Malady Monday: Gastritis

I have a client suffering from chronic gastritis. She constantly has an awful taste in her mouth and has a very hard time finding foods that will sit well with her.

Literally means “stomach inflammation”
Term for any weak or damaged stomach lining

The mucus lining of your stomach protects from acids that help digest food.

Common causes:
Infection, pain medication, stress, alcohol, bile reflux

Made worse by:
Poor digestion, poor metabolism, & blocked elimination

Other factors that can worsen gastritis:
Overeating, excessive tea, coffee, or alcohol, excessive condiments (vinegar), stress, heat and sun



*licorice tea
*2 cups of coconut water every day
*lemon juice relieves vomiting sensation and bloating
*hot water with cumin
*milk (only low-fat or fat-free to control stomach acid)
(Do not drink with meals–dilutes digestive juices and delays digestion)


Lean meats: chicken, cold water fish
(Key words: broiled, grilled, or roasted)
Rice, barley
Broccoli (actually KILLS h.pylori)
Potatoes, asparagus, carrots, peas
Apples (apple juice, apple sauce)
Pomegranate, grapes, peaches, pears, melon, kiwis
Bananas (eat with low-fat or fat-free milk in the morning)
Garlic, Coriander, cardamom (soothing)

Ginger (chewing ginger before meals stimulates digestion & treats acid)
1/2-1 t fennel after every meal
((Make sure to eat at strict times))

Vitamin e
Aloe vera

Do NOT eat fried food
red meat, red pepper,
sour foods, pickles,
oranges, grapefruit, figs, berries, dried fruit
black tea, coffee,
sweets, and aerated drinks

Stop eating at least 2 hours before bedtime.

A Quick Guide to 3 Ayurvedic Herbs


Ayurveda is from India. Often in my research I will write that you should take or use Triphala, Ashwaganda, or Amalaki….these Indian herbs are probably not as recognizable to you as vitamin c, peppermint, or turmeric.

But, just because you havent been introduced yet doesn’t mean these herbs wouldn’t be beneficial to you.

Allow me to introduce you to:

Triphala (for detox and cleansing)
Used for gentle internal cleansing
Great for colon cleansing
Tonifies your GI tract
Detoxifies and improves digestion
Improves circulation
Replenishes and nourishes
Helps with weight loss
Lowers cholesterol
Builds immunity
Cleanses liver

Ashwaganda (for stress-relief)
Especially good for Vata
Improves thyroid health
Helps you rest effectively
Enhances your mood
Increases immunity
Boosts energy
Combats physical fatigue
Improves memory
Improves adrenal health
Stabilizes blood sugar

Amalaki (full of natural high-potency vitamin c)
Especially good for Pitta
Detoxifies and rejuvenates
Full of antioxidants
Boosts immune system
Heals scars– heals skin inside and out
Balances bowel function
Cleanses and nourishes tissues
Helps eye health

Wanna learn more about Ayurveda? Learn from the best: Monica Bloom. She is amazing and funny and makes everything very uncomplicated.

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Malady Monday: Eczema


Atopic dermatitis AKA Eczema is always itchy

(if it’s not itchy then it’s not eczema, it’s something else called Keratosis Pilaris (KP))

It’s a chronic allergic condition characterized by areas of itchy, scaly rashes. 


In ayurveda eczema is also called vicharchika.

There are 3 kinds:
Vata: DRY usually accompanied by constipation & anxiety; aggravated by cold and relieved with sesame oil

Pitta: INFLAMED red and burning; aggravated by heat

Kapha: MOIST cold, sticky, oozing, swollen; aggravated by dairy, oil, and sugar

Most common version is PITTA.


What helps all 3 kinds of eczema:
Turmeric (anti-inflammatory) Sandalwood

For chronic eczema take licorice after you have finished detoxing with triphala (take triphala at night)

Externally use ghee, aloe vera, turmeric, neem*, and tulsi

*NEEM: relieves pain and protects from secondary infection

Vata eczema
⊙Sign of dehydration

⊙Use sesame oil externally

⊙Take castor oil internally

⊙Eat sweet, sour, and salty foods

⊙Take triphala, guggol, cardamom

⊙Use ghee with triphala, neem, and cardamom

Pitta eczema
⊙Avoid dairy, nightshades, oranges, peaches, strawberries

⊙Also avoid sun and heat

⊙Eat sweet, bitter, and astringent foods

⊙Drink coconut juice

⊙Internal: burdock, neem, dandelion, triphala, gotu kola, sandalwood, aloe, and amalaki

⊙External: rose water, coconut juice, aloe, gotu kola, sandalwood oil, neem, and turmeric

Kapha eczema
⊙Sign of poor digestion

⊙Avoid heavy, greasy, and oily foods (especially cheese & yogurt)

⊙Eat pungent, bitter, and astringent foods

⊙Internal: thyme, triphala, ginger, cardamom, gotu kola, and dandelion

⊙External: turmeric, neem, and chamomile


Did you know your skin is your largest organ of elimination? So, if you are having skin problems you need to change what is going into your body.


⊙Perform a liver cleanse

⊙Follow anti-inflammatory diet

⊙Eat grass fed animals vs. Grain fed (acid producing)

⊙Avoid caffeine

⊙Eliminate milk which irritates your immune system

Try to get more sulfur into your diet (eczema can be caused by a sulfur deficiency)

⊙Avoid shellfish (makes you itchy), hot spicy foods (adds dryness), and excess sugar and starch (adds dampness)

You can make a homemade salt and magnesium spray (magnesium flakes + Himalayan crystal salt)
Or take baths in the same solution


Essential Oils
Try using calendula lotion
Also try calendula tea + 5 drops of lavender oil 2x per day.

Other essential oils that can help are:
Bergamot, eucalyptus, juniper, Roman chamomile, lavender, & rosemary


Oils and Vitamins
Add GLAs (gamma-linolenic acids) to your diet with Borage oil and Evening Primrose Oil (500mg, 2x per day)

Also add Omega-3s

Take fermented cod liver oil

Take vitamin c, vitamin d, and vitamin e


Don’t use soap and avoid wool
Wear cotton-lined gloves when washing dishes



Let me know in the comments some things that have helped you find relief and healing from eczema.

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A quick pick-me-up playlist for August

I listen to a lot of music while I’m doing massages and (thanks to my Songza app) I’m always getting exposed to new stuff.

So, I thought I would start sharing the love!

Here’s my August playlist:


Malady Monday: Mucus in Your Colon


First things first, is it mucus or mucous? I’m going with mucus….

Mucus is basically dampness in your large intestine. Forms as a defense against excessive dryness. (The body is constantly trying to achieve balance)

Even intestinal rumblings are caused by dampness in intestines.


Usually a sign that spleen is impaired. (What is the spleen anyway?! Find out HERE.)


What causes dampness in the large intestine?
Worry, pensiveness, and overwork
An excess of kapha and ama
*Incomplete digestion (when food stays in the intestine it ROTS….mucus=host of putrefaction. YUCKY!!!!)


Fun Fact: Metabolism of female hormones takes place in the intestines. Imbalanced hormones occur when hormones are not broken down effectively (usually due to antibiotics usage).

What should I avoid??
Too many sweet, sour, and salty foods and drinks.

**Also try to avoid fat, milk, cheese, sugar, white flour, bread, pastries especially in the EVENING.

What can help??
Drying, astringent, and pungent foods, drinks, and herbs.


Quinoa, buckwheat, bulgar, pears, APPLES, cranberries, pomegranates, figs


If intestinal mucus is a big problem for you, one day a week try to eat only vegetable soup.

Ginger, pepper, cayenne, tumeric, fennel (very cleansing)

Drink: (drink between meals instead of with them….strengthens digestion)
Plenty of water
Warm water with cayenne, lemon, and honey
Teas made from the following helpful herbs

Helpful Herbs:
Slippery elm

Also Helpful:
Bentonite clay (very useful for cleansing)

Helpful Acupressure Points:
ST 36, ST 40, ST 44, LI 4


(LI 4…. BONUS: Also treats headaches)



(Leave a comment if you find this helpful or if you have anything to add!)

Holistic Help for Keratosis Pilaris (KP)

KP (keratosis pilaris)

Aka chicken skin or goose flesh

Affects 50% of adolescents–more women than men

(usually clears up by age of 30)

Also affects 40% of adults

Affects people who have Celtic backgrounds

Similar to eczema only not itchy

Caused by hyperkeratinization (over production of keratin: it multiplies faster than it sheds) around hair follicles on skin


Keratin is the hard protein that strengthens hair and nails.

KP is acne-like and accumulates on upper arms, thighs, and buttocks.

It’s a vata, dry skin condition

Moisturizing skin is key to treating KP

Massage with sesame oil

Coconut oil (especially combined with ACV)

Magnesium oil


Also Exfoliate


Exfoliating improves circulation, prevents clogging of dead skin cells, and removes build up of keratin

*Do not rub hard and cause irritation (or body will protect itself by producing MORE keratin!!)

Use coconut oil and sugar to scrub body

Also make sure to dry brush before every shower!


Do a liver detox (liver blood is not nourishing your skin)


Use a humidifier in the winter


Corn products


Dairy (KP is often caused by an intolerance to casein “dairy proteins”)

Try to eliminate dairy first for 6 weeks

And then meat for 6 weeks before reintroducing

See if you notice a difference

In body care avoid sodium lauryl sulfate



ACV (apple cider vinegar)

Magnesium (100-300mg)

*Vitamin C (reduces inflamation and ingrown hairs)


Borage oil

**Cod liver oil

Vitamin D

Vitamin K2

Most importantly:


Vitamin A

The most widely recognized nutritional deficiency of recent times

Take MORE Vitamin A in cold weather

Eat cows liver & egg yolks (which also contain Vitamin D)







Plenty of water (3 liters)

1 pint of carrot juice every day

Raw milk instead of regular milk


Ghee (clarified butter)

Omega-3s (Fish oil, chia seeds, and flax seeds)

More greens (your body needs more chlorophyll)


I have personally struggled with KP ever since I can remember so I’ve been wanting to do this research for a looooooong time.

Let me know which things help you!
Remember it’s important to heal your body from the inside out!

Joy Boardman

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Malady Monday: Burning feet

20140318-103339.jpgHave your feet ever gotten really hot at nighttime?

It’s actually a form of neuropathy caused by impaired circulation and weakened nerves.

What can you do to make it stop?
Most importantly: GET HYDRATED!

You need to improve any kidney deficiency and the best way to do that is to up your intake of water.

Make sure to take:

•Vitamin E

•EFAs (essential fatty acids)

****B vitamins, especially B-3 (niacin) which will strengthen weakened nerves and prevent them from breaking. B-6 and B-12 will eliminate any pins and needle sensations.
20140318-102213.jpgDo a foot soak or oil massage with ginger:
Improves circulation and also actually contains B vitamins including B-3!20140318-102221.jpg

You can also take:
Dandelion (look for it in tea form)
Gotu kola

Avoid alcohol as it messes with your circulation.


Quick guide to improving your heart meridian

20140318-095850.jpgBelonging to the element Fire, the Heart Meridian is associated with warmth, laughter and enthusiasm.

When balanced:

Tranquility, gentleness, emotional balance, spirit, love, integrity, optimism, emotional and spiritual growth, zest for life, control of thoughts and senses, conscience and wisdom.

Peak Hours: 11 am – 1 pm

20140318-095912.jpgBecomes distressed when you’re not following your heart but are doing something just “to pay the bills”

Physical Imbalances:
shortness of breath, cold feeling in the chest and limbs, palpitations, cold sweat, inability to speak, memory failure and restless sleep.

Emotional Imbalances:
The heart is the ruler of all emotions. Signs of imbalance include sadness, absence of laughter, depression, fear, anxiety, hysteria, erratic behavior, alternating joy and melancholy, dullness, yearning for love, jealousy and sorrow.

20140318-095920.jpgSince your heart meridian is related to anxiety:

Don’t drink any more coffee; green tea is much easier on your heart.

Also add Ginseng, currents, & corn into your diet.

Quick guide to improving your Gall Bladder meridian

20140317-142257.jpgGallbladder: courage and initiative 20140317-142109.jpgPeople who are timid, indecisive, and easily discouraged by slight adversity, are said to have a weak Gall Bladder

Decisive and determined people are said to have a strong Gall Bladder.20140317-142143.jpgYou can negatively influence your gallbladder by:
Holding onto resentment

The result:
Tension headaches, fatigue, discouragement

What if I don’t have my gallbladder?

You still have your gallbladder meridian.

Having the Gallbladder removed effects the ability to make decisions, this type of person can get overly concerned about small details and lose the big picture of things.
Quick dietary tips for strengthening your gall bladder meridian:

To release stagnation eat more:
•leafy greens

Drink more:
•apple, lemon, and ginger juice
•Dandelion tea
•nettle tea

eating sugar
fat consumption (and reduce oil)
late-night eating

20140317-142117.jpgFind even more gallbladder help here (just in time for spring!)

Nourishing Your Kidneys, Part 1: What 4 things to drink for healthy kidney filtration and kidney detox

If you're suffering from kidney stones makes sure to check out this post as well (click)

“The solution to pollution is dilution”

The more you drink, the more waste your kidneys will be able to remove from your body!

**Make sure to drink warm or room warm temperature drinks instead of ice-cold drinks. **


#1) Water:
Try to drink at least 2 litres of water/ day.

Drink water in large quantities (instead of little sips here and there) throughout the day– this flushes your kidneys more effectively.

(Your bodies’ absorption of water can be further improved by taking a pinch of high quality Sea Salt at the same time as drinking.)

**Add a squeeze of lemon juice to your water as well for extra detox: it actually alkalizes your blood!**

#2) Fruit juices:
•Drink cranberry concentrate with water each morning.

•Drink plenty of fresh sweet or sour fruit juices (pineapple, orange, apple, lime, grape etc.)

•Apple juice will energize you

•blend: watermelon or pineapple+green apple+mint

#3) Vegetable juices: (Have a vegetable juice each day to encourage liver detoxification and kidney filtration.)

•Carrot juice+wheat grass+celery+parsley

•celery+parsley+cucumber+half a lemon+water

•fresh beetroot+carrot+celery+ginger

•carrot juice+spirulina (energy boost and the cleansing power of chlorophyll)

•carrots+beets+cucumbers (refreshing and cleansing)


#4) Herbal teas: (gentle diuretics)
•Dandelion Leaf

•Green Tea

•Parsley tea:boil 2 cups of parsley and let it steep

(**parsley detoxifies the kidneys and is beneficial in treating an preventing kidney stones**)

•Watermelon seed tea made with 2 tsp. of watermelon seeds in a cup of hot water

(For information on preventing kidney stones click here)

March is Kidney health awareness month (which is actually kind of awesome because I've been TRYING to get these kidney posts finished and it just wasn't happening and now- hey! It's the perfect month for them, yay.

If you are interested in kidney health I have LOTS of information I’ll be posting all month long so keep coming back!

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Massage Can Even Help Your Depression! The Health Benefits of Massage

20140121-210417.jpgFirst a link: 10 Ways to Cheer Yourself Up on a Blue Monday. (click)

Did you know? Massage is a healthy, drug-free system for controlling the symptoms of SAD. (What is SAD you ask? Click to find out more about Seasonal Depression.)

•energy levels
•general sense of wellbeing
Massage helps both the body and mind leave the “fight or flight” part of your nervous system.

Massage releases and increases endorphins (the body’s natural anti-depressant), which creates a euphoric feeling and fights depression.

You naturally move into your parasympathetic nervous system: your natural relaxation response.
20140121-211730.jpgMassage also helps balance your endocrine system, which is responsible for the release of hormones.

Massage is an ideal method for increasing serotonin levels.

Serotonin plays a role in mood, behavior, body temperature, physical coordination, appetite and sleep. (Serotonin is connected with melatonin and the pineal gland.)

The positive effects of massage treatments can be felt immediately, but for long-term effects it is advised to receive between two and four treatments a month during fall and winter seasons.

By receiving regular massages, (at least two a month), you will experience less intense SAD symptoms.

Finding a supportive massage therapist who makes you feel comfortable can also help your mood.
20140121-211536.jpgDo you live in Staunton, Virginia?

I have a massage special for anyone battling SAD:

**Schedule as many 30-min massages as you can in February and March for only $140.**

All you have to do is set up the appointments and show up!

If you are crushed by this winter weather, sign up for depression-control and positive vibes.
20140121-211627.jpgIf you're in a bad mood and have no motivation, massage will make you feel so much better.

((Trust me: I am a SAD sufferer, myself, and massage’s serotonin boost is miraculous.))

The faster you sign up, the more massages you can schedule!
Space is limited!
Contact me via email

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Seasonal Depression, The Pineal Gland, and Activating the Seventh (Crown) Chakra

20140118-183815.jpgKeep your faith. You will make it through the crisis. You are strong enough.

The 7th chakra is what is impacted when we are at a crossroads in life.

Opening the 7th chakra can help you deal with depression.
20140118-183910.jpgSeventh Chakra AKA the crown chakra

In Sanskrit: Sahasrara, or “Thousandfold”

Color: Violet / White

Location: Top of the head or crown of the head
Endocrine Gland: Pineal

Considered to be the seat of the soul by French philosopher, Rene Descartes.

The pineal gland produces melatonin and regulates our internal “body clock”.

see how the pineal gland is related to Seasonal Depression here (click)

The Crown chakra is the control centre of the chakra system. The pineal gland is the control centre for the effective functioning of our physical, emotion, and mental selves.

Also governs:

Body parts: top center of skull, cerebral cortex, skin20140118-184012.jpgPurposes& Lesson:

*Connection to one’s spirituality, Faith, Enlightenment

*Self-Realization, Awareness

*Fulfillment, Wholeness, Purpose

*Living in the NOW, Presence

*Reprogramming dysfunctional patterns of thought and behaviour

*Selflessness, humanitarianism
20140118-193121.jpgBlocked 7th Chakra:
•Lack of purpose or meaning

•Loss of identity



•swaying from one idea to the next

•Lack of faith and courage

•unwilling to grow and change

20140118-183834.jpgThe best physical exercise to do for tapping into your 7th chakra is to simply meditate.

Meditation Exercise:

Meditate on a regular basis – 5 to 10 minutes a day.

Meditation can be as simple as sitting quietly reflecting on your breath. Simply observe the different states of the mind and thoughts that arise. Continue to bring the focus back to the present moment.

You can also meditate by journaling, or even walking in nature.

However you decide to meditate is up to you. There is no right or wrong way to do it. The essence of meditation is to get you connected back with yourself so that you can connect back with the world.
Questions for Reflection:

*What activities fuel your sense of connec­tion to something larger than yourself?

*What are some ways in which you cultivate and strengthen the seventh chakra?

* Do you retread familiar thought and behaviour patterns?

* Does your personal identification begin and end with job or economic status?

*List words describing the essential you. Add to the list daily

* Is there an issue in your life which you are battling to control through sheer willpower?

Practice letting go of your desired outcome. Take a deep breath and tell yourself, “I trust that the outcome will be for my highest good, no matter what it may be.” Then let go.
20140118-183804.jpgAffirmation or Mantra for meditation:
*I receive the un­limited abundance of the universe.

*Everything I need to know is re­vealed to me at the appropriate time.

*I am open-minded.

*My beliefs are non-violent.

* I am starting to accept myself as I am, with love and gratitude.

* I am a unique, radiant, loving being.

* I choose to live my life from a place of love and contentment.

* I choose to transform my life and become free.

* I release all limited thoughts and lift myself up to ever higher levels of awareness.

* I am who I am and I glory in that.

Amber, Diamond, Moldavite, Amethyst, Clear quartz

Lavender, Frankincense, Rosewood, Cinnamon, Clove and Peppermint.
more aromatherapy for the crown chakra (click)
Connect with higher Self, balance energy of lower and upper chakras.

The Lotus or Half Lotus pose helps you to go inward and connect with your wisdom and inner knowing.

The Headstand is an advanced pose and it nourishes the Crown chakra by drawing blood to the head.

Fish pose opens up the entire region of the heart. The chest is fully stretched (the dorsal especially). The neck and throat are stretched.

The Corpse pose challenges you to be still in the present moment.

More poses to try:
Mountain Pose, Tree Pose, Backbend, Sun Salutation, Squat, Shoulder Stand, Cobra, Child’s Pose
3 Great yoga classes for crown chakra:
yoga for the crown chakra #1 (click for video)

more yoga for the crown chakra #2 (click for video)

Melissa West yoga for crown chakra #3 (click for video)20140118-193115.jpg
Related Foods and Plants:
Dark Blue Grapes
Also: fasting. 20140118-183847.jpgRelated Herbs:
Gotu Kola

More info on the seventh chakra:

crown chakra guide (click)

Activating the crown chakra (click)

initiating the crown chakra (click)

how to open the crown chakra (click)
20140118-183921.jpgAdditional yoga for seventh chakra:
yoga for seventh chakra (click)

yoga for the crown chakra (click)

Remember: Activating your seventh chakra can help with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Let me know how it helps you! Enjoy!!

Joy Boardman

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Yoga and Nutrition: Conquering Seasonal Depression (SAD)

20140111-175504.jpgSeasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a form of depression arising from the limited exposure to sunlight in the winter (shorter days).
20140111-175511.jpgSeasonal affective disorder affects over ten million people in the United States each year. The average age of onset for SAD is 23 years old and is twice as prevalent in females as males.


•extreme fatigue and lethargy
(in low light the pineal gland constantly produces melatonin and a sleepy state is induced)

•increased appetite

•carbohydrate cravings

•an inability to concentrate

•decreased libido

•Weight gain

•Avoiding social interaction (withdrawal)20140111-175521.jpg((It is the long duration of the symptoms that distinguish SAD from the so-called holiday blues.))
20140111-175542.jpgIn Autumn and winter (the yin cycle) there is a tendency towards isolation, sadness, and grieving.

For those people whose constitution is more yin in nature due to gender, genetics (over 50% of people who suffer from SAD have at least one first degree relative who has suffered from major depression), environment, and lifestyle, these feelings may be even more pronounced.
Undue physical, mental, or emotional stress, a lack of sleep, and poor nutrition will only deplete the body’s energy further and increase the chances of experiencing not only depressed mood, but depressed immunity.20140111-180617.jpgWHAT CAN I DO?

Light therapy is recommended by doctors for winter time blues. Exposure to artificial light may cause headache, Irritability,Eye strain, Inability to sleep and fatigue.

Exposure to sunlight, or if sunlight is not available, sitting near fireplace is the remedy suggested in Ayurveda.

Also: For five minutes each morning stare at and reflect on the color gold. The vibration of the color is similar to natural light and can build stability, as its hue is a balance between fire and earth.20140111-181924.jpg

MOVE!!!! Exercise plays a MAJOR role in the treatment of depression. It stimulates circulation and releases serotonins in the brain, the hormones that encourage contentment and an all around feeling of happiness. It is nature’s best tranquilizer.

Exercise also gives a feeling of accomplishment and thus reduces the sense of helplessness. Some form of active exercise (even dancing to your favorite music), should be undertaken each day at a regular hour. 30 -40 minutes is your goal.
The first thing a depressed person stops doing is moving. Regular exercise becomes intolerable. But Yoga exercise, starting with as few as three poses a day in just a few minutes’ time, coupled with correct breath patterns, can become so pleasant to you that soon you will want to do more and more.

Practicing yoga before dawn, in a warm place free of drafts, perhaps by the light of a few candles, can be a gentle way to start the day.

Getting out of bed on a dark, gray winter morning and stepping on a yoga mat is a triumph. Practicing will increase energy, boost mood, and motivate the you to stay out of bed and avoid napping.

Yoga practice also helps keep the pineal gland active longer to produce melatonin in a regulated fashion, normalize the sleep-eat-wake cycle, and eradicate SAD. 20140111-181526.jpgASANAS
Inversions (Stimulate the seventh chakra. Lift attitude, sooth anxiety associated with SAD, stabilize mood. Physically counteracts the slumped shoulders and droopy head associated with depression and stimulates neurotransmitters to release non- epinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin to boost the mood.)
•shoulder stand

Sun salutations (help to regulate the endocrine system)

Back bends (energizing and uplifting and can be used to help overcome the lethargy associated with SAD & also stimulate the fourth chakra (the heart chakra) This can help with the feelings of hopelessness associated with SAD.)

Spinal twists (release tension in the liver and spleen and sequencing twisting postures can help students release negative or distorted feelings.)

Boat and Warrior (help boost low self-esteem)
Mountain Pose, Chair Pose, and Tree Pose (for inner strength)

((Find more great yoga poses for depression here.))

Emphasize exhalation. Try gently breathing in through the nostrils deep into the belly while mentally counting. Then, exhale and see if you can draw the breath out longer without forcing, to twice the count of the inhalation.

Kapalabhati (breath of fire): This pranayama technique brings light to the front region of the brain and creates a feeling of exhilaration. It creates heat, energizes the mind, and balances and strengthens the nervous system. 20140111-181940.jpg
20140111-180835.jpgVITAMIN D
Vitamin D is actually a hormone, needs UV B sun exposure in order to be processed in the body
Some studies suggest that as many as 7 out of 10 Americans don’t get enough of this “sunshine vitamin”—particularly during winter.
Need 2000 IU
Food sources include cod, salmon, sardines, herring and fortified cereals and milks.
((Tanning beds provide some UVB exposure and can increase vitamin D levels, but these put you at increased risk for skin cancer.))20140111-180843.jpg

Some results suggest that SAD is less common in those who consume more omega-3 fatty acids, such as Icelandic people, who eat plenty of coldwater fish. Oddly enough, people in Iceland appear to be resistant to SAD.

Because our bodies cannot make these essential omega-3 fatty acids, we’ve got to eat them.

Oily, fatty fish (mackerel, herring, salmon, sardines, anchovies) are the best sources of omega-3s because they contain the “more potent” forms of omega-3s

vitamin B complex, 100 mgs 3 times daily (Vitamin B deficiency is often a physical cause of depression.)
Plus extra Vitamin B 5, 500 mgs daily (the most potent anti-stress vitamin)
seaweeds (nori, hijiki, and wakame), asparagus, broccoli, bananas, brown rice and figs, whole grains, green veggies, eggs, fish

•Vitamin C, 2,000-10,000 mgs daily in divided doses.
•Potassium 80 mgs
•Calcium 1,500-2,000 mgs daily
•Omega-3 oils (flax oil and fish oils):
flax seeds, salmon, sardines, dark green vegetables and walnuts
•magnesium (1,000 mgs per day): ((if you crave carbs, especially chocolate, you may be deficient in magnesium—a mineral involved in the synthesis of serotonin))
quinoa, Brazil nuts, peas, lentils, halibut and spinach.

Triphala to support elimination of excess dosha and gently cleanse the colon.
((About 70 percent of the production of serotonin occurs in the digestive tract, so when the digestion is not optimal, it can result in lower production of serotonin.))
Phosphorus is a good choice if you feel worse on cloudy days
Rhus tox relieves the stiffness often provoked by rain.

In the winter it is natural to crave those foods that provide a quick source of energy and that are high in calories since extra energy can be stored as fat in the body to help keep the body warm. 20140111-181246.jpgEat wisely. This means eating sensible, complex carbs to stimulate serotonin. Eating wisely also means watching the caffeine, which suppresses serotonin. If you must drink coffee, save it for after you eat.

Make dinner your main carbohydrate-containing meal because evening is usually the time when the symptoms of SAD are at their strongest.

DO NOT over eat.

healthy protein sources(at least 3x per day &always pair them with each carbohydrate serving):
•Peanut butter
•seeds- pumpkin seeds
•dairy- cottage cheese
•organic meats

•fruits- apricots gradually raises serotonin levels and helps keep them there, as do apples (with milk and honey!), pears, grapes, plums, grapefruits and oranges.
•grains-Basmati rice. (The sugar in this rice is slow to release into the bloodstream, which helps blood sugar levels stay constant instead of going through highs and lows.) Other foods with a similar effect on blood sugar are rye bread and pasta.
•Cereals-unsweetened muesli, shredded wheat, and bran flakes are slow to release sugar into the bloodstream, which helps raise serotonin levels.
•vegetables- 4 cups of brightly colored veggies every day
•low-fat biscotti

•soup and stew
Add turmeric, garlic, ginger, black pepper, cloves and basil to your foods.
((A few helpful meals you can make when you’re SAD.))

•mint tea
•Blanch 5-7 rosemary leaves in a boiling cup of water, add honey, wait 3 minutes and drink.
•Add some fresh Rose petals to a cup of boiling water. Add sugar and drink whenever feeling depressed.
•Water is essential in any healing process. Distilled water is the best. 6-8 eight ounces glasses per day.

Carbohydrate cravings can contribute to and aggravate feelings of depression by altering blood sugar levels. Drastic changes in blood sugar can lead to weight gain, which is a side effect of SAD.

white flours
(try eliminating all white, starchy foods for two weeks — bread, rice, potatoes. You will be amazed at how good you feel but you need to stick to it to see a difference.)
Limit cold drinks and raw vegetables.
Since our body must already use a lot of energy in the winter to fend off the wind and cold, it is natural to feel more lethargic and emotionally and physically sensitive to our surroundings at this time.

•Allow yourself to rest more.
•Think positive, happy thoughts.
•Try not to worry or be fearful.
•Conserve your energy.
•Practice quiet, yin activities like restorative yoga, Tai Chi, qigong, walking or journaling.
•Rebuild your energy to prepare for spring.
•We have a very primal need to see living, verdant foliage: without it, we feel lost, sad, and hopeless. Go on a shopping spree and find some bright, colorful plants to fill your home.
•Communicate openly with those close to you so that you can nourish your personal relationships
•Enjoy any activity that brings “fire” to your life.
•Encourage the cultivation of joy in your life.
•I am in love with this UK depression-awareness bakery and their melancholy sweet treats.
Banish winter blues naturally.
8 fun strategies to reduce SAD.
A naturopathic view of SAD.
A completely excellent yoga guide for SAD.
•BRILLIANT. A playlist of happy songs for handling SAD20140111-181736.jpg

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