Contact Planet Joy: Otherworldly Massages, Staunton, VA

Email me at: JoyBoardman(at)gmail(dot)com

I’m located in the heart of beautiful Staunton, Virginia 

*Please note: I ONLY work with women. Thank you!
Massages are SO healthy for your mind, body, and soul. [click for more information.]

Maybe you’ve never had a massage or maybe you just haven’t found the right (funky, fun) therapist for you.
20121102-120424.jpgcollage design by Joy Boardman

You need a therapist who can help you feel connected and understood. Someone who is trustworthy and makes you feel safe.

You need someone who will respect your body as much as you do. You are a super smart, focused, expressive Wonder Woman and are so worthy of respect!


I would love to work with you!
My name is Joy Boardman, I am a licensed massage therapist in Staunton, Virginia. My business is called PlanetJoy. I have been working as a massage therapist since October 2011.

People say that my massages knock their socks off. I provide them with a friendly atmosphere which helps them release their stress.

I give thorough massages with great pressure. I prefer to work medium to deep and will adjust according to your preference.

I also like to provide my clients with information they can use in their daily lives: yoga stretches, nutrition facts, ideas for healthy living.
Do you ever dream of the day you will finally take the time to give your hardworking body a bit of a rest?

Do your muscles yell at you after a long day of making art, doing yoga, thrift shopping, drinking (or making) too many chai lattes downtown?

Have you been cramped up by the computer working on papers or planning your next travel adventure?

Email me. Go ahead. Take a break. Your body will thank you!!

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Joy Boardman

Massage Therapist and Collage Art Therapist

Planet Joy: Otherworldly Massages for Women, Planet-Friendly Collages for Everyone

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