Nourishing Your Kidneys, Part 1: What 4 things to drink for healthy kidney filtration and kidney detox

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“The solution to pollution is dilution”

The more you drink, the more waste your kidneys will be able to remove from your body!

**Make sure to drink warm or room warm temperature drinks instead of ice-cold drinks. **


#1) Water:
Try to drink at least 2 litres of water/ day.

Drink water in large quantities (instead of little sips here and there) throughout the day– this flushes your kidneys more effectively.

(Your bodies’ absorption of water can be further improved by taking a pinch of high quality Sea Salt at the same time as drinking.)

**Add a squeeze of lemon juice to your water as well for extra detox: it actually alkalizes your blood!**

#2) Fruit juices:
•Drink cranberry concentrate with water each morning.

•Drink plenty of fresh sweet or sour fruit juices (pineapple, orange, apple, lime, grape etc.)

•Apple juice will energize you

•blend: watermelon or pineapple+green apple+mint

#3) Vegetable juices: (Have a vegetable juice each day to encourage liver detoxification and kidney filtration.)

•Carrot juice+wheat grass+celery+parsley

•celery+parsley+cucumber+half a lemon+water

•fresh beetroot+carrot+celery+ginger

•carrot juice+spirulina (energy boost and the cleansing power of chlorophyll)

•carrots+beets+cucumbers (refreshing and cleansing)


#4) Herbal teas: (gentle diuretics)
•Dandelion Leaf

•Green Tea

•Parsley tea:boil 2 cups of parsley and let it steep

(**parsley detoxifies the kidneys and is beneficial in treating an preventing kidney stones**)

•Watermelon seed tea made with 2 tsp. of watermelon seeds in a cup of hot water

(For information on preventing kidney stones click here)

March is Kidney health awareness month (which is actually kind of awesome because I've been TRYING to get these kidney posts finished and it just wasn't happening and now- hey! It's the perfect month for them, yay.

If you are interested in kidney health I have LOTS of information I’ll be posting all month long so keep coming back!

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