Wordy Wednesday: Little Clown, My Heart by Sandra Cisneros


Little clown, my heart,
Spangled again and lopsided,
Handstands and Peking pirouettes,
Backflips snapping open like
A carpenter’s hinged ruler,

Little gimp-footed hurray,
Paper parasol of pleasures,
Fleshy undertongue of sorrows,
Sweet potato plant of my addictions,

Acapulco cliff-diver corazón,
Fine as an obsidian dagger,
Alley-oop and here we go
Into the froth, my life,
Into the flames!

20 Questions from A Beautiful Mess

1. Show us the inside of something cute:
I bought this in Paris at Shakespeare & Co.

2. What’s the last home cooking you had?

3. What do you miss?
I hate being cold but I love snow....

4. What or Who makes you laugh often?
20130716-114136.jpgthese guys :)

5. What is your favorite word?

6. What are you trying to quit?

7. What is your favorite YouTube video right now?
*Charlie the Unicorn

*French kitten gets a job (I love everything from that channel)

*Learn to be French&parfait by cooking chocolate mousse…

8. Whose style do you dig?
20130716-115208.jpgMarilyn Monroe & Brigitte Bardot,20130716-115221.jpgGwyneth Paltrow & Kate Winslet

9. Great blog you’ve discovered lately:
You Are My Fave

10. Last thing you made:

11. Last fun mail you received:
20130716-123640.jpgsmattering of birthday presents from awesome friends

12. Last happy thing you bought:
for my sparkly birthday party.

13. What are you eagerly anticipating?
20130716-125100.jpgAugust 14th-28th!

14. Recent snapshot of yourself:

15. Favorite movie you’ve seen lately?

20130716-130733.jpgRe-watched Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

16. What are you working on right now?
Good question....I guess I'm mostly just trying to clean my house and get rid of whatever I have too much of.

17. Who would play you in a movie?
I used to want it to be Meg Ryan, but then she was abducted by aliens....Angelina Jolie is probably too busy (ha!)....so, Ellen Page or Emma Stone.
20130716-134459.jpgUPDATE: I asked my family and they said Juno Temple.

18. What gives you goosebumps?
A guy leaning down to say something in my ear.

19. Latest obsession:
Getting organized....eating more protein (92 g) and fiber (45 g).

20. What’s the meaning of your life?
Right now it's about helping other women....

Thank you to A Beautiful Mess for this fun time-waster.

Pisces: February 20-March 20

20130220-100651.jpgHappy birthday to my favorite Pisces: my momma!!

Pisces are ruled by the feet. 20130211-112450.jpgZodiac Wine! How fun!20130211-112456.jpg20130217-101405.jpg
The Element associated with Pisces is Water.

Look for that long lost “soul” quality – the gaze of sympathy and understanding. In spite of being quite shy, Pisceans tend to stare a lot.20130211-112503.jpg20130211-112519.jpg
20130211-112525.jpgThey are highly influenced by the world around them, making them highly impressionable.
illusion and estrangement

They are the most intuitive sign of the zodiac. 20130211-112532.jpgPisces radiates a special larger-than-life quality that resists categorization and can sometimes seem rather unstable.

20130211-112539.jpgPisces are sensitive, self-sacrificing and gentle.

Pisces can also be an escape artist, impractical, hyper-sensitive and gullible. They spend a lot of time in their own dream world.20130211-112545.jpgThey are extremely caring and compassionate. And they love animals and art. 20130211-112551.jpg 20130211-112557.jpgThe glyph for Pisces represents the two fishes swimming in different directions and for this reason, Pisces often meet themselves coming and going.

They also may sway when making up their mind, but once they find their belief system, they stick to it.

20130211-112602.jpgSome people are perhaps annoyed by Pisces’ excessive tolerance of other people, and their unwillingness to provide straight answers.

Pisces always seems distracted, longing for something far away, perhaps in another dimension. When asked about the contents of their daydreams, most fall short in trying to describe them.

Imagine the sage or poet, gently possessed of a quiet wisdom and soul-strength beneath the openly vulnerable exterior. 20130211-112607.jpg20130211-112627.jpgPisces is always seeking to find the meaning in something and always loaded with questions.
Pisces naturally rules the 12th house of past, karma, institutions, the hidden realm and secrets.

If anyone can hold a secret, it’s a Pisces.
20130217-101345.jpg20130211-112711.jpgGorgeous Pisces collage by seeingstars20130211-112706.jpgSuper adorable Pisces art print by Krize

For sale in my ArtisticDrama etsy shop: 20130211-113521.jpgMagical Pisces Constellation

Fantastic, Dreamy Purples

the best link I came across for Pisces. a must read: very poetic and wonderfully written.
fun Pisces information.
in depth Pisces.

*I found a lot of the awesome Pisces-art featured here on Pinterest, uncredited. If you know the artist please let me know so I can give them credit!

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