’s Day

Went to the HotSpot for my first time (hello AB!)

I met Ros!! And Tony!!

Started rolling my shoulders back for better posture
Did chair massages at Rule 42 for Mother’s Day
Biscotti watched Buffy & Angel with TJ and I. He’s adorable.
Made cinnamon roll waffles!
Cut a lot of my hair off in a hormonal moment…. :(
Started making abstract collages
Went to Marinos after the Hour Economy potluck (fun watching happy people play their instruments)

Watched Great Gatsby in 3-D and had to retract all the bad stuff I said about 3-D movies.

Melissa and I had gelato and sorbet at the Split Banana
Vanessa had a BABY at 6:28 AM on May 17th.

My mom weighs less than 186 now & I am so proud of her!
Went to Monticello and Tufton farm for a plant party

Saw Jeffrey’s artwork at Oxeye

Danced my butt off with Becca at Staunton Jams and then walked around with Tony
Celebration Sunday at church with Amanda
House Decor swap and then Amanda helped me organize all of my craft stuff
Had my hair fixed

Did breath work with Elle which was a unique experience
Had a picnic with Tony

Danced sexy tango with Pablo after a mini dinner party

Studied Spanish and French
Saw a huge rainbow from the porch off of my office

Sold a set of 6 gift certificates for massages

Was contacted by Alls Well to start working there while Laura is on maternity leave

Sat in on a city hall meeting about establishing bike safety in Staunton

Spent time with TJ and went to the park

Started drinking almond milk with protein powder every morning within 30 min of waking up. I’ve lost pounds already….oh, Tim Ferris: I love you.
More dancing with Pablo and also soccer and pink champagne with orange sherbet….amazing.
Art in the park with Amanda, Tony & Pablo. Saw David and Josh and Greg and just had a grand time in the sunshine. :D

Goodwill run (yay for new shorts) with Amanda and then more cleaning and art making.

Tony brought me surprise raspberry pie!

Saw Loves Labours Lost at Blackfriars.

Worked at Alls Well
Made my “Lets Get It On” pasta with homemade sauce.
(Thought of writing a cookbook called “Sexy Cooking for One”)

Went to Stone Soup with my mom and had a most excellent meal. They really know what they are doing there.

Picked up car from Tracy for pet-sitting.

Went to Newtown and AVA and said goodbye to Pablo (he’s going to Mexico for 10 days)

Thankful Thursday: March 14


So, I kinda went into hiding.

The last 2 weeks before the time change were super depressing for me.

And the whole “autosave” feature on WordPress mobile drives me a bit bonkers.

((When I try to upload photos it autosaves every 2 seconds and then cancels the photo))

So I took a break.
Emotional suicide. True story. So I came back.


And the days are longer now. Hallelujah. I so need the sunshine!

what I’m thankful for this week (March 14th)
children's art, snow, Allison who sent me photos of my art in her house
making collages, marketing for hour economy, Sunday drive with the bunnies, making chicks
pink hair, spring collages, melting pastel mints.

Played in perfect snow with my partner in crime.
The snow was soft and great for snowballs, fort making, snow angels, and fights.
I even stuck my face right down into the snow.

Did my taxes
Modeled for David
Made a bunny named Wilbur

Listened to Wait Wait
Chair massages at the Turtle
Store is looking good!
I organized the jewelry

Got to be a welcome person at church
Gave my grandma a massage
Spent time with Tj
Beautiful, sunny day

Officially part of the steering committee for Hour Economy (a barter system in Staunton, Waynesboro, &Augusta county)
Hugs from my mom

Walked with T
Did a hard cardio workout
Made collages and a chick named Lucy
Seeing Meghan and Becca at the Hour Economy meeting

Great day with mom
Lots of shopping
Felt satisfied at the end of the day: I gave it my all.

This deal ends at the end of March so if you live in Staunton please take advantage by emailing me at JoyBoardman@gmail.com .

For you guys not in Staunton: please use the coupon code:
to receive 25% off any order from my etsy shop: www.ArtisticDrama.etsy.com .

Staunton event. Open house at Turtle Lane.
I’m bringing the punch 😎

And finally: the WalkingDead app is awesome.
This is Tj and I from Halloween only now we are zombies. How fun!!

❤Much love,

Please lemme know what fun stuff you’ve been up to in the comments!! What’s your favorite kind of ice cream?

Thankful Thursday: Feb 28, 2013

My life has kinda been taken over by awkward bunnies, lately. With a brief pause to display my magnets for sale at the Smith Center gift shop, and to do one of the windows at Turtle Lane.

What I Was Thankful for This Week, Feb 28
All day was great!

Interviewed Dawn (she’ll be featured on my next Tah-Dah Tuesday)

Modeling went well, the pain is balanced by the friendly people.

Playtime with Becca: we moved the knit stuff!! (Knitware clearance going on now at Turtle Lane)

Made awkward bunnies

Matted my collages. They look spiffy!

Listened to Wait Wait

Went to the symphony with mom and Melissa and fam.

Beautiful weather

Lovely moon

Watched Oscars and ate popcorn

Another pretty day.
Met with Gerry. We had a lot of fun chatting.

Did the window at Turtle Lane

Hung out with Becca and Tj

Modeled in the evening

Made more bunnies.

Kind of a magical day.

Massage for Candi. She fell asleep!

We brainstormed after which I love doing.

Lunch with mom at Cranberries. The most healthy yummy fun.

Evening with T.

Made deviled eggs with mom

Gave Janie a massage and she was super relaxed. Spent whole hour on neck and back work (my favorite)

TOMORROW IS MARCH! How did this happen?

(Left to right) Top row: Ruth Ann, Harriet, Grace, Lawrence Bottom row: Mildred, Elliot, Chloe, and George
Awkward Bunnies:
Ruth Ann loves to gossip.
Harriet is an emotional eater.
Grace always has to be right.
Lawrence has problems with commitment.
Mildred wears glasses and has a lisp.
Elliot is afraid of life.
Chloe is too short.
And George is emotionally unstable.

For sale on etsy Awkward Bunnies, great for Easter. Only $5!:
And available for purchase in person at Turtle Lane!

((Lawrence, Mildred, and Ruth Ann have sold))

what awesome things did you do this week that made you smile?

Thankful Thursday: February 21, 2013

Things I Am Thankful For: February 21st
LeeAnn is an awesome lady to spend time with.
Party at Turtle Lane ((any time spent dancing with Becca is a good time))
Watched French Kiss

Lunch and playtime at Turtle Lane
Finding old photos

SPCA with mom
Blog love from Yes&Yes

Time with my partner in crime
Laughing our heads off with Pat

Made an amazing carrot cake
Took a 3 hour nap
Watched the short film: Fresh Guacamole by PES

Got to see my new magnets!!
Had a lovely lunch at the Purple Foot
Tried the cake I made and it was yumtastic
Watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

My moms birthday!! Hooray!
I made scrambled eggs&onions and I made cranberry orange waffles.
((Tip: put orange juice into waffle batter instead of water!))
We had dinner with my grandma at Mill Street ((I love that place))

ALSO! Remember: 20130221-202051.jpgTurtle lane thru March 20th.



How was YOUR week? What wonderful things did you get into?

Thankful Thursday: February 14, 2013

1.photoshoot with David, 2.walking with Becca downtown, 3.making valentines

1.kissy valentines, 2.me, 3.my word for the year: OUTWARD

1.stickers now for sale at Turtle Lane, 2.selling original collages (will post on Instagram, find me at ArtisticDrama), and 3.a lovely thank you card from Ethiopia for supporting lunapads. (Lunapads.com helps girls be able to go to school even when they have their periods)

What I Am Thankful For This Week (Feb 14th)
•Haircut after 7 months

•Yummy dinner (warm 2 flour tortillas. On one, put cheese and chicken thigh pieces. On the other, put mayonnaise and roasted red pepper slices. Smash together and voilà!)

•Watched Julie Julia with mom

•Photoshoot with David. Such a fun adventure in the woods.

•Went to Baja with Becca and had a wonderful conversation

•Kristine bought a valentine card

•Gorgeous day

•Had fun researching the spleen (how many girls can say THAT?)

•Had a awesome “daddy date” with Todd. We got pizza at Shen Pizza and milkshakes at Split Banana

•Did chair massages at Turtle Lane

•Breakfast with the sunset girls!!

•Watched Buffy with Tj

•Dinner at his parents and Mr and Mrs Smith. I love that movie!!

•Made stewed pears with mom

•Ordered magnets!!

•Modeled for Greg, Mary, and Emerson. All people I like a LOT. Especially Mary. I adore her.

•Detox and jasmine oil

•Turtle Lane, again. (Good for the soul)

•Hour economy meeting! We are on the news NBC29 the barter system. You can look it up.

•Interview with Blue Ridge Life for their article about Hour Economy

•Mom gave me peacock blue sheets which are luxurious and gorgeous.

•Watched 10 Things I Hate About You

If you are free tonight, you should come! And if you bring your valentine we won't hurt you....promise. Also, they are playing When Harry Met Sally at the Visulite tonight. That's number 2 on my list of favorite romantic movies.

What happy things did you do this week?

Thankful Thursday: February 7th, 2013

1.making magnets, 2. Becca, 3. make your own collage kit available on Etsy, 4. me, hiding in bed, 5. quote about desire by Philip Milito

Just gonna be honest and say that my SAD has been active lately so I have not been having the best time.

But, there’s always something to be grateful for! It’s so good to do these lists to look back and see that you really are having a good life.

Things I Am Thankful for February 7, 2013
Cardio, cucumber and tomato sandwiches, SPCA with Melissa, and the movie Restless

Got together with Heather and gave her a massage. Had a great time talking with her! Modeled, Becky bought 10 cards.

Finally made my way down to the RR Smith center ((my cards are officially available there!)) Gerry gave me a massage!! Went to Stone Soup. Saw Argo.

Organized the seasonal inventory with Becca at Turtle Lane

Rearranged my bedroom
Hung out with Tj and watched Groundhog Day and Buffy.
Ate pizza

Talked to Nada! She’s coming to visit in June from Italy!!!!! And then we might travel together to CA. Yay!!
Lots of ideas.
Ran into Heather!

Shopping with mom. Bought lots of fun things to eat.
Went to the pet store to look at the puppies.

Walked downtown with mom
Stopped in at Sunspots and met the potter who works there (Hilary) –it was her birthday!
We went to the car wash
((Just nice to have mom time.))

A Few Announcements
You can still sign up for A Year of Massage through the end of February.
($35/month for 1 hour massage every month of the year)
I have valentines available in my Etsy shop www.ArtisticDrama.etsy.com . And also downtown at Turtle Lane.
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My blank Valentine cards are awesome, romantic, and not cheesy!!

What awesome things were you up to this week? In what ways have you been blessed?

Thankful Thursday: January 31st, 2013


Welcome to the last day of January!!
The past couple of days it’s some happily-drunk angel has been up in heaven having the grandest time:
“I think 34 degrees….
And now 65 degrees and sunny!
And now same temperature but: rain….wait, no rain….ok, RAIN!
Stop raining.
Lets have it be 25 degrees, again!!
Doot dee doo!!

Things I Am Grateful For Jan 31st, 2013
Began researching constellations
Felt good to be making art, again.

Becca and I had calzones after I modeled
We also got all the Christmas stuff organized upstairs at Turtle Lane!

Made a super awesome lunch:

    Mac and cheese from a box with cream cheese instead of milk and butter. Added tuna. Sautéed garbanzo beans and onions in olive oil. Stirred in the beans and added a little curry powder.

Divine. I love cooking and don’t do it enough!

Got stuff organized to take to the Naked Lady Eco swap!
Finally organized the hallway give-away pile!!
The swap was amazing: great food, amazingly cool people– so much fun👽
Watched the SAG awards and ate popcorn at Peggy’s

Met with Meaghan and had tea at Cranberry’s. She gave me wonderful advice and we just had a great time talking.
In the evening I worked on water-coloring constellations! Felt great to get my paints out!!

Gave Candi a massage
Finally tried on the clothes from the Eco-swap and really liked a lot of them.
Water-coloring on the front porch.
Melissa came over and we had a spontaneous Etsy-clothing model session.
In the evening went to Rule 42 and made pretty flower fans with a great group of ladies.
Time with TJ.

Did some cardio yoga for weight-loss
Ate cucumber and tomato sandwiches with Melissa
We went to the SPCA and spent time with the animals.

Even got to hold Chantal: the cat who dreams of being a triangle. She is the best lap kitten. (Someone should go adopt her!!)

In the evening I watched Restless, a Gus Van Sant film about a boy who falls in love with a girl who has cancer. It’s gorgeous!!


Did you have any fun adventures this week? Anything you wanna share/celebrate in the comments? Please do!

And remember: if you are looking for an amazing valentine to send, please check out my etsy shop: ArtisticDrama! Romantic, heartfelt, and gorgeous cards. ((I even have cards for people who aren’t crazy about V-day!))

Thankful Thursday: January 24th, 2KX3

What I am Grateful for January 24th, 2013
🙊Lunch with Becca

🙊Worked at Rule 42
🙊Made valentine collages
🙊RR Smith opening and time at Black Swan Bookstore
🙊Silver Linings Playbook (Bradley Cooper’s eyes.)

🙊Chair massages at Turtle Lane. Met SO many cool people. (I will be there every Saturday now: raising money for UVA Children’s Hospital)
🙊Hearing people ooh and ahh over Turtle Lane, now. They love it and think it is the coolest!! Wow.
🙊Sold a couple of my Valentine cards there, too!

🙊Gorgeous day on Sunday. Tj and I had adventures: bought a three-headed baby doll.

🙊Won all 5 games of Clue at Peggy’s house. I could be a detective.
🙉Modeled in the evening.

🙊Went to the SPCA with my mom: held a kitten named Chantal
🙊Had fun playing with Becca and TJ

🙊Gave 3 massages.
🙊Had puppy time with Becca at the pet shop.
🙊Met the puppy of my dreams: a peeka-Pom-Pom. Best hair, ever. And floppy ears. And wriggly and bitey. And so much happiness. (A girl can wish.)

My Valentine cards are still available in my etsy shop and downtown at Turtle Lane ($6 online: free shipping worldwide; $5 in person) 20130124-112223.jpg

What fun things did you do this week?

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