Untitled Writer Prompt- Three Days Long


3 days long.
I’ve been holding my breath down here.
Avoiding the stench of these unsifted emotions that we just step over all the time like mounds of moldy wreckage in a hoarders house. Frightening and violent. We’ve been in denial for so long that I don’t even know what is real anymore.

I drag these piles with me everywhere I go. Last night I Googled: “when is it okay to let go?” And Google wasn’t feeling lucky so it turned up some file on cliff diving without a parachute. I think I will try to find away to apply my research.

Step one:
Get a running start.

Step two:
Don’t stop until you hit the bottom.

Step three and four:
Collect yourself again, and begin to walk in unknown territory, exposed, alone. You didn’t expect to survive so you’ve brought nothing with you. Become wild.

I think three days is too long to live without hearing your voice. I hum to myself as I walk along and my voice bounces off the canyon walls, keeping me company. I have learned how to survive a fall and when I make it home to you, I will no longer be afraid.

We will begin by gently touching each other’s mouths with rocks I found by the river. You’ll whisper that you never felt like you belonged here. I will smile with my crazy eyes and you’ll understand that I never felt safe anywhere until I was left to die.

-Joy Boardman, March 23, 2015

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Zodiac Women: Aries


March 22-April 20
Probably could kill you if they wanted. Extremely strong-willed and stubborn. Kick-ass. They get what they want. Admirable.


Wonder Woman Wednesday: Linda Tabor


Welcome to this month’s Wonder Woman Wednesday!

This month’s guest is my favorite massage client in tie-die, Linda Tabor. Linda is always such a generous lady. She’s always showing up bearing gifts! When the farmers market is going she brings me fresh veggies….she’s fabulous.

Name: Linda Tabor

Birthday: 06-06-1967

Describe yourself as you are or as you want to be remembered:
I feel I am an old soul, often misunderstood, with an incredible capacity for connecting many dots.

Favorite book? (Or blog or podcast): “Food Rules” by Michael Pollan – It helped me realize the extent of the damages being done to my body by the food-like substances that the alphabet agencies claim are ‘safe for consumption’.

Favorite quote:
Wow.  There’s sooooo many that I dearly love, it’s incredibly hard to narrow it down to one. 

“Breathe, breathe in the air.  Don’t be afraid to care.”  Pink Floyd 

– captures one of my greatest life lessons, I suppose.

What motivates you? 
Love, sunshine, having a sense of purpose, and feeling like my presence is appreciated.

How do you best take care of yourself? What is your favorite way to be healthy?  
I’m still working on finding what works best together. 

Nutritional nurturing, massage therapy, hot salt baths, neuroptimal neurofeedback, acupuncture, and nature have proven, thus far, to be the most healing and empowering.  

What is your greatest strength? Intuition and heightened sensitivities – a double-edged sword.

Who inspires you? What have they taught you?  
Everyone I meet.  They continually teach me to get out of my head and go back inside to view the world from my heart. 

What’s the best advice or wisdom you’ve ever received?
Stop seeking salvation outside of yourself.  Everything you need is already inside of you. 

What cheers you up or encourages you when you’re down?  
If it’s just a mild downness, music, sunshine, time spent in nature watching my feathered friends or other wild life, and sharing space with some of my favorite people works like a charm. 

If it’s a severe depressive cycle, time, a lot of self-reflection, and sleep tend to be the only helpful things.

What are you proudest of?
I’m proud of the courage I find in the moments I’m able to speak up about things that matter.

What is your biggest goal for 2015?
To find at least one consistent way that I can give back to the community by paying forward all of the care and love I’ve received from the amazing healers and huge hearts I’ve crossed paths with.

{Please send a photo or two of yourself at your happiest! And tell me a little bit about the photo(s)}


  I really dig this photo since it has the whole family in it, doing one of the things I love the most, soaking up a whole lotta love while enjoying some damn good live music.  :o)


September 2013 at Lock’n music festival.  Basking in the sun in my favorite tie-dye, discovering Barefoot brand kombucha on tap for the first time, surrounded by 20,000 of my favorite people, immersed in meaningful melodic joy, dancing, and letting our freak flags fly.  I had to rest often, but I sure was happy.  :o)

Thank you so much, Linda!! You’re such a wonderful woman :)



Pi Day Key Lime Pie (gluten free)


In honor of the ULTIMATE pi day (3.14.15) I made this pie for my friend’s birthday today and have been serving it to my massage clients all day :)

Key Lime Pie (gluten free!)

Gluten free snickerdoodle cookies, smooshed

1 can of sweetened condensed milk
4 egg yolks
1/2 cup lime juice

(Pour into crust and bake 15 min at 350°F)

Whip the 4 egg whites
Add sugar once egg whites are frothy and add vanilla extract

(Dollop on top of cooled pie)

Refrigerate pie till ready to serve….try not to eat the whole thing.


The geek in me was soooo thrilled to finish making this pie at 9:26 this morning. Pi is 3.1415926….


Malady Monday: Endometriosis


An autoimmune disease where layers of fibrous endometrial tissue form on other pelvic organs
Causes severe abdominal pain (more intense than childbirth) due to bleeding and tissue sloughing


Most common cause of pelvic pain in women of reproductive age
Leading cause of infertility
Affects 10% of ALL women in the world!!!!


In ayurveda it’s an imbalance of all 3 doshas.

In Chinese medicine it’s caused by blood stasis, qi stagnation, & liver congestion.


Gentle, moderate exercise every other day

Deep breathing
Heat on abdomen (hot water bottle)
Kegels 50-100 daily– 10 at a time
No sex during period
Use shower filter for chlorine
Castor oil or senna tea on days 14-15 of your menstrual cycle
Get a LOT of rest especially around your period (days 1-3 of your cycle)

Abdominal & pelvic massage
Sweating (sauna can help)
Lymph massage


Lower your estrogen level (avoid or minimize estrogen)

*Strengthen & cleanse your liver so it can more efficiently remove estrogen

Increase progesterone (eat yams–not sweet potatoes, walnuts, vit b6, zinc, turmeric, thyme, and oregano)

Reduce inflammation, increase antioxidants, limit salt



Do everything in your power to reduce stress (also helps fertility) avoid anger, fear, and excessive emotions–meditate 20min/day (practice relaxing)

Warm baths with your favorite essential oils*

*frankincense, *myrrh, *clary sage, *peppermint, *geranium, lavender, rosemary, juniper, thyme, fennel, bergamot


Dong quai
Evening primrose oil or Borage oil
Blue cohosh (days 22-28 of your cycle– good for fertility, too)
Chaste Tree Fruit (aka chasteberry or vitex)

Omega-3 fish oil
Use calcium and magnesium as pain reliever
1 Tbl FERMENTED codliver oil 2x/day for 60 days
Vitamin B
Vitamin C heals tissue and controls bleeding
Vitamin E balances hormones
Folate or folic acid

Aloe Vera


*Use spring water (to avoid chlorine in water)
Drink warm water first thing in the morning
Soak 4 Tbl of flax in 1 cup of water overnight, strain and drink

Pineapple juice
Use radishes in smoothies
Only organic, non-homogenized milk

Teas with licorice, dandelion, milk thistle
Chamomile tea at bed time
Ginger tea for nausea


(HIGH FIBER–think foods that will help you poop, low sugar, low carb, and don’t eat heavy meals)

Protein at each meal helps stabilize hormones– also, don’t skip meals.

Eat all foods cooked and warm

Pumpkin seeds
Brazil nuts

Dark leafy greens
*Kelp (dissolves masses and is good for thyroid)
*Daikon radishes (move qi)
Cooked cauliflower, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, kale, bok choy at lunch with grains
Carrot and parsley at dinner


Papaya for breakfast

Organic meat (no hormones added)

Wheat germ (high in vitE– good for scar tissue)


joining valley
Great rushing
Lv 2, 3, 14
Cv 4, 6
Gb 41
Ub 17

Sp 6, 8, 10, 12, 13
Ki 3, 17


Avoid using plastic containers and plastic bottles

Avoid bleached foods (white sugar, white flour, white rice)

Avoid fried foods, fatty foods, processed foods


*Avoid cold/dry/raw foods– YIN foods which will make blood stagnation worse

Avoid alcohol (except occasional glass of red wine)

Avoid soy & tomatoes

I really hope you can incorporate these habits and nutrition guidelines into your life and that they can bring you some relief.

Some additional helpful links:
What not to say to a woman with an unhappy uterus.

Just send this link if you’re tired of explaining endometriosis to people.

More lifestyle and dietary changes for endometriosis.

More Chinese medicine for endometriosis

Yoga for endometriosis:
Yin Yoga for Endometriosis

Doing yoga with endometriosis

Devotion: My Commitment to Myself and to the World

DEVOTION: My commitment to myself — and the world — for 2015.

My name is Joy.

Starting today, I am devoting myself to the following projects:

–Being completely debt free.

–Being generous.

–Reaching out and being vulnerable.

I am devoting myself to these projects because I care about other people and feel that we are not meant to live life alone.

These projects deserve my full focus, attention, discipline and love.

Starting today, I am releasing the following from my life:

–Scarcity thinking.

–Pretending that I don’t have enough.

–Poor time management.

I am releasing these things because I need to create time & energy for giving to others.

These things no longer have a place in my life.

I believe that the world needs more kindness and generosity and that’s what I am here to create.

I may not be able to give millions to every charity, but I can do my part to help.

The very next step is to pay for people behind me.

And then after that, to actively seek out people to help.

When things feel overwhelming, I will remind myself that my job is simply to: spread love and kindness.

I have the power to leave the world, and the people around me, in better condition than I found them.

I don’t have to “reach” for that power. I have it, right now.

Anybody can serve.

I am devoted.

I am focused.

I am ready.

I know what I am here to do.

I am officially signing this agreement — with myself — on Feb 25th, 2014

Joy Boardman

Every word is true.

Zodiac Women: Pisces


Feb 22-March 21
Sensitive & complicated. Don’t fit in and tend to like it that way. Powerful effect on others.