Malady Monday: Burning feet

20140318-103339.jpgHave your feet ever gotten really hot at nighttime?

It’s actually a form of neuropathy caused by impaired circulation and weakened nerves.

What can you do to make it stop?
Most importantly: GET HYDRATED!

You need to improve any kidney deficiency and the best way to do that is to up your intake of water.

Make sure to take:

•Vitamin E

•EFAs (essential fatty acids)

****B vitamins, especially B-3 (niacin) which will strengthen weakened nerves and prevent them from breaking. B-6 and B-12 will eliminate any pins and needle sensations.
20140318-102213.jpgDo a foot soak or oil massage with ginger:
Improves circulation and also actually contains B vitamins including B-3!20140318-102221.jpg

You can also take:
Dandelion (look for it in tea form)
Gotu kola

Avoid alcohol as it messes with your circulation.