List of Planet Joy’s Upcoming Projects


I have five ideas spinning around in my head:

1) finding out the best hours to work with busy moms
2) hormonal testing
3) officially offering intention setting sessions as part of my business (both one on one and group settings)
4) removing the stigma from anxiety and depression and providing a space for women to connect: encouraging instead of isolating.
5) potentially running an asyra machine right here in Staunton.


More details:
1) Working with busy moms. Massages and collages offered at times when moms are finally able to have free time. Those weird hours like 8-11 in the evening when the kids are finally asleep and they have time to rest. I want to find out when mommas are actually available! My business has always had the intention of being for busy women but my hours (11-6) are not reaching all the moms! It is time to make mammas happy :)


2) Hormonal testing. Hormones have become super interesting to me. They are responsible for so much and can get out of balance so easily. I’d love to help women figure out what’s going on in their bodies and especially help women who are going into menopause or are currently experiencing menopause. There’s so little information out about menopause and yet every woman will eventually experience it….I know that personally when it comes time for me to go through it I want there to be someone who can come along beside me and help me figure out what’s happening.


3) Officially offering intention setting sessions (both one on one and groups) I’ve been helping people set goals and intentions through collage for a couple of years now. It’s an extremely easy way to get what is in your head out and make it visual. Making your goals and dreams visual is an incredible way to actually achieve them. Also, collage is a great way for people to use their atrophied creative muscles. (Almost everyone can use scissors and a glue stick.) I also teach how to set achievable goals. Kind of like art therapy life coaching.


4) Removing the stigma from anxiety and depression and creating a supportive and encouraging atmosphere for women who are experiencing dark times. A huge amount of women have these feelings (to some extent our hormonal cycle includes whole weeks where we feel a little anxious or a little down) it’s part of being human. We need to talk about it. I want to bring women in together who have been down in it and gotten back up. Self-care is sometimes what we know we SHOULD be doing but I want to have a list of resources for women from women– things that actually WORK to pull them out of the darkness. We naturally tend to isolate when experiencing negative emotions. Even more so if we feel like we are the only ones and that everyone else is too busy being awesome and happy. We don’t want to burden others with our feelings. What we really need to be able to do, though is to reach out and feel accepted–negative emotions and all.


5) Possibly running an asyra machine right here in Staunton. A friend of mine and I have been discussing purchasing an asyra machine. We have both used one in the past: it’s a machine which reads your entire body and tells you what’s happening, comprehensively. It can tell you what you’re deficient in, what foods you’re allergic to, what supplements would be most beneficial for you, what you’re dealing with emotionally, which parts of your spine are out of alignment. It’s helpful for so many different things: mental, physical, emotional….it’s kind of magical. I’d really love to run it for people to truly help them figure out what is happening in their bodies. I do a ton of health research and this machine is excellent because there’s no guessing what might help. Every body is unique and this machine tells you what YOUR body needs. (This last time I went I found out that what I most needed was some cayenne and flaxseed oil) I love that it’s not pushing pharmaceuticals, too.
The machine shows you a snapshot of what’s happening in your body right now and your body changes around every 5 weeks or so, so at that point you could come back and get another snapshot.


A lot of cool ideas. I can’t wait to see how they develop! If you’d like to help in any way, you can contact me here: joyboardman@gmail.com.


Vulnerability is scary, let’s just try Approachability


People are afraid of being vulnerable. And for good reason! Being vulnerable by definition means making yourself open to attack. All your defenses are down. You could be destroyed.

And yet. We can’t stay impenetrable all the time. If we wear 800 layers including rubber gloves and three face masks there’s no way we can touch each other or be touched. Not to mention all those tall walls we’ve built around ourselves….

Let’s shift instead to the idea of becoming approachable. That sounds safer, right? If someone approaches us in a quiet manner, that is okay. If they speak to us gently, that might be okay. We might even be able to connect. We might be able to be honest. We might slowly open our hearts. We might become transparent and unrestrained.

And eventually, we might be able to hold each other and speak heart-to-heart.

Instead of being vulnerable, let’s start with allowing ourselves to become approachable.



Ta-Dah Tuesday: Spring Playlist

Here’s a playlist for you to listen to on these happy sunshine-y days….




Enjoy :)

Allergy Season: Pump the Lymph Out of Your Face


Just a friendly reminder that spring is here and soon, if not already, ALLERGIES will also be here :-/

If you suffer from the spring sneezes, a great thing to do RIGHT NOW would be to schedule a lymphatic drainage massage for your face.

(If you’re asking yourself, “What is lymph??” I wrote a post about it!)


You know that horrible congested feeling you get where your face feels like it is just FULL and HEAVY with gunk? Well, most of that fluid is lymph!

Lymphatic drainage helps your lymph move out of your face (making it feel less puffy) and helps you decongest.

If you start now, your lymphatic system will actually not only unblock but also create new little pathways! How awesome is your body??


Lymph is great. Stuck lymph: not so great.

What to expect:
Lymphatic drainage is different from regular massage.

During a lymph session I focus specifically on your head, neck, and face.

Your head will be slightly elevated to allow the fluid to drain.

It’s extremely relaxing because the motions are very repetitive and light. I’m helping manually pump the lymphatic fluid down and away from your face and head.

You might find yourself feeling the need to swallow more and that is great because it means stuff has started moving! (Totally gross if you think about it too hard but also VERY AWESOME.)

Sessions are 15 or 30 minutes, your choice. (If you’ve never had a session before, I recommend the 30 minute session because, chances are, you have a lot of accumulated fluid!)

And, after the session I will teach you some things you can do in between sessions to help pump the fluid on your own.

$15 for 15 minutes
$30 for 30 minutes

You can add a lymphatic session to the end of a regular massage or you can come in specifically for a lymphatic drainage session!

Schedule an appointment with me today by emailing me at joyboardman@gmail.com or sending me a Facebook message :)



Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Recipe for Super Shamrock Shake


Kiss me, I’m Irish.

This is my version of a Shamrock Shake it’s delicious and healthy and will keep you full for hours.

In my head I call it Sham-WOW (but I think that’s a kind of cleaning cloth or something….)

1 Banana
1/4 avocado (I used the other 1/4 in my eggs)
Spinach (handful– I use frozen spinach since I dont like to use ice)
Juice or water (about a cup)
Chia seeds (about a tablespoon)
Matcha protein powder (one scoop)
Yogurt (about 1/2 cup)
1 T Olive oil
Vanilla (just a bit)
Peppermint oil (to taste)

Serve :) makes about 3 cups. I pour it into a 4 cup mason jar.




Wordy Wednesday: Tu Me Manques


What terrified me the most was the way you started breaking promises as easily as throwing breadcrumbs to birds–tossed off, discarded crumbs of gluten that wouldn’t matter to a girl Iike me who has to spit out cold pizza when I forget AGAIN that I’m allergic. 

Old habits die hard. 

After 9 years of dependability you started small: 

“I’ll be there at 11.”

“I’ll call you later.”

“I’ll talk to you soon.”

This final promise a nail in the coffin of a friendship which may or may not still breathe. We forgot to check. Perhaps it’s a vampire and it will revive if we open the casket in a few months?

But, maybe it really was fragile and human all along. 

All humans have an expiration date. Like milk. 

I keep remembering your arms. I thought I had you memorized but still you’re fading away. I remember how fiercely you held me and lifted me into the air– your embrace a thing I could call into.

I remember trying to forget you in Italy. Rumpled white sheets, Gotye on the television. 
My boyfriend attempted to build a fort around me.

I remember Tom kissing my hand in the theater, lifting me into the air for Listerine kisses–his towering frame filling the doorway.
I have always sought out the safety of height.

But I always came back to you. You were my home. Not just an island in my ocean. A place where I could go when rains fell. 

My gutter. 

But, you don’t define me. Lack of you does not make me less whole. I thought you were my missing rib.I thought strings attached our hearts and that cutting those strings would leave me gaping open, bleeding internally.

But I’m still me. I’m still warm, my skin is still a healthy color. Curly-haired, blue-eyed, left-handed artist. Christian pagan, 5’2″, vibrant dancer, massage maven, world traveler, writer, yogi, cat woman. 

You wanted me to be Harley in love with a madman who never loved her back. But as I write I remember who I am. I remember how I feel. I remember what I’ve lost and what I’ve kept. I realize I don’t need to be afraid. 

In the morning I wake up sweating. Overnight the seasons have changed. 
&I am a little blast furnace. A little engine who can.

-written by Joy Boardman, March 10, 2016



Massage for Chronic Pain


Do you have chronic headaches or neck or low-back pain that just never seems to go away and stay away? It can feel defeating. I want to encourage you to feel empowered when it comes to your body.

Massage is a fabulous way to improve your long-term quality of life and wellness. If you commit to regular self-care, you will be able to reduce the severity & length of flare-ups.

You will also develop an increased awareness about your body. Instead of not knowing exactly where the pain is coming from or the cause, you will learn which muscles are stuck and how you can help them release. When you know where the pain is coming from, you’re much closer to helping it leave.


Massage may not make your chronic pain go away forever but I’ve seen massive knots have melted and come back smaller and smaller each time.

I’ve also seen my clients learn how to take care of their bodies in between sessions so that they experience less pain in everyday life.

Take responsibility for your own health. You are more in control of your pain than it wants you to think. You have options. Bodywork is an excellent option.

Would you like to schedule an appointment this month? Contact me!
Find me on Facebook. Or email me at joyboardman@Gmail.com