Wordy Wednesday: Thank you for 6 years of massageĀ 

Hello! So much can happen in the course of a week, and even more in a month, and too much in a year. Day by day it feels like not much is changing but then you look back and you are amazed by how much you’ve been through and how much you’ve accomplished. 
This is my 6th year of doing massage. It’s so crazy to think that I’ve had my own business and run it successfully for this long. One day at a time, one amazing and encouraging client at a time. 
I want to say thank you for being part of my adventure. 

I literally would NOT still be doing this without you. Even if you think you’ve only played a small part in my venture, that small part has meant SO MUCH. Every little bit of feedback has made me better at what I do. Every time you got on my table and were willing to be vulnerable with me has helped me grow as a person. 
So, I just wanted to say thank you. 

I never knew I would be in this field and I never knew how much it would feel so naturally a part of my identity. I love helping people feel valued. I love helping you feel like your body is a temple and that your self-care is the most wise investment you could ever make. 
You’re amazing. 

Thank you for making PlanetJoy an actual thing. A happy thing. A place where we can thrive together. And thank you for all the people you’ve shared my information with. Thank you for recommending me again and again. Even when those people haven’t actually scheduled, it has meant so much to hear that you’ve passed my name along to them. What a beautiful feeling to know that you love my work so much and you’ve felt so wonderful on my table that you wanted to share that experience with another person. 
Sending you so much love šŸ’•