Euphoria Friday: April 4, 2014

It’s 4-4-14….20140326-101512.jpg

Why Tom Hanks is awesome. (Just a few reasons of MANY) The gif at the end!!

Here’s everything that makes us happy in one infographic.

How to stop feeling like an imposter at work. (This is great for those of us who own our own businesses.)

Have you heard of neem? Here’s 14 uses for the oil.
Make adorable little bows, using a fork!

Create a year-round salad garden. Don’t forget separate containers for tomatoes! (Tomatoes are vital for yummy salads….)

Speaking of yummy: how DELICIOUS do these Spring samosas look? I can’t wait to try them!! Samosas are magical….

Also: hash brown waffles. (yet another use for my Cinderella waffle maker!)

Mint-infused honey….so lovely!!

Spring is here….20140326-101402.jpg

Euphoria Friday: March 28th, 2014


🌸Amy Poehler is such a wise and lovely woman!

🌸Did you know?! Taking too many pictures affects our ability to form detailed memories! So, maybe it’s a good thing that I didn’t take any pictures at my 2-year anniversary spaghetti dinner party….

🌸A painting tells us how to be less selfish. The website has other topics that art can help with as well.

🌸Ever wanted to disappear? Here are step-by-step instructions for deleting yourself from the entire INTERNET.20140322-121629.jpg


🌺Ellen + funny tweets = 💕

🌺Cats are liquid and these pictures are proof.

🌺I love old quirky/strange inventions….

🌷People painted as flags eating the food of their country. Bizarre and beautiful.

🌷A birds-eye view of different countries. Stunning.

🌷The world’s poorest coolest president. “It’s not the man who has too little, but the man who craves more, who is poor.”
•Learn how to screen print! (Click)

•Create a springtime atmosphere in your home!

•Turn a bottle into a tumbler glass! (Click)20140322-121654.jpg


Euphoria Friday: Things to Make You Smile, Week 5

20140130-183125.jpgRIP Colonel Meow

3 on the Interwebs:
(click) 20 fantastically amazing places in the world. I want to visit them ALL. Who wants to come with me?

Why Staunton, VA rocks and everyone should visit. (Click) You should seriously come see this adorable town I live in.

Looking for an engaging sermon? (Click) I go to an amazing church and if you’ve ever been curious about what the Visulite movie theatre is like on Sunday mornings, now you listen in and hear what Church Downtown is all about.
20140130-184718.jpgI've become obsessed with confetti.
20140130-184939.jpgI picked my two favorite word combinations and got "Kisses" and "Massage" as my meaning of life. Wickedly true!
20140130-184951.jpg"Princess Spike and her fawn" by Jenny Liz Rome20140130-185001.jpgPick one and do one every week!

On the blog: 20140130-182542.jpg
$140 for as many 30-min massages as you can schedule in February and March. (Click) You can’t beat that deal.

3 on etsy: 20140130-182926.jpg💕February: a month of romantic baths (click)20140130-182849.jpg💦This is the Bath of Aquarius (click)20140130-182751.jpg❄️Kick your SADness in the FACE. (With a bath) ((click))

️Also: TODAY (Jan 31st) is the last day of my pay-whatever-you-want sale on Etsy. Last chance!!⭐️


Things I find amusing: week 3


Life lately:
20140117-195047.jpgMy mom is ADORABLE.
And Biscotti is an alien.20140117-195304.jpgThis smoothie will make your morning so much better:
20140117-195622.jpgWe had so much fun at the collage party on Tuesday night at Rule 42!

2 Videos to watch:
Zoo animals get their revenge. (click)

Welcome to the completely bizarre world of Food Party! (click)

Have you checked out my Pinterest yet? You totally should! (click)
20140117-195721.jpg((Oh, found my boyfriend. He speaks 3 languages and can do gypsy cartwheels.))
20140117-195741.jpgI’m obsessed with these.
20140117-195708.jpgAnd these.
20140117-195727.jpgAnd THIS. I need this for my massage room, dontcha think?

In case you missed it on the blog:
20140117-195251.jpgMore than just a collage party. (Click)

((There’s another party TODAY at Harmony Moon (4 pm)))

Yoga and nutrition for conquering winter depression. (Click)

Have a lovely week!