Productivity hack: permission to recover & being accountable to yourself 

The human body can endure so much more than we think that it can. I modeled for an art workshop this weekend for 12 hours. I thought I was going to die. It was hyperbole but I totally thought it was going to wreck my body. At the end of the first 6 hour day I came home and slept 12 hours. Day 2 I did not sleep, I just vegetated in front of my iPad and did NOTHING productive. 

Confession, I am driven but I am not self-motivated.  Productivity is a big thing for me. So big that my therapist and I are actively working on it. The first step is to stop using the word PRODUCTIVE. Instead I want to measure my days on whether I felt SATISFIED and CONTENT and HEALTHY at the end of the day. 

Because after modeling for 12 hours I still wanted to be productive. I felt like sleep was “productive” and iPad-zoning was not. I didn’t think, “I need to recover. What are some healthy ways I could recover?” 

What are some ways you recover? Please share them! Self care is so important but it doesn’t always feel productive. Nor is self care always easy to do–it’s easier to zone out in bed like a sweet potato. 

I’m learning how to talk to myself like a friend. A friend who I’d ask, “what’s something easy and healthy you could do right now to feel satisfied with this morning/afternoon/evening?”

I’m learning how to be accountable to myself. My therapist had me write out everything I like to do during the day (in order) as a checklist ((because I LOVE ROUTINE and my life always feels like it’s falling apart when I lose my routine)) and I’ve gone back to pomodoro tracking. 

Pomodoro tracking is working for a set amount of time and then taking a scheduled break and switching tasks. I’m able to get so much more done. I just listened to a podcast last night and it talked about how important it is to give your brain a break so that you can be fully present. Without the pomodoro method and my checklist, I usually focus on something all day long and then feel like I got nothing done.

I went back to the pomodoro method because that is how I survived modeling for 12 hours. The teacher made sure to schedule breaks for me. I used every break to stretch, drink water, and go to the bathroom. Breaks are important. For your mind, and body, and soul. 

How do you get things done? How do you recover? Are you taking breaks? Are you a recovering productivity addict? 

My Favorite Free Apps

Here’s a list of my very favorite apps. I use these every day and they make my life way better.


Songza–music app which has SO MANY free playlists to choose from based on how you are feeling or what you are doing. I use this app when I’m doing massages because there are no ads and it’s fun to always be exposed to new music.

Shazam–identity songs you hear on the radio, in movies, on tv, at the bank…. I love this app so much. And they keep making it faster.


Pomodoro Challenge–basically you set timer for how long you want to work and how long of a break you would like to take and this app will let you know when to stop working, GET UP, and take a break. I get SO MUCH MORE accomplished when I use this.

App Detox— set a schedule for when you’d like apps turned off….

Self-Control–same thing only even more strict.

Phases of the Moon— I’m pretty hippie dippy at heart so this app is not only beautiful but it’s also awesome because it tells you what sign the moon is in….also good for showing when full and new moons are. ((Full moon: wrapping things up; New moon: starting new things.))

Hootsuite–I pop everything I want to post on Facebook and Twitter into this app and it schedules it for me. Less thinking, yay!


Pic Collage–great way to stitch photos together. There used to be another app I used called MIXEL but, I guess they got rid of it….this one is different and comes with super cute stickers to “paste” all over your photos.

Phonto–my biggest business helper. I use this for all of my ads….I’m telling you instead of hoarding it all to myself.

Instagram–obviously. If you haven’t heard of this yet, I wanna visit your planet some day. In the meantime, I’m just gonna keep enjoying editing my photos….they have seriously stepped up their game, lately. Follow me @planetjoyeaux

Flipagram–turn photos into cute videos….yes. I’m gonna start using this for advertising. I already made my #socktober video with this app.

**Afterlight— (not free but totally worth the money! I was SO HAPPY when they finally brought it to android.) I use this for the awesome filters and also for the crop frame tool which makes it so that I can fit my photos on instagram ((priorities, yo.))

A W E S O M E   T I M E   W A S T E R S   F I L L E R S

YouTube— Because cat videos. (Parole de chat)….
Also excellent knowledge (Ze Frank, ASAP Science), funny girls (Grace Helbig, Jenna Marbles, The Ellen Show, French and Parfait) and free exercise (Melissa West, Jessica Smith, Fitness Blender)….

Podcast Addict— I like this one. There was another (called Swell) that disappeared into the ether….((sadface)) I follow RadioLab, Freakanomics, DinnerParty Download, Elevation Church, This American Life, and Stuff to Blow Your Mind. I love listening to podcasts while crafting.

Pinterest— I adore pinterest. It’s fabulous for finding lots of great ideas and SMASHING them together to make my own thing. I am endlessly inspired.


Feedly–I use this to keep track of all the blogs I read. Instead of having to go to a million different websites, I just hop on this app and they are all in one place.

WordPress–Obviously this is how I write in my blog since I don’t have a computer. Easy to use :)


Kindle–I’ve read almost all the OZ books because of the wonderful kindle app. It took me so long to give in….but, it’s really just a great way to always be carrying a book with you.

Goodreads— I love being able to see what my friends are reading, review books I’ve finished, and keep track of how much I’ve read.

Do you use any apps that you think are AMAZING? Please share :)