Euphoria Friday: April 4, 2014

It’s 4-4-14….20140326-101512.jpg

Why Tom Hanks is awesome. (Just a few reasons of MANY) The gif at the end!!

Here’s everything that makes us happy in one infographic.

How to stop feeling like an imposter at work. (This is great for those of us who own our own businesses.)

Have you heard of neem? Here’s 14 uses for the oil.
Make adorable little bows, using a fork!

Create a year-round salad garden. Don’t forget separate containers for tomatoes! (Tomatoes are vital for yummy salads….)

Speaking of yummy: how DELICIOUS do these Spring samosas look? I can’t wait to try them!! Samosas are magical….

Also: hash brown waffles. (yet another use for my Cinderella waffle maker!)

Mint-infused honey….so lovely!!

Spring is here….20140326-101402.jpg

Dance Party Time! 5,000 Views!!


You are all amazing. My space kitten brain is totally broken. So much love!!

Friday Linkage: Happy Links


☀Marc & Angel bring you 10 Happy Habits You Should Start Now:

“The foolish person seeks happiness in the distance; the wise person grows it under her feet. Your life is filled with blessings and achievements, take the time to accept and appreciate these gifts.”

Gratitude is the opposite of fear. Gratitude recharges your soul and manifests miracles.

This poem by Marge Piercy….”Strong Women” Here’s a sample:

A strong woman is a woman who craves love
like oxygen or she turns blue choking.
A strong woman is a woman who loves
strongly and weeps strongly and is strongly
terrified and has strong needs. A strong woman is strong
in words, in action, in connection, in feeling;
she is not strong as a stone but as a wolf
suckling her young. Strength is not in her, but she
enacts it as the wind fills a sail.

☀I just found out one of my favorite people to follow on instagram @erinloechner writes weekly letters to her baby daughter. And yes. They are perfect. This is letter 34 to her eleven-month old.

The fine art of creating space. So important to remember in a world that is so cluttered.

☀Along those same lines, here’s an article about the sacredness of downtime. It’s so hard to just accept moments of unconnected time in our lives, but it is so important!

☀I love this article on finding the pro within you (vs. the amateur)

While there is a great chance if you’re living in the modern, civilized world that you have become domesticated and lost your wildness, that does not mean you have lost your freedom.

Your circumstances may make it seem that you are not free. But this is not so. Your circumstances are not the truth, they are simply what is here right now. Stop identifying with your story. Stop identifying with the ever-changing weather of your life-situation.


Another list to make your life happier right away.

Wordy Wednesday: from Invaded by Souls by Tess Gallagher

from Invaded by Souls by Tess Gallagher
But our capacity for love belongs to the birdsong
Of antiquity which cleanses our dream-eyes and
Allows them to mix moonlight with starlight
In those phosphorescent kisses multitudes
Of plankton give the night.
They kiss with their whole beings, invisibly
Sucking the fingertips of the dream’s half life.
Your own soul is in there too
Filling up its tank on Infinite Joy and Diversity.
I don’t know what else to tell you, except
You’ll know when it happens.
A certain restless undulation as with waves
Under fog. It’s the souls, moving in.

“Sorry I Missed Christmas” Sale: ArtisticDrama


I hope you guys had a fabulous Christmas!! This morning we have snow. Yay!

My annual “Sorry I Missed Christmas” sale is on right now.

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