10 Random Songs from my Spotify

The first 10 songs that pop up when I press shuffle play on my saved songs….definitely not my favorites but a bit of randomness for your day ;)

1. S’wonderfulfrom An American in Paris

I saw this movie with my mom for free at the Wayne Theatre

2. Dangerous Nan McGrew by Helen Kane

Oh man….her voice is so fun.

3. Afternoon Tea by The Kinks

When I dated Pablo he introduced me to this song because I love drinking tea. This song always reminds me of listening to records in the spring and a light, happy atmosphere.

4. Hot Hot Hot by Buster Poindexter This song makes me think of the Office 😆

5. You Can Call Me Al by Paul Simon
Okay, so I actually love this song. If you’ve never seen the music video with Chevy Chase then go watch it right now.

6. Growing Up by Lullatone
I love this sweet little band

7. Start a Fire by John Legend
I really like his voice and this song is from the La-La Land which I really enjoyed.

8. Bad for Your Soul by Helen Savage Love her gritty voice! Like sitting next to an old radio with a bit of gin.

9. Do It Again by Elevation Worship
Worship music is so good for the soul….literally.

10. Istiqbal Solo by John Jorgenson
Spanish guitar is so sexy….

Even though I don’t listen to these songs on a regular basis this does, oddly enough, give a good idea of my eclectic taste in music :)

Your turn!