Thankful Thursday, December 20

Things I Am Thankful For This Week:
*Watched Life of Pi with my mom

*Graduated from BRCC

*Beautiful candelilight service: Melissa and Tj and Pat all came to my church and we listened to my mom sing. It was a perfect evening.

((My mom is adorable.))

((It meant so much to me to have Tj and Melissa sitting next to me and I got all teary eyed when we lit the candles.))

*Tj can always make me laugh. Even when I am having a really crappy day. I very grateful for him.

*Mom and I went with a friend to the Frontier Culture Museum’s lantern tour.

((They have awesome cookies in the old world.))

*Crafty day with Melissa and great music.

((Ever heard “Poisoning Pigeons in the Park” by Tim Lehrer?))

*Awesome Yellowstone movie. What a beautiful place.

*Slumber party with my partner in crime


Thank you!! What are you grateful for this week?

Thankful Thursday: October 31st-November 7th


I am Thankful for:
*card photo shoots
*working on branding
*sparkles and sweets with my talented Melissa
*my Biscotti cat
*teaching my first workshop tonight: making little banners for Thanksgiving pie
*studying for my huge geology test
*voting with my mom
*4 more years!!


My partner in crime, Tj-face, made an awesome Joker for Halloween :D


I will be back soon!

Gratitude List: October 21-28

What I am thankful for this week:
*Brunch with mom and grandma at Mockingbird. So delicious.

*Fall colors.

*My 2 friends named Brandon.

*Reading World Literature in the sunshine.

*Melissa and her awesomeness.

*Getting ready for Halloween: Harley Quinn!!

What are you grateful for this week?