A Little Bit About Meditating 

I just recently started mediation again. My eating disorder was resurfacing and a friend of mine who has battled ED for a long time reminded me that meditation can help. 

Even in yoga I still don’t always give myself a chance to just shut my brain off for a second and be still and really feel things. It’s so important for your mental health.

It’s not about shutting your mind up completely. It’s more about pausing for a second to see what bubbles to the surface….

We spend a lot of subconscious effort suppressing thoughts and feelings so that we can DO stuff. So when we actually take time to stop DOING for a few seconds, we are able to finally think those thoughts and feel those feelings.

I have 3 meditation apps that I use:

  • Headspace (love the guy’s British accent and the adorable illustrations)
  • Smiling Mind (from Australia for all age ranges)
  • Breathe (helps you check in with what emotions you are experiencing)