We are all Wonder Woman 

You know that scene in the Gail Gadot Wonder Woman movie when she crosses no-mans land? 

If you haven’t seen it, I’ve linked to the no-mans land scene right here.

I’ve seen that movie about 5 times now and I cry every time. And sometimes, because I’ve seen it so many times now and it’s a long film, I let myself fall asleep after that. But I have to stay awake for that scene. Because that’s the scene that I find the most inspiring. The scene where I feel a giant YES leaping in my soul. 

Because I often feel that way in daily life. Like everything is against me and everyone is telling me that I can’t but I am compelled to keep moving forward. I’m being shot at from every angle. They are using all the artillery. I’m vulnerable. I’m alone. But, I know what I’m fighting for. And who I’m fighting for. And I hold strong. And when I hold strong and take the fire, others can cross over. Others can advance. And that’s so important. 

Life is hard. But it’s worth it. When we grit our teeth and stand our ground with tears in our eyes, when we take all the fire, other people can thrive and run to freedom around us. 

We have to be brave. We have to know who we are fighting for and be willing to stand our ground. 

Courage pays off. 

Put your armor on.