What I Want from My 27th Year


I most want to experience my life as a big expanding adventure that kicks ass.

I want to feel vibrant, sane, more like my ArtisticDrama self

I want to give myself a monthly massage, abs, vacations, things I consider grown-up things like: furniture, a car, a house

I give myself permission to rest, say yes, walk away, eat whatever I want

I promise myself I will use good judgement, be less negative, be less sarcastic, be more active, stay off the Internet

this will be the year that I conquer my SAD for good, road trip CA, figure out where I want my tattoo

I release feeling stupid when I am wrong, spending too much time on the Internet

Halloween Movies: Joy’s Top 30 (#7-#10)


7. *Dracula: Dead and Loving It
8. *Deer Woman
9. *Resident Evil movies
10. *Slither

Tomorrow, I will post my most favoritest horror watchables!! Yay, Halloween! ;)

I am going to be Harley Quinn for Halloween!! I love dressing up….I wish I could do it every day.


Halloween Movies: Joy’s Top 30 (#16-#22)


16. Ghost Busters
17. Fight Club
18. Cabin in the Woods
19. Memento
20. American Werewolf in London
21. Bram Stoker’s Dracula
22. Dawn of the Dead remake


Halloween Movies: Joy’s Top 30 (#23-#30)


23. Cat People
24. Ginger Snaps movies
25. I Am Legend
26. Shadow of the Vampire
27. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (original)
28. 30 Days of Night
29. The Exorcist movies
30. Devils Advocate