A Mission Statement: You are a hot, seductive challenge living in a beautiful reality. 

Find what wakes up your soul 

Spend time in the forest 

Character is determined by commitment, not defined by time 

Be perfectly imperfect 

You’re growing. 

Make enduring memories 

Eat more pho…. 

Spend time outside: make it beautiful 


Go to Hawaii 

Go global: it’s an incredible world, intensely beautiful 

You can find your best match for life 

Happy life, happy brain 

It’s raining new ideas, find fresh perspective 

Your journey is beginning 

You aren’t going to crack under pressure 

Go harder, faster, sooner, higher! 

Turn heads; make it happen 

Save today: make the world better 

Be awe inspiring 

Have many adventures: beginnings and endings 

Relax and restore 

Binge read 

Live in the moment: it’s delicious 


Trust quality and purity 

Be fiery and sweet, not bland: deliciously vibrant and vivid 

Food is a healing tool 

Do beautiful work: it’s highly addictive. Work for you; it’s hard to go wrong 

Fuel your body with exhilarating power, naturally. 

There’s No Place Like Home: 

Stylish, elegant, luxuriousness that’s personal and reflects your personality 

Financial planning: possibilities 

Create a better environment: make a statement 

Love: a powerful pair 

Have more sex; experience a love that lasts 

Reimagine pure love 

New hope and trust 

Enduring, exhilarating possibility. enriching, sensational. Enduring made easy. Exceptional possibility beyond probability. 

A delicious future. 

You are a hot, seductive challenge living in a beautiful reality. 

Base your approach on your life and your passions. 

This will endure for decades because it’s been tested: stronger and more beautiful. 

Time to reunite….perfectly seasoned and trusted. Finally coming home. 

“I can have some another time.” 

I am content. I love what I do. Simple pleasures. On the road to my happy place. Ready for something new. 

Plan sweet weekends with your kind of people. Connect. Imagine a new “us”. Trusted friends. Build and protect. Invest in your social network. Live a little. Belong and connect. People who love you, shield you, and set your soul free. Keep things motivating and fun. 

Get ready for winter. Travel with sun. Find the extraordinary in every day. Get outside. Go on a road trip. Bespontaneous. GO. 

Be kind. Make beauty last. Let life in. Go places. 

Make good BETTER

The world is wide open. 

Have a girls weekend. Ask for what you want: your needs are not complicated. Put in everything. Keep it simple and delicious. Entertain. Never let them leave hungry. 

Be completely happy: you’re accomplishing something!! 

Strong is beautiful. You can never be “too much you”….so, have peace of mind

Turn your dreams into reality: healthy lifestyle, strong 

Motivation is the key component of change 

Your mission for today: go further, live lighter 

Do not be afraid of being you. 

Have a breakthrough: become fresh and new 

You are bold confidence in motion 

You’re doing it. Make it count

You’re ageless 

Fight inflammation and curb your cravings. Aloha healthy. 

Have vitality, be alive, burst with ripeness. 

Sip (unexpected) joy, fully. 💕

Set Out with Intention

Goals are so last year. 2018 is about INTENTIONS. How about setting a vision and indulging in ambitions? Moving in alignment with your vision and pressing in the direction of your desires? Desires don’t have a set date. They aren’t pushy. They don’t leave you feeling like you’re proving something. They are meaningful

Do you want to feel fully alive? Empowered, energized and invigorated when you make a plan to actually DO what you’re longing to do? You need a vision: small and consistent habits or MEGA and bold dreams! 

Having a dream inspires you and having a plan creates action. Even if you don’t achieve everything you set out to do, having a vision can set you in the right direction for transforming your life path. 

“Without vision we perish.”

It’s not about changing who you are, it’s about feeling more like your true self. Having a vision is never just about the vision, it’s about how you grow along the way when you are willing to reach for what you really want deep down. Eliminating irrelevance and misplaced determination. Energizing. Persisting. Learning. Being present and recognizing possibility. Consciously participating in creating your reality. Soul-affirming not soul-sucking. 

What you focus on magnifies. If you’re unfocused you are just treading water. Setting intentions and having a vision is an act of self-love. 

“A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at.”

Bruce Lee
Do what you say you’re going to do. Decide to rise. Expand and explore your place in the universe. Drink in the endorphins. Nourish your soul.