Euphoria Friday, February 28th

20140227-170701.jpgI hope your week was lovely!

Things to make:
make your own sugar cubes

Instagram photo strips DIY

make your own photo magnets

DIY golden honey bears20140227-173048.jpghello, super cute owl dress

make your yoga mat sticky again

Things that make you think:
Have you heard of tiny houses? I want to build one for myself. I’m very excited about this plan:tiny houses for the homeless.

Learn how to defend yourself against emotional muggers. Stop letting anybody steal your joy, make you feel defeated, or deflated.

Steal these creative rituals. I especially love what Ze Frank has to say. (I love that man.)

Have you seen this?! aerie: American Eagles’s lingerie brand uses UNPHOTOSHOPPED MODELS. They have ALL my respect. Hopefully this will be a bigger and bigger trend. (I know Dove has been doing this as well for a long time) 20140227-172935.jpg



Awesome animals:
Compassionate living: because animals are awesome.20140227-173133.jpg
Speaking of animals: Holy Cuteness: puppy cannot catch the ball (click for video) ….the music makes this video EPIC.

meet the mantis shrimp (“it’s pretty much my favorite animal”) I freaked out when I saw one at the Monterey Bay Aquarium last summer.

ALSO:Harlem Shake: dog edition (click for video) That dance trend died too soon, I feel. The music makes me happy and the videos make me laugh. This one is the BEST.

Get a massage:20140227-172749.jpgEmail for more details:

Don't forget! This Sunday is the books and media swap: 3-5pm at 16 West20140227-171651.jpg20140227-171711.jpg

Monday Pre-order Posting





Every Monday I like to post some of my latest collage designs on Instagram (you can follow me @artisticdrama). It takes a while to list on Etsy and I am constantly making new cards so I post these ones for pre-orders!

You can order my newest collage designs way before they are listed on my ArtisticDrama etsy shop and save monies at the same time just by contacting me. Hooray!!

Pre-orders are only $3.99 instead of $7. And as always, I have free shipping world-wide.

Just comment and let me know if you want to order!

*AND! On etsy you can save 15% on anything in my shop through Nov 8. Just use the coupon code: HAPPYHALLOWEEN1

Halloween is only 2 days away!! Are you dressing up? What will you be?

What I am grateful for: October 14-October 20


I’m grateful for:
S’mores with Tj’s family.
My friend Honey Badger wearing my hat.
Hiking with mom: more photos below.
New ideas.
Chickens who go in to sleep right at dusk so I don’t have to chase them.

Mom and I went hiking on Tuesday to honor my grandfather (mom’s dad) who died 26 years ago. His ashes are scattered on Hawksbill peak (the highest peak on the Skyline Drive)
It was a perfect day: we even came down the mountain at sunset!
I felt so honored to spend the day with my mom.