Creamy Tomato Soup & A new blog feature: “Sounds Weird, Tastes Delicious” Recipe: You Add THAT to Soup?!


So…. I like to experiment when I cook. Sometimes I am so hungry, I don’t even really think about it- I just DO it. (Like Nike, only tastier.)

What I make might sound odd. Even disgusting. But man oh MAN is it delicious!!

I started thinking about it and I thought, “woah! Isn’t odd-sounding-yet-delicious like the definition of gourmet food?”

Answer: no.

The definition of gourmet food is totally different.

In fact gourmet isn’t even the kind of food. It’s the person who eats it.

Usage Note: A gourmet is a person with discriminating taste in food and wine, as is a gourmand. Gourmand can also mean “one who enjoys food in great quantities”

So, voila! I am indeed a gourmand.

Learn something new every day.

Anyway. What I am saying is I love food. I love restaurants haunted by gourmets.

*hee* sounds spooky and yummy.

So. I decided I would share my weird foods. And you should try them and see if you like them as much as my family and friends….

*note: I don’t write specific recipes. I just don’t. If you want to measure stuff out you totally can but I never do. Sorry.

**that’s why I suck at baking by the way….

Creamy Tomato Soup
Today my mom made homemade tomato soup. I stole a ladle or two for my dinner but I mixed in some extras:

•frozen spinach
•turkey burger
•cream cheese
•and oyster crackers
Heat thoroughly.

If that doesn’t sound weird to you, you are my kind of person. It’s the cream cheese that’s the kicker. A couple of dollops and you’ve made your own creamy tomato soup.

Enjoy it!