Staunton Virginia PlanetJoy Massage Clients! Vote for your favorite Staunton businesses

I’ve created a poll for my PlanetJoy massage
clients to figure out where they will most like to spend a $10 gift certificate in downtown Staunton.

I just designed a Frequent Space Travel loyalty program to reward my clients for coming to me.

Every 6th visit they will receive a $10 gift certificate to use on a future massage or at a Staunton location of their choice.

This way I can reward my clients and support downtown Staunton all at the same time!


Use the poll to tell me what your favorite Staunton businesses are!

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vote HERE for your favorite Staunton places!


Euphoria Friday: March 7, 2014

This week:20140306-202245.jpgI’m dog-sitting the cutest dog in the universe.20140306-202151.jpgMy friend Anne came over to help me give him a bath!20140306-202204.jpg

Random fun:20140306-202254.jpg20140306-202305.jpgI don’t totally agree with this list of favorite Whedon characters: no Angel?! No Giles?

My favorites list would be:

21) Adelle (badass)
20) Kaylee (adorable)
19) Victor (so much fun to watch)
18) Oz (terse and deep)
17) Echo (and all of her roles in Dollhouse) (I loved watching her change--really made me respect Eliza Dushku)
16) Fred (because she's Fred!)
15) Lilah (badass)
14) Harmony (clueless)
13) Alpha (insane)
12) Druscilla (insane)
11) Buffy (adorable)
10) Willow (funny and sweet)
9) Topher (geeky and lovable)
8) Glory (insane)
7) Xander (sweet and goofy)
6) Giles (awesome & British)
5) Cordelia (speaking her mind--and winning my heart)
4) Angel (sexiness)
3) Wesley (for becoming a badass)
2) Anya (always speaking her mind)
1) Spike (cheekbones, sexiness, EVERYTHING)

**that was my geek-out moment of the day**

•I’m so in love with Random Acts of Kindness (like these ones). Maybe when I pay off my loans that’s what I’ll do the next month: just leave money around for people to find and pay for the person behind me :)
•Along those same lines here are 100 ways to tell your child (or anyone, really) how much you love them. Because love is important!
How to know you’re in a really good (even sacred) relationship. 20140306-202224.jpg20140306-202233.jpg
•Have you ever taken the Meyers Briggs personality test? I’ve actually recently become more of an ESFP but for a long time I was an ENTP so I love this article on the care and feeding of your ENTP. (some of it still really resonates with me)

•Also I still can relate to this one about ENTPs and their awkwardness when it comes to love. 20140306-220933.jpg

Make it!
•I love this super cute gift tag DIY.

•I’m kind of obsessed with easy-to-make food that looks totally complicated like braided Nutella bread and eggs with heart-shaped yolks.
20140306-220847.jpg20140306-220903.jpg•If someone makes me these lasagna cups I will know they love me!!

Pure Happiness:

Massage time!20140306-202033.jpg20140306-202212.jpg

Debt-free by July 2014: progress report

I’m less than $1000 away from the halfway point!

At this point I’m starting to wonder what I’ll do to celebrate and how much it will change my life to be debt free.

My ultimate goal is to be debt free by my birthday in July. But I know that it’s more realistic to expect to make it happen by November.

If you’d like to help there are two ways to do so and there will be more ways coming soon!

1) If you live in Staunton, schedule a massage!

My current specials are: 20140305-122121.jpgcontact me at to schedule.

It’s not too late to sign up for this either:20140305-122326.jpg

Or maybe a gift certificate?20140305-122347.jpg

2) The second thing you can do (especially if you aren’t local) is shop in my etsy shop!

I’ll be posting my March bath crystals soon! (Aromatherapy Epsom salts which are awesome for sore muscles and detoxifying your body!) I have new ones every month and specially crafted for every zodiac sign.

Massage Can Even Help Your Depression! The Health Benefits of Massage

20140121-210417.jpgFirst a link: 10 Ways to Cheer Yourself Up on a Blue Monday. (click)

Did you know? Massage is a healthy, drug-free system for controlling the symptoms of SAD. (What is SAD you ask? Click to find out more about Seasonal Depression.)

•energy levels
•general sense of wellbeing
Massage helps both the body and mind leave the “fight or flight” part of your nervous system.

Massage releases and increases endorphins (the body’s natural anti-depressant), which creates a euphoric feeling and fights depression.

You naturally move into your parasympathetic nervous system: your natural relaxation response.
20140121-211730.jpgMassage also helps balance your endocrine system, which is responsible for the release of hormones.

Massage is an ideal method for increasing serotonin levels.

Serotonin plays a role in mood, behavior, body temperature, physical coordination, appetite and sleep. (Serotonin is connected with melatonin and the pineal gland.)

The positive effects of massage treatments can be felt immediately, but for long-term effects it is advised to receive between two and four treatments a month during fall and winter seasons.

By receiving regular massages, (at least two a month), you will experience less intense SAD symptoms.

Finding a supportive massage therapist who makes you feel comfortable can also help your mood.
20140121-211536.jpgDo you live in Staunton, Virginia?

I have a massage special for anyone battling SAD:

**Schedule as many 30-min massages as you can in February and March for only $140.**

All you have to do is set up the appointments and show up!

If you are crushed by this winter weather, sign up for depression-control and positive vibes.
20140121-211627.jpgIf you're in a bad mood and have no motivation, massage will make you feel so much better.

((Trust me: I am a SAD sufferer, myself, and massage’s serotonin boost is miraculous.))

The faster you sign up, the more massages you can schedule!
Space is limited!
Contact me via email

Joy Boardman

Massage Therapist and Collage Art Therapist

Planet Joy: Otherworldly Massages for Women, Planet-Friendly Collages for Everyone

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So much MORE than a collage party!

“I know I said it a bunch of times, but I still want to say ‘thank you’ once again for the collage party and for your insightful prompts on the making of the collages. As I said, I’ve not done anything that was free-flowingingly (I make up words sometimes) creative in many years. It was a great experience for me on so many levels.

So again, THANK YOU! And I do plan to attend more sessions to continue learning to allow myself to expand into more spontaneity and creativity.”


20140108-202338.jpgJen with one of the wonderful collages she created.

Saturday was kind of life-changing for me when I saw how much these collage sessions can mean to other people.

What an incredible blessing it was to discover that I can do these fun collage parties and actually HELP people.

Here I’d initially thought they would just be good fun….I cannot express how excited I am to be entering the realm of art therapy.

Of course, it is still whole bunches of pure fun, too.

I just feel in my bones that this is going to become an integral part of what I do.

I’d been trying and trying to fit massages and collages together (delighted at first to simply discover that they rhyme!)

Then the other night TJ said that my art “makes people feel good in their brains and their hearts” which made me realize that every part of my business touches people on some therapeutic level.

Even my squishy, awkward animals! They are therapeutically squishy to hold.

My fizzies make baths and showers therapeutic, too….

It’s so exciting to be continuously discovering my life path and how EVERYTHING fits together!!

20140108-202353.jpgI really hope you can come to one of the parties.

In January we are setting our intentions for the coming year.

It’s a very powerful thing to make your goals visual!

I will provide all of the materials (*if you want to bring extra magazines, you’re welcome to!)

It’s totally relaxed: no-stress!

Find out more all about the collage parties here.
20140108-202400.jpgStay tuned on Facebook for February dates!
The prompts for February will be:

Self-esteem, radical self-love& acceptance, what love means to you, and love for others.

I’ll give the option to make valentines for the women’s shelter in Staunton, the senior citizens center, etc.

((All collages above, except Jen's of course, were made by me: Joy Boardman))
20140108-203249.jpgJoy Boardman is "soul" owner of PlanetJoy: Otherworldly Massages for Women and Planet-Friendly Collages for Everyone. She has been doing collage since she was old enough to hold the lefty scissors. Follow her on Facebook at

Collage Parties


Collage Parties are a chance for women (Moms! College students!) to get together, drink wine, eat yummy snacks, and make fun& easy artwork.

On the surface? It’s about cutting out pictures and using a glue stick to make pretty art.

But really? It’s about finding out what speaks to you, getting inspired, having fun, feeling accomplished.

It’s designed for women who have always wanted to find a visual way to express themselves but were afraid they “have no artistic talent” — women who struggle to put what’s in their head on to paper.

By the end of the party, you will understand how to …

:select images that speak to you
:make a collage!!
:stop feeling pressured to “make it perfect”

And best of all, you’ll have the experience of having a fun, relaxed, silly time with your friends.

Grab a friend and get ready to make some art!

Our theme for January will be An Inspired New Year: Setting Intentions for 2015. The power of putting your goals on paper and making them visual is not to be underestimated.

Price is $20/person:
Only $15 if you bring a friend
OR $10 if you bring a magazine to donate AND a friend :)

Check out the PlanetJoy Facebook page for event listings
or contact to set up a private party of your very own!