Euphoria Friday, February 28th

20140227-170701.jpgI hope your week was lovely!

Things to make:
make your own sugar cubes

Instagram photo strips DIY

make your own photo magnets

DIY golden honey bears20140227-173048.jpghello, super cute owl dress

make your yoga mat sticky again

Things that make you think:
Have you heard of tiny houses? I want to build one for myself. I’m very excited about this plan:tiny houses for the homeless.

Learn how to defend yourself against emotional muggers. Stop letting anybody steal your joy, make you feel defeated, or deflated.

Steal these creative rituals. I especially love what Ze Frank has to say. (I love that man.)

Have you seen this?! aerie: American Eagles’s lingerie brand uses UNPHOTOSHOPPED MODELS. They have ALL my respect. Hopefully this will be a bigger and bigger trend. (I know Dove has been doing this as well for a long time) 20140227-172935.jpg



Awesome animals:
Compassionate living: because animals are awesome.20140227-173133.jpg
Speaking of animals: Holy Cuteness: puppy cannot catch the ball (click for video) ….the music makes this video EPIC.

meet the mantis shrimp (“it’s pretty much my favorite animal”) I freaked out when I saw one at the Monterey Bay Aquarium last summer.

ALSO:Harlem Shake: dog edition (click for video) That dance trend died too soon, I feel. The music makes me happy and the videos make me laugh. This one is the BEST.

Get a massage:20140227-172749.jpgEmail for more details:

Don't forget! This Sunday is the books and media swap: 3-5pm at 16 West20140227-171651.jpg20140227-171711.jpg

Euphoria Friday: Valentines Day Edition

“Make your life a romantic adventure and love will find you.”
-Martha Beck
20140213-123326.jpgBe Kind
πŸ’•β€’I want to try all of these Random Acts of Kindness ideas. (Click)

πŸ’•β€’Many MANY more Kindness ideas. (Click) You could do these all year long!
20140213-123225.jpgThis week we got our hands dirty making seed bombs!

πŸ’•β€’Write love letters. To strangers. (Click)

Fall in Love
πŸ’•β€’Real Love vows for real life. (Click) (This valentines day renew THESE vows. Good advice for any relationship.)

πŸ’•β€’Know his moon sign? Seduce him. (Click) “You are my sun my moon and all my stars.” -e.e. cummings

Watch a Movie
πŸ’•β€’My favorite Valentine movies. (Click)
πŸ’•β€’Also: Watch this man eat a cupcake like a gentleman.

πŸ’•β€’Have a love affair with these raspberry-swirl ice cream sandwiches! (Click)20140213-123240.jpg

πŸ’•β€’Only YOU can prevent the spread of candy hearts. (Click) This makes me laugh every Valentines day. Listen to the audio version if you can.
Get Offline
πŸ’•β€’In 2014 I’ve been taking every weekend offline. (And in March, I’ll be taking Wednesdays off, too!)
The hardest part is thinking of something to do instead (gotta reprogram my brain!) Here’s a great list of 78 things to do offline.

Take a Bath
πŸ’•β€’Romantic bath salts.
20140213-123304.jpgGet a Massage!
πŸ’•β€’Need a great valentines day gift?
How about as many 30-min massages as she can schedule in February and March: for only $140!
Contact me to sign her up!

Get Involved
β€’πŸ’•2nd annual women’s clothing swap, Feb 23rd. Bring as much as you can carry, leave with as much as you can carry.20140213-124655.jpg

Things I Find Amusing: Week 4 on the Interwebs

20140124-233046.jpgGreat videos to check out:
β€’Blue Man Group goes green: Global Warming. (Click)

β€’Andrea Bocelli sings Elmo to sleep. (Click) He can come sing me a lullaby about counting to 20 ANYTIME.

β€’Too much adorable wonderfulness. This song was written specifically for these adorable lotto bunnies. (Click)
Cool things to try:
β€’Looking for something to snack on? Try Graze and get your first month free! (click) They personalize the shipments so you’re always being sent something you’ll love. (I just signed up and I’m eagerly anticipating my first box!)

β€’Have you ever been interested in learning more about gluten? My friend Anne did a lecture series on gluten and it’s free through the end of January. (Click) to watch her hilarious and easy to follow lectures for free.
PlanetJoy News:
β€’I now have Square so I can accept credit card payments for any massages, collages, or collage parties! (Very exciting)

β€’In case you missed it: SAD, the pineal gland, and activating the seventh chakra.
For only $140 you can schedule as many 30-min massages as you can possibly squeeze in throughout all of February & March.


β€’Do you have a health question or topic you’d like me to address in an upcoming blog post?

Please let me know in the comments and I’ll start researching!
Have a great weekend!

The Internet is awesome: 2014, week 2 on the interwebs

20140110-093224.jpgThis is a Russian kitten.
Save the cats, guys!
And while we’re at it, let’s save the whole planet!

We should live each day with a gentleness, a vigor, and keenness of appreciation which are often lost when time stretches before us in the constant panorama of more days and months and years to come.
-Helen Keller


β€œAlmost nobody dances sober, unless they happen to be insane.”
― H.P. Lovecraft

((I’m happily insane))

20140110-093127.jpg20140110-101415.jpg20140110-101420.jpgI loved this essay on God and science.
This Olympics video about moms makes me cry every time.

20140110-093100.jpgI want to be an ocelot.

20140110-093149.jpg20140110-093200.jpgJoin us on January 14th!

I’m having an pay-what-you-want sale on etsy!
Christmas cards & mini posters!
Name your price. I’m clearing space for new inventory and trying to pay off my student loans! (Only 4 to go!!)

My calendars are also 10% off!20140110-101235.jpg