Real Wonder Women, Real Talk: What does “health” mean to you?


I am honored to know a whole bunch of inspiring, amazing women and I realized the other day that I would love to ask these ladies for their perspective on some important issues:

Health, self-care, anxiety, depression

I feel like it’s important for women to know that even when they feel alone in their experiences, other women have been there, too.

In this first part, I simply asked:

How do you define “health”? What does that word mean to you?

(I’ve kept the names anonymous at the request of a lot of the women for when we get into headier topics.)

“Health: when my mind and body are in agreement.



“For me health has become a fluid feeling. 

I used to try to feel like I did in my teens and twenties and on the odd day that I felt like that, I would feel “healthy”. 

But as I get older and my chemistry has gradually shifted, health has a new standard – one that has more to do with the middle ground than with highs and lows. 

At the end of the day, I think health to me is peace of mind and heart.

Sometimes a hurting and sick body affects that peace terribly, and sometimes it doesn’t.  But when that peace is gone, then my body feels it.
Often as anxiety.”



Health to me is a scale measuring how well your mind and body are working together. There is “good health” and “not-so-good health.”



“First, health to me, is not a result of comparing myself to others (I’m thinner than she is, happier than her, etc.).  It’s also not about a size or weight.  It is about me being the best I can be.

Health is more than just being physically fit.  It includes spiritual, mental, and emotional states.  I can achieve health by living for and being in relationship with Jesus, not to mention doing His will for me even if it means my life/choices is way different than others’.

To be healthy physically, I exercise (my focus is moving more and getting my heart rate up) and eating healthy foods MOST of the time.  ☺ I also try to stay away from chemicals, GMO’s, and use natural alternatives to healing and promoting health.

As for being healthy mentally and emotionally, I find that much harder.  I try to get enough sleep, do things I enjoy, learn things, read, etc. 

Most of all though, I believe our mental health is very much a combined result of genetics, childhood environment, and our devotion to our faith.”



Health: I define health as being the measurement of how well you are in comparison to how well your body will let you be. Meaning, I am not automatically healthier than a person in a wheel chair because I can walk and they can’t. If they are working out and eating well and I’m stuffing my face with heavily buttered popcorn, me being able to walk doesn’t mean squat in terms of health.



This is a tricky one for me. I recently realized that I have an eating disorder, something I never in a million years thought I would have. I barely eat and over-exercise in the hopes of achieving that perfect bikini-body that so many women strive for. For so many years, “health” was a thin body. Now I’m learning that health is in no way a cut and dry thin body. Health is having the energy to make it through the day because you’ve been eating regularly and enough. Health is running and jumping and playing with the kids in your life and not needing a nap afterwards because you burned through what little reserve of energy you have. Health is that luminous glow your skin gets when it has enough nutrients and water. Health is knowing that you can lift a heavy box because your muscles are strong. But mostly importantly, health is an attitude. It’s taking care of your body by giving it the right fuel and loving it by giving it days off and grace. It’s not a size 0 and it’s not a number on a scale. Health is being content with your body and loving it in all its flaws.



Personally, I used to define health as all the times I felt blissful and felt like conquering the world.

Now that I’m in tune with my hormonal cycle, I realize that I really only feel that “I’m queen of the world!!” feeling for one week out of the month.

Does that mean I’m not healthy the rest of the month? No. Even when I feel like crying or eating ALL the chocolate or sleeping all day…..that is all part of being a healthy woman.

I feel like I’m learning that health really is about balance, boundaries, connection, and growth.

As long as I am continuing to place one foot in front of the other, I have the potential to be healthy.

Also, surrounding myself with other healthy women helps me be healthy.

-me, (Joy Boardman)


What does health mean to YOU?