Year in Review: 2015


New Years Findells at Baja with Alyssa and Anne
Started breakfasts with Dawn
Saturn Return began

Allison started coming to my church
We ate bugs in Anne’s class

I completely organized my closet
Collage goal setting parties


Project Warm Heart #pwh with Anne and TJ
One of the first people to be told about Savanna’s pregnancy

Took pregnancy massage class so I could work on Savanna her whole pregnancy

Craig Snodgrass made Valentine’s for Laura and I
Figured out my signature style & wardrobe
Cooked salmon for the first time

Spent a snowy day at Molly’s with Caitlin

Played Quelf with Brigitte, Henry, Savanna, & Chad
TJ’s niece, Elise was born 03.04.15
Sent Brigitte off to Florida
Got my first pedicure with Caitlin
Found out I was allergic to MSG
Went to BANFF with Caitlin in Charlottesville

Made a birthday key lime pie for Laura on pie day 3.14.15


Had brunch at the Boars Head with mom and grandma
Started writing with Aubrey

Started using the Bible app



PWH Easter egg hunt with Anne Buzzelli


Lymphatic drainage class
LeeAnn came to visit
Spent a lot of time with Molly binge-watching Downton Abbey



Mowed the lawn for the first time
Pablo stuff



Glenn’s graduation
Molly moved to South Dakota


Had a memorial day picnic



Celebrated the life and work of my friend, Mary Echols


Got my hair cut


Met Erika
Went to Jack’s funeral
Molly came to visit


Started going for walks just for fun
Became gluten intolerant

My 29th birthday!


Dinner with Molly and church girls


Spent time with my Melissa



Waffle breakfast with friends at The Store
Did elimination diet
Read The Art of Asking


Brigitte came home from Florida for a massage & we all went out to dinner and played Cards Against Humanity at Byers Street

Went to a beautiful Hour Economy outdoor dinner
Met Kelly


Savanna’s baby shower
TJ&I took a break
Started getting acupuncture





Savanna’s baby, Scarlett was born 07.30.15


Watched Marx Brothers movies outside at By&By
Confirmed gluten intolerance



Caitlin moved to Alaska



Hiked humpback 2x


Started going to farmers market with Kat and Kirsten
Dinner and yoga at Erika’s
Shopped at Aldi
Collage party



Gave Scarlett a massage (full circle!)
Saw The Importance of Being Earnest@ the Blackfriars
Forgave Pablo


Dyed hair RED
Started going to Lisa Shelton

Addicted to sugar




Road trip to VT (survived near fatal incident)
Became good friends with Kat
Scary movies with Kat and Kirsten (Babadook!!)



Scary movies and pumpkin carving with TJ
Clothing swap
SVAC art opening with art from Beverly Street, talked to Buddy
Became community group leader
Planted bulbs
Cheese allergy
Bev depressed
Went to vineyard with Erika
Started spending money, again (after 2.5 years of not shopping)
Mary’s 90th birthday
Ros got engaged
Said goodbye to Kelley

Memorized psalm 19:7-11 and recited in front of church
Helped mom konmari her clothes
Mom cleaned downstairs
Kat and I watched “”Feces of An Angel”” (actually called Faces of an Angel….but it was soooo terrible) and bonded
Konmaried all my papers
Started studying hormones
Started getting a different kind of bodywork almost every week
TJ went on a cruise
Mom let me borrow her car and I went on a shopping spree
James Bond at Visulite with Kat and co.


Terri came to visit
Read Wuthering Heights
Kat and mom and I went to see The Suffragette in Harrisonburg
Sparkles and Sweets
Compiled all my electronic gear and konmaried all my photos on my laptop

Gift shopping


Beth came to visit from England!
Sad news with Molly
Got everyone to take MBTI.
Spaghetti night with Kat
Raindrop session
Mom raised my rent
TJ and I had cocoa and movie night at my house
“Crafternoon” Cocktail party
Frank died



Designed my new logo
Breakfast with Suzanne (she decided to start a breakfast club)



Mom and I had a little Christmas by ourselves



Had Christmas with TJ and his family and his little niece, Elise.


Chose my word for the year: EXPAND


Spent a very introverted New Years walking around downtown

2014: Best of the blog [my absolute favorite posts]

My favorite business moments of the year:
*Collage parties turned into art therapy

“I know I said it a bunch of times, but I still want to say ‘thank you’ once again for the collage party and for your insightful prompts on the making of the collages. As I said, I’ve not done anything that was free-flowingingly (I make up words sometimes) creative in many years. It was a great experience for me on so many levels.”

*My clients fell in love with 90-min massages

“I would DEFINITELY recommend trying a 90 minute massage – it allows extra time to be spent on areas that need extra attention, plus it’s 30 extra minutes of JOY!”

*I designed PlanetJoy t-shirts

*I started doing 2-hour massages

*2014 YOM client testimonials
image image

My favorite health articles of the year:
*Yoga and nutrition for SAD

*What is the pineal gland and why is it making me SAD?

*Holistic help for KP (keratosis pilaris)

*Mucus in your colon?! Gross!!

*I learned how to spell eczema image image image image

My favorite artist of the year:
Ashley Percival

My favorite personal moments of year:
*Learning to tell it like it is

*My financial freedom plan

*I wrote my bio

*What if I were a novel character

*My year: 2014 in review
image image image
Favorite bonus helpful articles:
*My favorite free apps

*My 12 favorite blogs


2014: My Year in Review

2014 was quietly wonderful. I stepped away from a lot of the things I was involved in during 2013 so life had a completely different texture.

Resolutions for 2014, part 1

Life-changing highlights: finding a counselor and paying off $11,000 of debt!!

Resolutions for 2014, part 2

Favorite memories:
Massage anniversary dinner party for clients
Marie Antoinette birthday party

Best shows/movies I watched:
American Horror Story
Guardians of the Galaxy
X-Men: Days of Future Past
Mr. Nobody
The Theory of Everything

Favorite quotes:

“Last year you were a super nova, this year you are capable of sustaining life.”

“You look like you’ve robbed the rainbow.”
-Leo Charre

Here are some more of the adventures I had!


I started doing collage parties and discovered that they can be a form of art therapy!



First soufflé!

Had a Valentine’s/Cold-Weather-Sucks Indian food party with my lovely friends
Moved across the street back into my old house for the month while petsitting Ollie, a crazy adorable dog (therefore fulfilling my goal of owning a dog for a month)


Trained said dog

Met Jena and Colin a cute couple from NYC and introduced them to Staunton

Hosted a fabulous dinner party with 11 guests (and took ZERO pictures….ugh!!)
Had brunch in Harrisonburg with Ros and Melissa at The Little Grill


Moved back home

Modeled for a Degas class

Was a tree for earth day. Got to hug everybody (“hug a tree”)

Held a successful cash mob for The Store


Went to Richmond to visit Vanessa for her son, Max’s first birthday!


Traveled to Colorado to see my whole family for my cousin, Will’s graduation

Took over HourEconomy Swaps and turned them into Staunton Swaps

Read all of the Harry Potter books

Watched all of the Harry Potter movies with Molly

Designed t-shirts for my business


Inspired work week for Hour Economy to promote exchanges. This prompted The Little Libraries to be built right in Jena and Colin’s backyard!!


Marie Antoinette dessert and tea birthday party. With so many of my favorite ladies.


July got a little harder after that because my moms health started REALLY going down….

Mom went to the hospital in Salem for a few days.

My bestie, LeeAnn moved away….

I met a cute guy named Keenan.

I dyed my hair red. For a second.

Went to the safari park with my mom.

Movie nights at By&By became a regular event with Savanna and Brigitte.

The Dixie closed and we all went to see a double: ET & Jaws


Got involved in fighting the pipeline

Went on a daaaaaate.

Got a raise @ Alls Well. Became Laura’s new partner in crime.

Dreaded my friend Yolo’s hair. New skill!
Started having breakfasts with Dawn every other Thursday

Started selling my shirts at Made;

Started meeting with my counselor, Suzanne.

Made my own hula hoop and learned how to use it :)

Full moon parties with Brittney



Brigitte and I got our portraits done!

Staunton Jams and my cutie pie CAITLIN CAME HOME FROM HONDURAS!!


More pipeline stuff: Free Not Fracked

Chair massages at Cranberry’s

Apple picking

DC Art trip– got to meet up with my best friends from when I was little. All grown up now!!

Gave a talk at the YMCA about the Hour Economy

Church Downtown turned 1 and I got to speak about it’s affect on me

I met TJs friend, Sayward



Apple picking

House sitting for Suzanne

Finally got my office all clean



Anne Buzzelli turned 40 and all of Staunton celebrated!

I was part of Art for Gifts for the 3rd year– packaging way improved this year :)

Sparkles and Sweets happened

Watched Cyrano at Blackfriars with Ros
Started accepting credit cards with my nifty Square!


We were in the Christmas parade

Christmas Carol at Blackfriars

12 Dates at Blackfriars

Stone Soup closed it’s doors :(

Surprise birthday party for Monika

Ugly sweater party

Helped Caitlin move

Church Downtown got to have Christmas Eve at Blackfriars and TJ came with me!

Went on vacation for 2 weeks.


Became a mermaid.

So, it was actually a pretty full year…. I’m ready to start fresh, though!

This will be The Year I Got Out Of Debt, Got Fit, and Started REALLY Living


Word for 2015: Moxie!!

Heck Yeah! Saying Farewell to 2013

2013: What a year!!

What a fabulous year this was. I made SO MANY new friends and consequently more than tripled my business. My word for the year was Outward and hallelujah it was a success. Here are some of the adventures I had in 2013.20131223-112132.jpg❄Survived being stranded on New Years Eve (spent night at Turtle Lane)

❄Said farewell to my favorite restaurant: Mockingbird

❄Decided to take my business in a new direction and created the Year of Massage (went from 3 clients to over 20!!)

❄Set my intention word for the year: "Outward" I wanted to be more connected and outwardly focused and WOAH, it so happened.

Also: organized and revamped the entire shop Turtle Lane in little over a month.
20131223-112139.jpg💗Made a lovely Carrot cake for my moms birthday

💗Made my first magnets

💗Created my first posters (and my lovely customer was so impressed that she framed hers and sent me photos)

💗Awkward bunnies were born!
20131223-112146.jpg🌟I joined Hour economy and started doing marketing on the steering committee for them

🌟I received my Associates Degree (finally)

🌟Wonder Woman became the mascot for Planet Joy

🌟I started making journals

Also: made friends with Tony and Ros, went to the planetarium with my mom
20131223-121930.jpg🙌😍Vanessa gave birth to a magical baby boy child with some killer good looks.😍🙌
20131223-112154.jpg🌈Started making crayons

🌈Cut my hair and dyed it blue

🌈Photoshoot with Josh Kamikaze

🌈Helped celebrate Dawns birthday

Also: worked at the Verona farmers market20131223-112202.jpg🎉⭐Sparkly 27th birthday party!! A lovely day and evening with wonderful friends. Many thanks especially to Melissa Dieterly who helped me so much with preparations. ⭐🎉
20131223-112208.jpg☀We grew a giant tomato

☀Church Downtown started in a movie theatre and I made a bunch of fabulous new friends

☀I became a magical woodland creature thanks to David Hanlon

☀Fun packaging ventures finally happened

Also: kissed an Argentinian and relearned how to ride a bike!
20131223-112215.jpg😎Amazing road trip with my Italian Rainbow, Nada. We went from San Francisco down to San Diego. I even got my first tattoo!! And a legit tan!!!!😎20131223-112224.jpg🍎🍏Many apple picking adventures with Amanda, Tj, Meghan, LeeAnn& her daughters. 🍏🍎
🎉Also celebrated Mary Echols' 88th birthday!20131223-112230.jpg👻I was Delirium for Halloween. I got to cover my arm in fake tattoos, too.

🎃Tj and I carved pumpkins and I made a kitty pumpkin I actually loved!

👻Amanda and I painted our faces as Sugar Skulls!!20131223-112237.jpg👾My family came to visit for Veterans Day. Even my cousin Eric!

👾I made my first mini-books!!

👾I designed Shakespeare magnets. (Coming in January....)

👾Created YOM 201420131223-112243.jpg🍙Melissa and i made giant rolls of rice! i mean sushi.

🍣Space rocks became a thing

🍙I decided this Christmas would be a lighter affair

🍣I chose the word "Improvement" for 201420131223-112251.jpg🍥Pastel holiday decorations this year

🍥New Grinch posters

🍥Gift certificates became available

🍥Mom and I made pretty beautiful gingerbread cookies20131223-112320.jpg
Also: I paid off one of my loans (only 5 to go!) and my mom lost over 100 lbs this year!! I'm SO proud of her.

See my crazy 2013 as a 30-second video.

Happy new year!!

Birthday Week: looking at the past year


Lessons learned the past year:
It’s better to really give than to “discount” and then feel resentment.

Always get terms in writing ahead of time for big projects

It’s good to really get to know guys before thinking about dating them

Firm mattresses are better than soft ones

It’s important to care for my body when I am caring for so many other bodies

People will still love you even with weird hair

A great way to really get to know someone is to interview them

It’s important to repeatedly inform your heart & mind that you will NOT be getting back together with someone

Dreams that came true:
Dyed hair pink and then blue and then purple

Successfully hosted my first party

I know myself more because:
I helped Becca transform her shop

I joined Hour Economy

I was transformed by:
Graduating from Brcc

Helping Becca

Joining Hour Economy

Modeling for Jeffrey’s class
I let go of:
Tj and Chase

I am happy because I:
Felt included

Expanded my business

Made great new, supportive friends

What I discovered about myself:
I am good at marketing

I do like camping

I feel lonely easily

2012 led me to:
Present my products more effectively

Explore new venues

Learn more about my ideal customers and clients

Experiment with new ideas: hello, awkward bunnies!!

I’m proud of myself for:
Having my first yardsale

Teaching my first workshop

Being part of my first craft fair

Being included in my first art show

Dying my hair radical colors

Making more in half a year than I made all of last year

Making new friends and learning how to reach out