Zodiac Women: Libra


September 23rd-October 22
Look great in Men’s wear. Very strong beliefs. Very strong look.

Zodiac Women: Virgo


Aug 23- Sep 22
The helpful perfectionists. Glowing skin. Pulled-together women. They get things done. Very sensitive.

Zodiac Women: Leo


July 23-Aug 22
Very leonine features. They appear to know how stunning they are. Not afraid to look you right in the eye.

Zodiac Women: Cancer


June 22-July 22
Fun fact: Cancer’s usually have a rim of white showing beneath their pupils.
Quirky, sensitive, emotional. Always ThisClose to being badass but just too gentle to pull it off.

Zodiac Women: Gemini


May 22-June 21

Natural beauties. Quirky fashion style. Cute, thin little noses. Fresh-faced. Kitten-like quality to their faces. Iconic beauty. Lots of twins are born in this month.

Zodiac Women: Taurus


April 21-May 21
Earth mamas. Sensual. Great cheekbones and full lips. Very beautiful.

Zodiac Women: Aries


March 22-April 20
Probably could kill you if they wanted. Extremely strong-willed and stubborn. Kick-ass. They get what they want. Admirable.

Zodiac Women: Pisces


Feb 22-March 21
Sensitive & complicated. Don’t fit in and tend to like it that way. Powerful effect on others.

Zodiac Women: Aquarius


Jan 21-Feb 21
Quirky women. Unique jawlines. People tend to either love or hate them. Strong and interesting. Think outside the box.

Zodiac women: Capricorn


Dec 22-Jan 20

Very earthy. Look great in shades of brown. Powerful women. Age very well. Classic, sophisticated style.

Zodiac Women: Sagittarius


Nov 22- Dec 21
Look like they could easily go back in time to the 70s and fit right in. Wholesome glow. Large, magnetic eyes. Can give off strong hippie vibe OR strong sophisticate vibe. Massive amounts of wanderlust.

Zodiac Women: Scorpio


Oct 24-Nov 21
Mistress of the smoulder. Very intense gaze. Lots of sex appeal.

Zodiac Men: Libra

Libra Men:
Usually seen sporting worry lines on their foreheads. Playful and sweet. Really want everything to be perfect and beautiful all the time and sometimes will lie to get their way.

Zodiac Men: Virgo

Virgo Men:
Rugged, manly men with twinkly eyes.

Zodiac Men: Leo


Leo Men:
Passionate. Powerful. Cocky. Walk with a swagger and chest puffed out. Look great in a leather jacket.
Casual about their sexuality and attractiveness.