12 Things Which Can Help You Balance Your Hormones 

  1. Maca
  2. Ashwaganda
  3. Evening primrose oil 
  4. Vitamin d 
  5. Omega 3s 
  6. Rhodiola
  7. Coconut oil 
  8. Digestive enzymes and probiotics 
  9. Tulsi tea 
  10. Bone broth 
  11. Salmon 
  12. Ylang ylang essential oil 

Self-Care: 35 Creative Ways to Take Care of Yourself

  1. Doodle
  2. Collage
  3. Paint
  4. Draw
  5. Visit an art gallery 
  6. Go to the symphony 
  7. Make a craft (helloooo Pinterest!)
  8. Write a poem
  9. Cook
  10. Decorate your house 
  11. Revisit an old hobby 
  12. Etsy shop (buy or sell) 
  13. Garden 
  14. Make jewelry 
  15. Make a mixtape playlist for yourself or a friend 
  16. Switch up the photos around your house 
  17. Make a list of 10 things you like 
  18. Write with a journaling prompt
  19. Cook something you’ve never made before 
  20. Take a photo for every hour of your day 
  21. Write awesome quotes on your mirror 
  22. Make a photo book 
  23. Get an item of clothing that you like (but that’s not quite right) altered 
  24. Remove stains 
  25. Make a list of all the things you want to do before your next birthday 
  26. Buy some balloons 
  27. Edit your Pinterest boards 
  28. Make some home videos 
  29. Apply for a subscription box
  30. Purchase something awesome on Amazon 
  31. Check out recipe blogs 
  32. Wear a fun hat 
  33. Get a new piercing 
  34. Order new business cards 
  35. Make homemade ice cream 


How to Eat so You’ll Finally Stop Breaking Out: Conquering the Battle over Hormonal Acne

The first step to overcoming hormonal acne is to track your period cycle. You’ll need to know which day of your period you are on. I use Hormone Horoscope.

Week 1 

You’re feeling more extroverted and upbeat 

You need iron, sprouted, and fermented foods (think sauerkraut, kefir, pickles) 

This is a great time to do cardio and strength building 

Drink green tea and get your vitamin c 

Day 1-7 


Your skin will be sensitive 

Make sure you are getting enough magnesium (leafy greens, black beans, avocado, figs, bananas, chia seeds, lentils, kidney beans, pumpkin, quinoa, pumpkin seeds)

Great oils to use on your skin at this time: argan, jojoba, and rosehip

Day 1

You’ll have some dry skin– use moisturizer and drink extra h2o

Increase your estrogen

Day 2-6

Pay extra attention to skin morning and night 

Week 2

You have more energy and confidence– this is a great time to get our of your comfort zone 

Your libido is higher 

Drink raw juices and fresh fruit


Day 7-10 

Estrogen is up and skin is getting better 

Eat iron and vitamin c 

Edamame, beans 

Exfoliate your skin with raw honey, brown sugar, or oatmeal 

Use Grapeseed oil on your skin 

Day 10-13 &14 (ovulation day)

Skin is at its BEST

Day 12-16

If you are experiencing spots that means you have too much estrogen 

Take evening primrose oil and borage oil 

Get lots of vitamin A and eat lots of coloful veggies 

Take a collagen supplement or eat a lot of gelatin and bone broth 

Use apricot oil and rosehip oil on your skin 

Week 3

This week is all about focus. It’s great for stressful activities 

Keep your blood sugar stable or you’ll be grouchy 

Get a lot of chlorophyll and greens

Get zinc and protein (cashews, chickpeas, pumpkin seeds, salmon, sardines, spinach)

Do fun upbeat exercise  

If you are constipated eat: bananas, broccoli, prunes, berries, green tea, pumpkin, pear, plums, and increase your magnesium intake

Day 15-19

Anti bacterial and anti inflammatory diet (no grains, dairy, or nuts)

Day 17-24

Evening primrose and borage oil supplements 

Eat cleansing veggies (cucumbers, kale, broccoli, beets) 

Apple cider vinegar is a natural antibiotic so either take it internally or use it as a toner on your face (make sure to mix with water if putting on your skin since it will sting)

On your skin you can use manuka honey which is an excellent antibiotic (you can also use raw honey) 

The best oils for your skin at this time are: jojoba, Grapeseed, tamanu, and argan

Week 4

Do anything that will boost your mood–lots of intentional self-care

Healthy fats and root veggies 

Avoid caffeine and salt 

Do yoga and take brisk walks 

Boost your seratonin levels with bananas, oats, avocados, tulsi tea, hummus, kiwi, salmon

Take magnesium, calcium, and turmeric 

Day 20-24

Breakouts occurring–combat inflammation 

Get your vitamin A, keep your pores open (unclogged), kill bacteria

Cleanse am and pm 

No grains, dairy, or nuts 

Day 25-28 (or end of cycle)

Pamper skin, drink extra water 

Increase estrogen 

Lower stress levels as much as possible 

Regulate insulin (cranberry juice, lentils, grapefruit, berries, avocado, protein bars, cinnamon, dill)

Drink herbal tea

Support your liver 

Do deep cleansing. (Nettle, mint, lemon, ginger, fennel)

Use rosehip oil on your skin 


Self-Care: 12 Ways to Take Care of Your Spirit

  1. Attend church 
  2. Read bible app devotion
  3. Listen to some worship music 
  4. Listen to an online sermon (I love both Andy Stanley and Elevation church)
  5. Pray with friends 
  6. Pray for friends 
  7. Read a physical bible 
  8. Meditate (2 great apps are Headspace and Breathe)
  9. Donate to charity 
  10. Make a list of how you want to feel (can make a list of how you DONT want to feel and then write the opposite of each)
  11. Wake up an hour earlier 
  12. Write affirmations 


8 Reasons to schedule a regular massage 

The trick to getting bodywork on a regular basis is to treat it like it is a standing appointment with yourself: it really comes down to simply committing to scheduling a regular time with your body worker. 

Signing up for a package deal can really help you get into the habit of coming on a regular basis and it’s usually a little more affordable than paying for one session at a time.

Why might you want to have regular massages?
1. Massages are good for your mental health and well-being

2. Massage can improve your relationships with others (when you’re happy everyone around you can feel a little happier, too)

3. Massages help you get rid of chronic pain and all-over tension

4. Massage can help you feel more well-adjusted in your every day life

5. Massages help you be mindful of what is happening in your body and your mind (they allow a space for you to process things in a world where we are consistently taking in information without pausing to absorb and process it)

6. It’s important to be kind to yourself and to take care of your body 

7. Massages help reduce stress

8. Massages are more affordable long-term than pain-pill prescriptions or doctor visits (preventative health care is more affordable)


13 Ways to Maintain Healthy Boundaries When You Are an Empath and People You Love Are Suffering

As an Empath and someone who is an energy body worker I need to have healthy emotional and mental boundaries. It can be difficult when my codependent family members are having trouble. Obviously I care very much about my family and I don’t want them to suffer. But I also realize that I need to stay separate to stay healthy and thriving! 

I reached out to my wonderful network of wisdom this morning and asked them:

“How do I show my love while still protecting my energy? How do I help when I want to hide?”

Their answers were phenomenal

1*Ask  yourself  “what I CAN do?” (instead of fixating on not knowing what to do)
2*Asking yourself  what you would want someone to do for you
3*Put on your oxygen mask and do some self care– I’ve totally been slacking! 
4*Reach out (send letters) 
5*Ask them to tell you specifically what they need (general pleas for help can feel really overwhelming; specificity feels manageable)
6*Realize you might look rude but understand that youdon’t need to feel ashamed about your boundaries (give space to allow even better help to come in)
7*Help from afar with gift cards and helpful services within your budget– support those who are able to support in person
8*If you do visit, set a specific amount of time (like 30 min)and leave as soon as you start feeling drained 
9*Take them out for lunch 
10*Focus on your reaction to the situation because that’s one thing you can control. 
11*Recognize your strengths (like researching and reaching out to other people for help)
12*Focus on your priorities
13*And ask yourself what a good example of your role would look like so you won’t feel like you’re failing

I am so honored to have such a powerful network of wise women in my life! 

If you have any awesome advice to add let me know in the comments :)


After the Election: Moving Forward Recovery Plan

My post-election recovery plan 

SNL Kate McKinnon Hallelujiah
1. Refuse to live in fear

Know that God is still in control, there are still good people in the world, and there are still things that we can do to make a difference in the world. Our rights have not been taken, yet. We will fight. And even if they cage us, we will still sing!
2. Refuse to take this out on my fellow human beings 

Consciously love people who have voted for Trump. Recognize that they are getting screwed over, too. We the people are in this together.
3. Continue to be grateful and to enjoy the life I’ve been given 

Write down things that make me happy, speak aloud things I’m thankful for 
4. Stay informed 

Watch my favorite YouTube peeps, read my favorite news sources 
5. Do what I can 

Random acts of kindness, signing petitions, supporting people, standing up for what is right 
6. Stop using Facebook as a self-soother 

Wean myself off, again. It’s so easy to keep scrolling and hitting refresh but there are much healthier ways to use my time. Think of other ways to feel safe. Meditate. Read. Take photos. Clean and organize.
7. Reach out to people I love 

Writing letters, sending personal messages
8. Keep living life

Taking baths, drinking enough water, journaling