Black Friday, small business Saturday, cyber Monday….PlanetJoy Gifts


I’m fairly anti-consumerism. Which is super odd when you consider the fact that I am an entrepreneur &I make my living selling things to people. But I am not into spending money myself nor am i into making people spend money. Especially on the holidays.

Birthdays, maybe. I love birthdays! (Mine is July 1st, btw….)

However, sometimes it’s FUN to spend money. It’s fun to find the perfect gift. Something that will make you or your friend laugh–especially at an inside joke.

Sometimes it’s not about spending money, it’s about an experience. Like melting into a massage, feeling your body become butter, feeling stress melt away….

So, in the case that you actually ENJOY spending money, you’re looking for a great gift (even for yourself), and you’re interested in purchasing something from ME, I present to you:

PlanetJoy’s handy dandy guide to all the gifties I’ve created this year. (Title is a work in progress, haha)

Massage gifties:
A whole year of massage (12 or 24) starting at $40 each
A set of 2, 4, or 6 (the more you buy, the less you spend)
Contact me directly at

Simple aromatherapy fizzies (7 scents)

Collage gifties:
Journals $10
Mini-books $18
Mini-posters $5
Medium posters $39
Original collages $10
Cards $5-$20
Calendars $32
Find these at: RR Smith Center, Rule 42, Made;,, and

I’ll also be doing a craft fair on December 4th at the government center in Verona.

And just a note: 10% of all sales through December 1st will be going to Amnesty International to help fight violence against women.

My two favorite gift ideas are the Year of Massage (YoM) and the bath fizzies.

YoM is a reward for women willing to make a commitment to their health. The reward is being able to count on an hour or 90-min of stress-free escape every single month. YoM is my most affordable deal (starts at $40/month for one 60-min session every single month of the year) and it’s my clients’ favorite deal. Right now I have 12 YoM clients!
Sign up before Jan 1st, 2014 and save $5 every month.

Bath fizzies are simple aromatherapy shots. Easy to use (just toss ’em into the tub or even the shower) and good for you! Great for relief from stress, depression, headaches, congestion….Full of essential oils (only need one or two per bath/shower)
Free shipping till Jan 1st, 2014 and 10% of all sales go to Amnesty International.