My Collages from the January Goal-Setting Collage Parties

Collages are awesome because you let your subconscious work and don’t analyze till everything is on the page.

This allows you to see connections that you didn’t even know you had floating around in your brain and makes them visual to you!

Here are 4 collages I made in January when I hosted 3 parties with the theme of “setting intentions for the year”


Collage #1- from first party
Things that stand out to me:

Fresh thinking
Leading by example
Not hiding, rebelling
“Is it gravity or attraction that keeps me here?”
Being more myself, being original
Taking time to rest
More saving, more doing
Playful, healthy body image

Things I don’t understand, yet:

All the birds!
“Let the sea set you free”
“Land of the stupid, home of the brave.”
“Darker my love”


Collage #2- also from first party
What stands out to me:

Made of something better
Don’t discount the small things
More reliable
Renovating your dream (building a house)
“A party without cake is just a meeting.” Traveling-“Don’t worry about others expectations or opinions” (I’m very worried about my need to travel and all of my monthly clients)

What I don’t understand, yet:

Shirtless guy that says “pretty rich”
Girl with red hair about to be rammed into by a bull
Pink polar bear
Girl exiting right


Collage #3 (my favorite)- from second party

Things that stand out to me:

“Fortune: it will be harder than you expect, but it will be worth it.”
(Your fortune awaits)
Discover what’s next–taste it all.
A voyage should take you further than your destination
Content all over the world
See the world differently
Buckle up for some fun
A daily transformation
Don’t be afraid to speak up– Reject apathy (interesting that that is over the picture of the couple)
The key to an extraordinary life
Discover a new way
The spirit of travel
Making room for personal growth
Overindulgence vs. Good start (debt- free living)
Live every day part of something bigger “by all means feed the people-watchers”

What I don’t understand, yet:

That terrifying/fascinating black bird that says “drilling for hope”
All the safari animals: giraffes, hippo, jaguar


Collage #4- from third party

What stands out to me:
Hugging snowman
Infusing life with color
“Life is a special occasion”
“The best story of the year is yours”
Every day talk with friends
Get up and go
Wonder Woman
All joy and fun
Dream out loud
“We cannot please everyone, but we try.”
A new beginning.
“Away is a place where it’s not about the money you spend, it’s about the moments you share.”
“From good starts come great things”
Cook with passion (over a photo of delicious spaghetti)

What I don’t understand, yet:
Another bird! With paint brushes.
Oh, and also a dove holding a ring in its beak
“When clean-up is easy, even a spill can be beautiful.”


So much MORE than a collage party!

“I know I said it a bunch of times, but I still want to say ‘thank you’ once again for the collage party and for your insightful prompts on the making of the collages. As I said, I’ve not done anything that was free-flowingingly (I make up words sometimes) creative in many years. It was a great experience for me on so many levels.

So again, THANK YOU! And I do plan to attend more sessions to continue learning to allow myself to expand into more spontaneity and creativity.”


20140108-202338.jpgJen with one of the wonderful collages she created.

Saturday was kind of life-changing for me when I saw how much these collage sessions can mean to other people.

What an incredible blessing it was to discover that I can do these fun collage parties and actually HELP people.

Here I’d initially thought they would just be good fun….I cannot express how excited I am to be entering the realm of art therapy.

Of course, it is still whole bunches of pure fun, too.

I just feel in my bones that this is going to become an integral part of what I do.

I’d been trying and trying to fit massages and collages together (delighted at first to simply discover that they rhyme!)

Then the other night TJ said that my art “makes people feel good in their brains and their hearts” which made me realize that every part of my business touches people on some therapeutic level.

Even my squishy, awkward animals! They are therapeutically squishy to hold.

My fizzies make baths and showers therapeutic, too….

It’s so exciting to be continuously discovering my life path and how EVERYTHING fits together!!

20140108-202353.jpgI really hope you can come to one of the parties.

In January we are setting our intentions for the coming year.

It’s a very powerful thing to make your goals visual!

I will provide all of the materials (*if you want to bring extra magazines, you’re welcome to!)

It’s totally relaxed: no-stress!

Find out more all about the collage parties here.
20140108-202400.jpgStay tuned on Facebook for February dates!
The prompts for February will be:

Self-esteem, radical self-love& acceptance, what love means to you, and love for others.

I’ll give the option to make valentines for the women’s shelter in Staunton, the senior citizens center, etc.

((All collages above, except Jen's of course, were made by me: Joy Boardman))
20140108-203249.jpgJoy Boardman is "soul" owner of PlanetJoy: Otherworldly Massages for Women and Planet-Friendly Collages for Everyone. She has been doing collage since she was old enough to hold the lefty scissors. Follow her on Facebook at