10 Positive Affirmations for Bad Days


1. It’s okay. (Keep it simple.)

2. I believe there is a God even when he is silent.

Be strong and courageous, God is with you.

3. I CHOOSE to be happy. (&it’s good for my health!)

4. My life is beautiful even if I can’t see that right now.

5. I create opportunities.

“It’s better to hope than despair.”-Goethe

6. I am clothed in strength and dignity.

7. I am a work in progress.

8. I will not chase anyone. Take me as I am or watch me as I go.

9. The less I need, the better I feel.

“When I get sad, I STOP being sad, & be awesome instead. True story.”
-Barney, from How I Met Your Mother

10. I am not who I was before.

Joy Boardman

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25 Things to Do When Everything Sucks

I drew grumpy cat....
1. Make a list
2. Take a walk outside
3. Take a nap
4. Take a shower
5. Self-massage with jasmine oil
6. Drink tea
7. Make art
8. Organize something
9. Plan something with friends
10. Eat delicious food
11. Cook
12. Write poetry
13. Listen to awesome music
14. Write a letter
15. Drink a lot of water
16. Have some caffeine
17. Watch a silly video
18. Dance
19. Take artsy photos
20. Read
21. Color
22. Cry (it purges your body of extra hormones& will make you feel better.)
23. Yoga or cardio
24. Get rid of stuff
25. Make a fort